Death and obituaries for May 25 2020

Scott Luther Again, congress does something with at least a modicum empathy toward those effected, or at least as a show, but again they completely fail in the implementation. The government screws up everything they touch. It would be better for everyone if they’d just out source the implementation of every project to the private sector, because even with the additional overhead to have them run something they’d save a ton cutting out the waste, fraud, and government corruption out of it.

Pamela Marshall Why isnt it the fault of the abusers?? Everybody fusses about our rights, etc but then blames the government for everything and ask why they didnt do more. Cant be both ways, if they give the money and they need to be able to see it is used as they want everyone will be yelling about privacy, government involvement, etc. There are crooks everywhere!!!! Personnal accountability!!!

Dan Wilks I'd say that this guy crossed a powerful person in Hollywood or or a political figure and got turned in simply because many powerful people all across the nation is stealing our taxpayer money. That's what they do because the US government is an easy mark to rip off and I imagine that if this guy even hints at talking he would end up like Epstein. 

Sherry Thomas The liberals out in Hollywood are probably applauding his despicable actions. This man needs to pay back every dollar he received. I hope he spends a lot of time in jail.

Janie Ison-Smith Thats why these programs never work too much corruption. They should just make across the board tax holiday for a couple of months and that is more beneficial and will better stimulate the economy.

EG Hansen The Democrat party is attempting to do the same on a much larger scale by using relief funds to cover state budget shortfalls and mismanaged pension plans. This guy is a symptom, democrats are the disease

Laura Gooding Parker Whoever was in charge of dispersing PPP funds did a lousy job. It went to everyone except those in most need. It’s obvious there were no safe guards to prevent wide range fraud.