Sow the seeds of success in the carpooling business with the BlaBlaCar clone app

BlaBlaCar is a leading travel network in Europe. It is a carpooling app that connects car drivers and riders to communicate with each other for an average distance of 300 kilometers. The service expands across 22 countries, and every quarter of the year, it serves 18 million travelers.

The number of people who use BlaBlaCar is 65 million, and the reported figures that the platform raised to date is $400 million. The reported evaluation of the BlaBlaCar app is $1.6 billion.

Now, this is an astonishing growth of the app. And let’s take a more in-depth look into the achievement of the app and how it had made its solid ground right from its launch through this timeline.

Success Timeline of the BlaBlaCar app:

  • The app started as a carpooling service in France in September of 2006.
  • It was founded by Fredric Mazella, Francis Nappezpooling, and Nicolas Brusson.
  • Camuto introduced in the UK by June 2011
  • The platform was introduced in Russia and Ukraine in January 2014
  • It extended its service to India in January 2015
  • By June 2018, the app had 60 million members in 22 countries.
  • It had generated a revenue of $85 million by the year 2018, competing with giants like Uber, RideScout, Hitch, and Lyft.

Looking into this timeline, it is natural for any entrepreneur or an individual to look forward to creating an app just like the BlaBlaCar app. If you are one of them, then you have landed in the right place. This blog is about giving you insights about the things about why you have to consider before having a ridesharing app for yourself.

Agile way to enter into the carpooling business- BlaBlaCar clone solution:

Before getting into the stuff, let’s get to know about the current trends that may help you in faster development. Here, in this case, it is the BlaBlaCar Clone script. It is a readily available solution that is most useful in developing such on-demand apps. Creating an app from the ground takes several months and an enormous budget. That's when these ready-to-launch tools come to your rescue. They will help to develop an app within just a few days and are totally cost-effective.

It is a ready-made package of source code that comes with extraordinary features of BlaBlaCar, with which anyone can quickly start their carpooling business.

Learn about the business model:

The car owners, with the BlaBlaCar clone app, will have the opportunity to share their ride with the people who are traveling on the same route or destination. This is done by owners by them specifying the price of the ride along with the road they are taking. The co-riders interested can coordinate with the car owners via the in-app messaging system of the app or over the call. The co-riders will pay the owners directly after the completion of the ride.

Revenue generation of the app:

The revenue model of the BlaBlaCar clone app is basically an economically stable model. You can generate the revenue using the transaction fee. The percentage you take up from the total cost is your choice.

The app, though connects the car owners with riders heading on the same route, ensures that the co-riders pay only for reasonable expenses such as for car owner’s fuel or automobile wear and tear expenses.

You can set a fixed rate for the price per trip so that the charge doesn’t exceed. The payment for every journey is generally made at the beginning of the journey.

Features of the app:

Here are some features that should be taken care to include in the carpooling app for smooth functioning. So, by housing every aspect of the requirements in building a top-notch and solitary carpooling app, here are some features:

Integration of social media: Users can sign up or log in by using their social media platform accounts that can save their time from undergoing the tedious process of filling in all the information.

Real-time navigation: The integration of GPS in the app allows riders to track the vehicles and make them aware of the location of it.

Instant match: The advanced search of the app allows the riders to get easily matched with the drivers quickly.

Scheduling rides: This feature lets the users schedule their rides in advance.

Finding rides: The feature allows the riders to search for rides along with a range of details.

Push notifications: The feature allows the riders and drivers to get to know the status of their rides because of the time-to-time updates.

Multi-lingual support: The app supports various languages to cater to the needs of the global audience.

Payment integration: The app comes with multi-payment options, thereby allowing riders to pay for the rides with ease, with which drivers would also find it easier to withdraw.

Reviews and ratings: This feature of the app helps drivers and riders to grade each other, giving them the chance to improve the platform.

Generation of invoice: After every ride is completed, using this feature, an invoice with the fare of the trip would be generated.

Some essential features you could consider adding to the BlaBlaCar clone app are:

  • Automated fare estimation
  • Loyalty programs
  • Integrated chat system
  • Ride and Booking details

Cost to develop a BlaBlaCar clone app:

The app’s cost of development cannot be revealed, as it depends upon the requirements and percentage of customization. Along with it, the development company you choose, the features you would like to add and the platforms you decide to launch the app, etc., are the determinants of the cost.


Entering into the on-demand carpooling industry, in a way, is the best business you could choose. So, get started immediately and lead the market with your entrepreneurial skills without any further wait!