Rating of dating sites for serious relationship

How to choose a service for dating

Getting to know through the Internet is fun and easy. However, remember that virtual communication is associated with certain risks. For example, a chic macho (hot babe) with a photo can turn out to be a pimple slob (an unsympathetic fatty with glasses). Or the interlocutor after a long correspondence suddenly does not come to a long-awaited meeting in real life. And these are flowers. For good intentions, a fraudster or a swindler may be hiding. Does this mean that dating from the Internet should be abandoned? No. You just need to prepare.

To protect yourself as much as possible from intruders, it is enough to follow a few rules:

never disclose any financial or personal information (passport or credit card details);

Be careful with various links - they can be malicious, even if your visitor sent them (in addition, no one is safe from breaking the page);

make the first date with an online acquaintance in a crowded place, tell loved ones where you are going, and keep the phone handy;

Do not hesitate to report your suspicions to the technical support or site administration (if you receive spam mail or abusive messages).

So, armed with safety tips, start choosing a service for dating. What to be guided by?

Determine what the target audience of the service. Does it match your wishes. If you are looking for a person in the "35+" category, you should not apply for a site with a predominant audience - up to 30 years.

The most popular dating sites: and they lived happily ever after

Our rating is different from what you can find on the Internet. We did not evaluate services by their share in the online dating market (here, by the way, the undisputed leader is Mamba). They didn’t take search engine demand or sonorous names as a guideline. The number of users was not taken into account (it is not known how many profiles out of 50 million are “buried” and how many “hunt” for pleasures). Our rating is largely subjective. But on the other hand, it is based on reviews of real people (friend, neighbor, colleague, childhood friend ...) and real stories with a happy ending. From the tale where "they lived happily ever after."

Linkyou: each flight attendant has a pilot husband!

The resource focuses on finding a soul mate by profession and common interests. Promising approach. Surely, everyone in the reserve has a couple of stories about official novels. And not without reason. According to a HeadHunter study, 41% of employees at least once had a relationship at work. Moreover, every fifth story ended in marriage.

“Teamo”: love cannot be bought, but acquaintance - please

It is declared as a site for serious dating within Russia for people in the 28+ age category. It has been around for about 6 years and boasts 12 million members. There are more men than women (55% versus 45%). When registering, you must fill out a questionnaire, which, as conceived by the developers, should contribute to the successful search for the second half. A premium account is expensive - 499 rubles per month. Without it, you can neither communicate nor view the accounts of other users. Obviously, this circumstance determines the predominance of negative reviews about the resource.

eDarling: marry a foreigner

An international site with more than 13 million profiles worldwide. A suitable candidate is selected mainly according to the criteria of conformity of character - during registration it is necessary to fill out a detailed personality test, which seems simply endless. Although there is an indication of the complete safety of the user on the main page of the site, there are enough spam accounts. In addition to the basic ones (which are almost absent), there are also paid functions.

Love Planet: love and advertising

One of the most popular dating sites in Russia, also covering the audience of neighboring countries. Over the 11 years of its existence, about 19 million profiles were registered here. The registration procedure is quite simple, but if you do not purchase a paid account, annoying ads will periodically appear on the screen, and the number of new contacts per day will be limited. To confirm the questionnaire, a mobile phone number is requested at the initial stage of registration.