Stimulus check 2 : Second Stimulus Checks Update - Where is My Stimulus Paper Check ?

BUSINESS / MARKET NEWS (MARKET NEWS) : Status of Stimulus Check 2020 IRS : Where is My Stimulus Paper Check ?

As part of massive economic rescue package by the United States Government , the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) anticipates sending more than sending more than 150 million payments help people with expenses during this time of coronavirus pandemic. Read More Status of Stimulus Check 2020 IRS : Where is My Stimulus Paper Check ?


Denise Boudreau-Tavares My nephew was diagnosed with KS 2 years ago....Boston Children’s treats him, it’s rare and can be deadly, he has a checkup ever 6 months and his parents were told to keep him in isolation as Covid maybe deadly to him. He may have to be homeschooled for a while...

Cynthia Rogers There has been little to find in silver linings in these incredibly dark times. The idea that children seemed to be relatively unscathed was one of the few I clung to. Now I fear that the effects on them only take far longer to manifest in the way HI…See More

Yvette Ashley I’m going to go ahead and predict that once this starts hitting home with more and more kids having worse outcomes, people will start taking it more seriously. H1N1 was taken VERY seriously, as it seemed to effect kids and young adults most strongly. The fact that when this virus started to emerge, the narrative was that it “only” effects elderly and people with health problems, people downplayed it’s significance. Ageism and ableism is alive and well in America.

Richard Miller Has anyone else read Maggie Fox's lead article this morning about the blood clotting being observed in relation to COVID-19 infection? I am interested in knowing what medications, if any, the 38 year old patient was taking when the blood clot formed. Has there been any study of correlation between certain ongoing medications and the blood clotting response?

Jacqueline Smith You can go outside you are not locked in. For Christ sake food stores open pharmacies open gas open take out open.” Oh and hospitals are still open ! Go elsewhere you’re literally allowed one family member to go out every two weeks to get whatever food is available. Please people just stop. The more we bring this down now the shorter in the long run. Impatient selfish whining dosnt work here. Stunning.

Deborah Owens-Reginek To bad when they were notified in Jan of a suspicious unknown inflammatory problem in a child could have done something then.

My 8 year old grandaughter had this in Jan. CDC did nothing... jerks so fed up with them and Health Dept too They failed in Jan

Mary Grills There's a whitehouse petition going around to supeona scientist Judy Mikovits who has worked with vaccines! I think we should at least have her claims investigated. CDC has never produced papers claiming vaccine adjuvants are,in fact safe! CBN won't let me post petition for some reason!

John Pireyn Trump as usual is not going to know what's going on, Kawasaki syndrome... so now the Japanese are involved as well 

Sadly enough it is not to laugh with and we need to remain very carefull all over the world.

Roberto Demitro It's about time the CDC owned up to children being at risk ! Children are always the last on the list . Very few pediatric beds and usually just a few hospitals for children. Most big pediatric centres project for 2% of true pathology. But with Covid-19, they will have to access again their projections for sick children requiring hospitalization and out patient treatment !

Wanda Bischoff Simply said, coronavirus does not discriminate. It infects the young and old. Coronavirus can ravage anyone's body if it gets a firm hold and that includes death. We've all seen and heard about the rising death counts. The death rate will rise because people want to go back to way they formerly lived. The hospitals will be overwhelmed again.

Scott Reedy I think we should organize a national leave your home day. Just go outside and start walking and talking to the neighbors that aren’t afraid of everything. En Masse show of this will not keep us locked down. The system is making it very clear that we either replace it or live in a way that is not acceptable to human nature.

Raumert Hubert I think the overall goal is to Mandate inoculation. My guess is it won't be a cure just vaccine so Big pharma can keep us coming back like loyal customers every year. Less FDA red tape on vaccines then there are on Drugs. I'm more concerned with long term side affects.

Ronnie Huntress Next Symptom of Coronavirus- You wake up in the morning, you have Coronavirus. Now proceed to the nearest government medical facility for your vaccinations and your papers, and your tattoo microchip. They will also be handing out slightly used blankets for the masses.

Julie Young The CDC reporting a potential link affecting children is news, but go ahead and get reliable info from that guy in your high school science class.

Patricia Hawks That was the only thing this virus had going for it, that it didn't target children. Now we find out it does. Hurry with treatments and vaccines.

k we should send the children back to school this semester, maybe after the New Year we will have a better understanding of the virus so the children will be safer, oh and teachers too.

Dianne Marie Ibay-Sibbaluca Kawasaki disease is a serious illness! My nephew had to take doses of IVIG just to survive it. Please don’t ignore the expert’s advisory now that its being linked to covid19. Any kid could get it, even the healthy ones.