Blackwell Police Videos on Youtube Upset Community

Many residents of Blackwell, Oklahoma are outraged about two videos posted on youtube. 

The videos show a Blackwell police officer struggling with suspects in what some believe is a brutal way.

In the first video, officer John Mitchell is shown pulling over a vehicle for reasons that are unclear.

Once the vehicle is stopped, Mitchell approaches the driver's side to find Patty Burkett driving. He tells her that he saw Shawn Paul Alexander driving and that the two switched positions. Use this free website to convert YouTube videos to MP3 ->> YouTube to MP3 video converter.

Mitchell then goes to the passenger side, orders Alexander out of the vehicle.

As Alexander attempts to ask what the problem is Mitchell sprays him with OC Spray.

The two become involved in a struggle, most of which is not captured by the officer's dash cam.

Burkett is screaming the entire time and at one point her and the couple's dog run off camera to where the officer and Alexander are fighting.

Eventually Burkett and the dog return to the vehicle. She places the dog in the truck and continues to yell at the officer and Alexander.

The video is just over eight minutes long. Halfway through, Burkett gets in the vehicle and drives off just as another officer pulls up.

Alexander is eventually placed in custody and radio transmission indicates Patty was apprehended after crashing the vehicle.

Alexander was charged with a felony count of assault and battery on a police officer and drug charges. Bail was set at $100,000 and he is due in Kay County District Court on April 18.

Burkett is charged with a felony count of attempting to elude an officer. She is set for court appearance on June 6.

Burkett's sister Joanne said her family obtained the police video with a freedom of information request.

In Oklahoma police logs, video, and audio are open record and must be available to the public during regular business hours for inspection and or copying.

If a person is denied this right, they are urged to contact their county attorney and or the State Attorney General's office.

Another video involving Mitchell was posted on YouTube a couple of days later. In this video Mitchell is shown stopping a teen who is walking home. Mitchell accuses the teen of drinking resulting in a struggle.

The teen is sprayed and beat with the officer's stick.

Mitchell is one of several Blackwell police officers named in a pending lawsuit.

In that case two men claim they were arrested and assaulted.

Charges against the pair were dropped and that case is set for a court date in September.

To view the videos log onto youtube and type in Blackwell police.