How To Install KineMaster Pro

Full Feature Kinemaster Pro APK, Android Professional Video Editing Application

There are several reasons why someone decides to use a video editing application from their smart phones. First, not everyone has a PC with high specifications. As we know, for video rendering, hardware is needed. Secondly because not everyone wants to be complicated, finally they choose an application like Kinemaster Pro APK.

Editing using a mobile phone will provide flexibility. What's more the current editing application already has superior features such as editing various types of file extensions to the addition of funny effects. If you want to edit and produce professional videos it is recommended to use Kinemaster of which type you can see in this article.

The Latest Kinemaster Pro APK Types that Can Be Used Free

Kinemaster actually there is only one original version. Furthermore, if you want to use all premium assets in it must pay a subscription fee. One month subscription fee is around IDR 70 thousand. Furthermore, it costs around Rp.450 thousand for a year.

If you don't currently have funds to subscribe, try the several versions of Kinemaster Pro first,

Kinemaster Pro Mod

Kinemaster Pro Mod is a native Kinemaster application like the version in Playstore. It's just that the inside of the application is given a kind of patch so all the features are open. You don't need to pay a large monthly fee. All are free and there will be regular updates.

The latest version of Kinemaster Pro Mod is build 4.13.2. Existing features in this application consist of the loss of the watermark until the opening of all premium assets.

Kinemaster Indonesia

The advantages of Kinemaster Indonesia compared to other mod applications is to use Indonesian by default. More than half of the features have been translated so you can operate easily. Furthermore, this application can also be used to make videos with 4K resolution easily.

Another thing that is in Kinemaster Indonesia version 5 or 7 is editing has a high accuracy of up to 0.1 seconds. The interface design is quite interesting and fresher than the original version. Want to learn to edit videos more easily because the introduction speaks Indonesian. You can download the Kinemaster Indonesia application

Various Features Featured Kinemaster Pro Video Edit Application

Previously, we discussed the modified version of the Kinemaster application. When we will discuss one by one the features that are generally present in almost all applications above. Check out below.

Precision Editing

Editing videos is not an easy job. Moreover, having to do a lot of editing from various existing videos. Furthermore, there must be additional layers and combined into one to produce the perfect video.

Kinemaster Pro APK supports this editing process well and perfectly. Moreover, there are features such as Precision Editing. Cropping images can run perfectly even to the accuracy of 0.1 seconds. This precise editing will make the transition run perfectly. Between scenes can be connected without looking strange.

Color Adjustment

If you see a video like the one on Youtube, you will find many differences starting from the overall color, light, to the brightness of the image. It turns out that the color difference is done by changing the color adjustment so that the video can be made according to your wants and needs.

Changes in color and hue on the video is not something that can be considered trivial. Because the right color can also provide emotional effects. For example the video is rather sad, the color selection is made rather gloomy so that all the elements can be fused.

Project Assistant

The first time using Kinemaster Pro will make you probably confused. However, just take it easy, even though you can't do the previous editing, there is a Project Assistant feature embedded. By using this feature you will be helped how to make videos properly.

In short, the Project Assistant feature is a personal assistant that will make you work well. In this application you will be guided how to change the sound, change the tone, to insert or combine many media into one.

Multi Track Audio

Sound is also very important from a video so that those who see it don't experience boredom. Audio that is in the video is generally best in two, first the sound of the object that speaks and secondly the background. For example given a song or music insert in accordance with the theme of the video made.

There are also some modified applications that can change the original sound to another voice. The Mass is replaced by the sounds of animals or others. This effect will make the video more interesting.