Guide to Home Service App Development

Let's put you in a scenario where you are surrounded by a messy room, stinky dishes, repaired doors, etc. And the worst part is you are at the peak of an hour, and you need to rush to the office at the earliest!

What do you think can be done? Getting those problems fixed? Cleaning? Definitely not!!

As we live in an era of advanced digital technology, the use of on-demand apps has imbibed everyone's lives. Even right at this moment, you wouldn't have started this day without using mobile apps. It has created an incredible impact because it makes people's lives much more convenient by offering services swiftly, thus saving their time.

Developing an app for home services helps to get things done/fixed on time(instantly), which they prefer the most in this fast-paced, digitally driven world.

What is a Home Service App?

A home service app lets users connect with local service professionals to avail themselves of various household services like plumbing, cleaning, moving, ordering groceries, etc.

There could be a long list of unfinished works in our house like getting a faucet fixed, fixing a door to a room, etc. This work can't be rectified and fixed by ourselves, and users will definitely need an expert or skilled person’s help to carry them out without any trouble.

Basic Workflow : How To Use The App

  • Users sign in
  • Browse for service’s and select the needed one
  • Book/Schedule the service
  • Track the service professional
  • Pay for the service
  • Then Provide Feedback .

How They Benefit Users

Availability of service professionals

Most of the areas have ample service experts to help, whereas others have only countable options. There are cases where they will be new to the area and have no one to help them get a skilled provider.

In such scenarios, the home service app serves as a medium connecting users and professionals seamlessly around their locality with a few taps of their phones.

Verified service providers

On-demand home service app enlists only verified, skilled, and authorized service providers.

This makes it easy for users to pick the right one based on their feedback from existing users. And helps users feel free to leave their place with their selected professional while performing their other tasks.

Quality of work

The reviews and ratings feature help users have some idea about the quality of work they can expect from the service providers .

This allows users to select a service provider that matches their needs and expectations.

All services in a single platform

All home services are integrated into a single app

This exclusive facility makes it much more convenient for app users to not jump into other apps looking for other services as every home services are incorporated into one app.

Flexibility for users and professionals

Users get to enjoy and avail of multiple home services on a single platform.

For repairing and home cleaning

  • Full house deep cleaning
  • Geyser repair
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Washing machine
  • TV & fridge repairing

Packers and movers

  • Bathroom
  • Sofa
  • Kitchen
  • Water tank
  • Pest control

Party and event planning

  • Pre-wedding photography
  • Birthday party
  • Event photography
  • Party make-up artist

Health & Wellness

  • Fitness trainer
  • Massage experts
  • Dietician
  • Yoga trainer
  • Physiotherapy

Wedding services

  • Pre/Post wedding photography
  • Pre-bridal makeup
  • Wedding planner
  • Wedding decors

For businesses

  • Web developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Lawyer
  • CA for tax registration

Other services

  • Guitar class
  • Drum class
  • Spoken English class
  • Stitching class
  • Art class
  • Mathematics tutor
  • Home tutor

Also, the service professionals have the freedom to choose and show their availability in an app based on their convenience.

9 Must-have Features in any Home Service App

Ensure to include the following features in your clone app :

Home profile

This vital feature in the clone app helps to understand each user’s behavioral details registered in the app.

In-app map integration

This in-built geo-tracking feature in our clone app helps to track both parties in real-time.

Choosing/Selecting services

The service professional has an option to accept or decline service requests based on their availability and convenience. Also, users can select their desired service experts using our on-demand home service clone app.


This remarkable feature enables users to handle time between various services and give a detailed view of the following booked services.

Also, a scheduled time can be set in the app by the user.

Price estimation

Users can view the approximate cost for different services enlisted on the app.

Multiple payment gateways

Our clone app for home service is integrated with all secure payment options like net-banking, debit/credit cards, digital wallets, etc.

In-app chat

It is an easy way to have proper communication for finalizing the service between the user and the service providers.

Feedback column

This outstanding feature in our clone app for home services helps experts see the review about their past services, thus improving their performance based on the given reviews.

It majorly helps fellow users to know about the performance and the quality of work done by them.

In-app alerts

Push notification plays a significant role in on-demand apps. It is crucial to have this feature in the user and service provider's app to keep them updated and informed about any activity or offers towards any services.

Final Thoughts

Thus, an on-demand home services app would help your business get a profitable ROI by reaching a greater audience and allows users to avail of all the home services enlisted on the app instantly with a matter of few clicks.