Dr. Jack Kavanaugh: A Dentist with a Business Mind

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh started his career as a successful and leading dentist but unfortunately had to stop practicing due to a skiing accident where he broke his neck and one of his legs. However, being a valiant person, he overcame his disability and completed his MBA from UCLA. He then further went on to work in mergers and acquisitions with a former partner, with whom he later founded International Strategy Consulting Group in 1984.

Although Dr. Kavanaugh’s career was transformed into private financing, he earned his M.D. Degree from U.S.C. and his surgical residency at Jules Stein Institute. He even taught eye surgery to his fellow students and residents. At the time of his first-year residency, he founded Amerident, a healthcare service provider that was respected with 30 awards for community service and a state congressional medal of honor.

With his great business mindset, Dr. Kavanaugh developed many companies and raised them to excellent heights like Tech Team, later famed as Team Global. Its shares price went from 11 cents to close to $27 per share, all thanks to Dr. Kavanaugh’s expertise and abilities. He then joined Calhoun Vision, Inc., which is a biotechnology firm, where they developed the world’s first light adjustable intraocular lens for cataract surgery.

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh later established ZetaRx Biosciences, Inc. This company was leading in Immunotherapy for cancer treatment. He remained CEO and Chairman of the company for approximately 4 years before ZetaRx became the key element of Juno Therapeutics, which became the largest biotech IPO in 2014.

Later, Dr. Kavanaugh, along with Dr. Larry Overman and Dr. David Horne, became the co-founder of Novonco Therapeutics Inc. which he headed. Novonco came to be a leader in epigenetic and other different platforms of therapeutic researches. His exceptional business skills have raised many businesses from ground to cloud 9.

In addition to his extraordinary business skills, Dr. Kavanaugh and his wife, Leslie, are followers of many charitable societies in and around Los Angeles, like, City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, California, that is one of 41 Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the United States that are authorized by the National Cancer Institute to wipe out many lethal diseases. In addition to the former cancer society, they also fund or support Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Aviva, The Virginia Robinson Gardens, and Art of Elysium.

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh