Hemp Tea - The 6 Most Important Properties

CBD Hemp Tea - HIGHEST cannabidiol content

Hemp strains are usually grown to maximize THC content, although this is not always the case. There is a trend in which strains of the plant are grown especially rich in CBD (cannabidiol), the second most important substance in hemp in terms of therapeutic effects.

For example, the French variety Fermion has a CBD concentration of more than 3%.

Hemp Tea with CBD - LATE Harvest

To produce CBD hemp flower tea it is necessary for the plant to have a cannabidiol concentration of at least 1.5%. Of course, the higher the concentration, the better. High levels of CBD are obtained by planting the right strain and harvesting it at a late season. That is why we do not harvest the plants after 3 months, but after 5 months when they reach absolute maturity. Around this harvest time, the plants turn greenish-brown.

Hemp Tea with CBD - SPICY Scent

The CBD hemp plant is fully mature at harvest, giving it a distinctive earthy aroma. It is possible (and even recommended) to mix the tea with other herbs: for example, a combination of hemp tea with chamomile and calendula tastes great and is quite versatile.

Hemp Tea with CBD - The MOST POWERFUL effect

If you have never tried CBD hemp tea, it is recommended that you drink it an hour before going to sleep and relax. The tea has a powerful relaxing effect that promotes rest and body regeneration.

You can also consume the tea in the morning when your energy and concentration levels are at their peak. In this case, the drink helps you gather your thoughts more easily and start the new day more calmly. We do not recommend that you drink the tea after lunch if you feel tired, as the drink promotes rest. If you have things to do and you don't want to stop to rest, it's a good idea to wait until evening.

Hemp Tea with CBD - The MOST COMMON doubts

How does tea work if cannabinoids are only soluble in fat and alcohol? First, it should be mentioned that cannabinoids are not the only ones that give hemp its properties, although they do play an important role in the body and mind. Hemp tea with CBD also contains terrenes, essential oils, different substances and the seeds of the plant (sometimes crushed). These seeds contain oils (fatty acids) that are released into the water and help cannabinoids to bind better to the body. Lastly, cannabinoids are known to be partially soluble in water.

Hemp Tea with CBD - Preparation

Preparing hemp tea is pretty easy. Take a tablespoon of hemp tea, pour 250 ml of boiling water and let it steep for 5-10 minutes. The longer you wait, the stronger the effect will be.

For the best therapeutic benefits, it is recommended that you add a pinch of butter or a few drops of oil during preparation.