Registration on a dating site: drawing up a profile


Even if the nickname “Hermione Granger” is already engaged and you always wanted to be her, don’t get upset. You can provoke a raid of kids and role-players.

The ideal option is your name and family name or the name of your great-great-grandmother. And even if you, for example, Nastya, and nobody ever called you Anastasia, and in general you don’t like the full form of the name, let Anastasia still be, even in your profile.

Main photo

If you do not want to get offers to spend the night together, do not upload photos with sexual overtones. No need to put the photo in full growth, only a portrait. Choose it carefully too - there is no need to look into the camera with your mouth open.

Ideal photos in the album are about outdoor activities (and at least a bike ride - do you know how few girls have such photos?), about friends (but not about beer and barbecue) and photos where there is something interesting and unusual.

«Dear compatriots»

Well, this is how it is seen, very funny: “Dear Russians! It was a difficult year ... ” In general, try not to write any calls to other users on your page.

Self story

The hardest part. Firstly, in the story about yourself you can’t write any queries - there is a special form for this. Secondly, you can’t lie. You’ll pierce yourself in the third hour of a conversation with a potential prince. Thirdly, the story should not be too long. Fourth, it should attract attention.

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