Exercises to do at home to lose weight

Do you have little time to go to the gym and the idea of ​​jogging at 6 am discourages you? To lose weight and regain fitness you can learn some simple exercises to do from the comfort of your home whenever you want!

It is useless to deny it: even if we still wear coats and down jackets - which hide the shapes well - the swimsuit fitting is around the corner and in the blink of an eye we will find ourselves having to try on last year's bikinis, in the hope of not having to put them back in the 'wardrobe and having to opt for a mountain holiday ...

However, if we are determined to show off our beautiful colors, and skimpy costumes, but we have a few extra pounds, it is still not too late to lose weight and regain a dazzling shape!

What is needed? First of all, commitment, perseverance, and dedication.

Where to start? From a good, balanced diet that does not lack the nutrients necessary for the body to be healthy, and from the right amount of physical activity, essential for burning calories and fat, firming and strengthening muscle mass (muscles burn more calories than tissues adipose, did you know?).

Don't have time to hit the gym, take a class, or get involved in a running session every morning? All is not lost. Even at home, you can get great results with some targeted exercises to do when you have a free moment. The ideal would be in the morning on an empty stomach, but if the schedule does not allow it, it is also fine at the end of the working day, they will also help you to release tension.

What are these miraculous exercises? No, there is nothing miraculous, but good will and regularity will surely pay off and, in addition to throwing down those pounds earned in the cold season (in which we tend to eat more caloric foods also to counteract low temperatures), you will find yourself with a toned and firmed body.

Before starting

Before starting with the exercises, equip yourself with a comfortable mat and place it in the center of the room where you intend to train for maximum freedom of movement.

Start with a little muscle warm-up by walking in place slowly for at least 5 minutes, gradually increasing your speed and occasionally lifting your knees as if you were marching. After 10-15 minutes, you will be ready for specific exercises to tone and slim each area of ​​the body.

Belly and abs exercises

Flat stomach and steel abs? Here are some exercises to get them.

Lie on your back and contract your abs, at the same time bring your knees to your chest and bring your head closer. Hold this position for 10 seconds (count slowly!) And return to the starting positionTo be repeated at least 10 times, for a total of two series.

Another exercise that you can always do on your back is to bend your knees while keeping the soles of your feet on the ground and bring your hands behind your neck, keeping your elbows wide open, then lift your torsoA variant to train the oblique abdominals consists in lifting the torso and making a rotation, first to the right and then to the left. To be repeated 15 times, for two series.

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And to conclude, always on your stomach, keep your arms stretched close to your hips and raise your stretched legs a few centimeters, contracting your abdominals; hold the position for a few seconds and relax. In this case, repeat 10 times for two sets.

Exercises to firm the buttocks

One of the most effective exercises to have firm buttocks is the stepYou can buy this tool in a common sports shop, without spending a lot of money. Alternatively, if you live in a house with stairs you can use those.

The exercise consists of placing first one foot and then the other on the surface of the step, alternating themContinue for a while, doing at least three sets of 30 exercises each.

During the exercise, keep your back straight and rest the entire sole of the foot on the step. You can start with low heights and then increase them as you become more trained.

Another very useful exercise for the glutes and also for the thighs is the squat 

Exercises for toned legs

To wear shorts and miniskirts, having toned legs is imperative. To succeed and melt some fat deposits, perform these targeted exercises.

Standing, upright, and back straight: now raise yourself on your toes by squeezing your buttocksHold the contraction and return to the starting position. Repeat 15 times.

Still standing, place your hands on your hips and lift one leg by lifting the knee towards your belly . Repeat alternating legs 50 times.

This time on all fours, stretch one leg back so that it is parallel to the floor, hold the position, and then bring the leg back to the starting position. Then lie on your side resting your head on the bent arm and swing the leg upwardsRepeat 20 times per leg, for 3 sets.

A last useful exercise to slim the thighs is represented by push-ups: stand up and keep your arms along your body, keeping the palms of your hands resting on your thighs. Flex your knees, lifting your arms forward, and repeat about 30 times.