Jack Kavanaugh: A Recognized Name in the Field Of Biotechnology

By applying continuous efforts with diligent efforts a person can easily cross every milestone that came in way to walk on the path of success. The person who always believes in their hard-work and determination creates an opportunity not only for them but for others also. Jack Kavanaugh is one such personality who always stays strong in every situation and crosses every hindrance that came in his way.

He started his career as a dentist, and worked for almost 10 years, and become a recognized name in the field of dentistry. Along with this, he also had an interest in skiing but unfortunately, a one-day severe skiing accident took place in which he broke his neck and leg. This incident changed his mind to switch his profession and he steps into the field of management.

In the year 1984, Kavanaugh obtained his Masters of Business Applications from UCLA Anderson School of Management. After this, he also started working with several mergers and acquisitions and formed an M.B.A consulting group. Later, he decided to make a return in his previous field of dentistry and decided to earn his M.D from the USC Keck School of Medicine.

After this, he obtained his specialty degree in Ophthalmology from Jules Stein Eye Institute and also becomes the board-certified Ophthalmologist. At this time he made up his mind to move a step ahead and founded the company Amerident in the year 1996. This company serves the purpose of providing health care services. This company organically grew from 1 to 600 employees approximately. After this, in the year 1999, Amerident were sold at a significant price of capital investment.

In the year 2000, Kavanaugh becomes a board member of PreCash, and due to his efforts, the company's success led to a major turn-around. Two years later, PreCash was rated as one of the fastest-growing companies in terms of profit by Inc. Magazine. Later on, with his brilliance and wide vision, he executed several plans in the field of different business and medical advancements. With this, he becomes the board member in the firm Calhoun Vision Inc, which is a recognized name in the biotechnology field. This firm was also responsible for developing the first-ever light adjustable intraocular lens.

Along with this, his list of accomplishments in various organizations has made some real-life changes for many people, especially in the medical field. Jack Kavanaugh also supports Virginia Robinson Gardens, Art of Elysium, Jewish Big Sisters of America, and Hope of National Medical Center.

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh Served as Chairman of the Board