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Natural Transplants' medical doctors want you to know that hair loss can be stopped, be repaired and restored with no undetectable scar. Often patients tell us their hair transplant was a life-changing experience for them and would recommend Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic Hair Transplant a hair restoration to those in need.

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Why should I choose Natural Transplants over another hair transplant doctor or hair restoration clinic?

Here are the top Fue Hair Transplant 3 reasons to choose Natural Transplants for your hair transplant surgery:

1) Our team of highly-trained doctors and technicians all have years of experience and are dedicated to performing ONLY hair transplant procedures.

2) We guarantee that our doctors and technicians will give you 100% focus and attention during the hair restoration procedure. You are the only patient of the day!

3) Our hair transplant clinic can achieve up to $16-7 hairs per graft; significantly more than hair restoration competitors.

Do you know that hair loss in men and women is common?  In the US alone there are approximately 56 million men and women who are experiencing various types of hair loss and baldness. So we've added the photo below to show the hair transplant before and after hair replacement surgery results.

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With over a 98% success rate, Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic is the premier destination for hair transplants for men and women alike.

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Learn more about Surgical Hair Replacement | Free Online Consultation. Speak with a real hair transplant specialist:  We invite Hair Restoration Dc you to call and schedule your free hair transplant consultation with one of our licensed medical doctors. Let's discover together what solutions are available to solve your hair loss problems ~ permanently.

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