Rising Of On Demand All Delivery Apps during Covid19 Pandemic

Are you looking for ways to expand your customer reach in this Pandemic time? Are you looking to revive your business from Covid? Well, having a feature-rich mobile app can be beneficial for your business. Just think of Airbnb, Uber, Swiggy, Ola, Urban Clap – these companies have become popular because of their ease of use, and of course, they provide seamless performance. As an entrepreneur, you certainly will like to have an “All Delivery App”.

Deliver All includes all kinds of On-Demand Delivery store based app where you have to place the orders from the nearby located store and get it delivered by a “Delivery Driver” for the below categories:


Order food/meals from your favorite restaurant and get it delivered in a few minutes. The On demand app is designed to satisfy your hunger pangs by delivering your favourite food meals as quickly as possible.

You get real-time updates about your food order status along with estimated time. Track your delivery on the location from the restaurant to your door-step.


The on demand app lets your buy your medicines from nearby pharmacy store and get it delivered right at your doorstep. All you have to do is choose the medicine from the categories and add them to the cart, make the payment and you are all set. You can place orders for medicines, cosmetic products, nutrition, baby care, diabetes, and sexual wellness.


Order items from nearby stores, malls, supermarkets, and get them delivered to your place in few minutes. Get the products delivered from the branded stores at discounted rates.


For the millennial, wine and alcohol have become a primary means of socializing these days. Just like any other delivery, why not get your favorite wine and alcohol get delivered from an app that delivers everything. The liquor delivery provides the user the convenience to order all types of hard drinks on demand and get it delivered right at the doorstep.


Keeping in mind the demanding times of our busy routine, having delivered stationery can be a pleasure. For placing the order, choose from your nearby stationery stores to get it delivered right at your doorstep. Our primary aim is to offer high-quality stationery products so that you can have an ease of working in this Pandemic.

Flowers/Gift delivery

Sending flowers and gifts to someone special is trending since older times but this time it can be done with more ease and quick. Now it is easy to show your affection towards your special one by ordering flowers for them. Also, you can get them delivered at their place giving them a pleasant surprise. You get to select from the variety of options from your nearby flower stores.

Bottled water delivery

It connects you to the nearby water delivery stores and distributors so that you can get your water delivered instantly right at your doorstep. They deliver your water when you want and where you want. Complete transparency is practiced.

With the help of an app like the DeliveryKing, it includes:

Delivery all

This includes all kinds of On-Demand Delivery that are Store-based where you place an order from your nearby store and get it delivered by a Delivery Driver covering 60+ categories.

Parcel Delivery i.e. single and multiple locations

It offers delivery for single as well as multiple locations. Additionally, you can also place a delivery order for multiple locations in one go

Delivery Runner

It lets you hire a professional delivery expert who will pick up, drop, or deliver things as you want in nearby areas. E.g. - Asking him to bring your Laptop from your home that you forgot to bring to the office.

Delivery Genie

It provides a professional delivery expert to buy different items from nearby Stores as per customer’s order & instructions and deliver it to the customer’s location.

Entrepreneurs globally are working for the ways to boost their revenue and expand their customer base. On-demand app that delivers everything not only offers ease to the customers in getting their daily essentials without any hassles. Additionally, this promotes employment locally while continuing to stay profitable as a business.

Wrapping Up

Are you still confused about the on-demand mobile app development services and concept of the business model and also what value it adds to your industry specifically?

Delivery All app is specifically focused on offering efficient services to the citizens. The ease of availability to choose different services within a few clicks is what makes it the most preferred platform to order on demand services. Looking at the current market scenario, it can be said that these on demand delivery apps are going to take over.

If you are looking for similar solutions to serve your customer discuss your concept with a mobile app development company. They will explain in detail about it works, launching and further. Also, they provide you with the demo ensuring that it is made as per your business requirements.