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      Rogelio Diaz

      Life & Business Coach from Sedona, Arizona. 

      I help Lightworkers transmute their Darkness into Light.

       You are beyond what you perceive your Potential is and YOU hold the key to living your dream life and creating the person you know deep down you must be. 

      If your current reality does not match how you would like to Internally feel, than there must be changes made. 

      You see my friend - If you want your Life to change, things in your Life have to change.

      I am here to be a Guide and show you what those changes are.

      I am a firm believer that every moment should be the best of your life.

       My Coaching, Products, and Courses are designed to not only guide you into your Highest Divine Timeline - but to also give you practical tools, strategies, and techniques to assist you along the way. 

      Where my Journey Began

      My Transformational Life Story:

      Phase 1: Losing Myself & My friends

      At this phase of my life, I was 22 years old (27 now) and hated what I had become. I was a loser and the “friends” I was around were as well. I accepted life’s circumstances and everything that was happening to me. You see, rather than take control of my life - I did absolutely nothing.

      Truth is, I lost myself. I had no idea who I was anymore. I was drifting through life hoping to arrive safely at death.

      I was once such a happy go lucky guy, but at that point of my life - that part of me was gone.

      I had created and was living my own personal hell on earth. I was lost in my own abyss. Plenty of other tragedies happened that year, but honestly the final blow that destroyed whatever was left of me was finding out my girlfriend at the time was cheating on me.

      But wait there’s more...

      Soon after that, 2 of my closest “best” friends from high school decided to stop talking to me. I confused their birthdays so one went off on me and the other just stopped messaging me. I mean, who wouldn’t throw away six years of friendship for confusing their birthdays’ one time? Right?

      Phase 2: Rockbottom (My Alcohol Addiction).

      So there I was...

      Left with little to no friends. I always kept my circle small either way, but this time it was more like half a circle ⭕️. No girlfriend. And working a dead end job that was slowly chipping at my soul.

      I hated myself for awhile. I didn’t care about life or death. I slipped into the worst depression of my life. I started drinking more and more often. Wasn’t long before I developed an alcohol addiction. What a nice addition to my already miserable life. The bottles were able to numb the pain for a short time and were a fast escape from reality.

      Nobody around me knew how I really felt. I was so fucking tired of feeling worthless. My addiction took over my whole life for that year. I was drinking every other day...

      The final punch in the mouth from life was when I received a DUI one night returning from a friend’s party. I never want to experience that whole process/situation ever again.

      In total, the DUI costed me 10K (which I had to borrow from my parents). In order for me to drive, I needed to get a breathalyzer installed in my car, which I did. Every 15-20 minutes an alarm would go off to notify me that I had to breathe into the device otherwise the car would shut down automatically. I better have blown within those 30 seconds or I was fucked. The breathalyzer even came with a cute little camera (sarcasm at its best) that took a picture of me every time I blew to make sure it was me.

      I remember one time I was at Dunkin Donuts drive-through and the alarm went off as I was about to hand over the money to the girl at the register - that had to be one of the single most emberassing moments I ever to deal with. I told her to hold on one second while I breathed into the breathalyzer. I gave her a life lesson that day. I said mam, don’t ever drink and drive. It’s not worth it. She laughed and nodded her head.

      I know. I know. Funny, but true story.

      But what wasn’t funny, was that my DUI wiped out my whole savings ($1200) and all the money I had worked so hard for that year. You would think a DUI would be enough to get me to stop drinking, well it wasn’t.

      Same shit, different day. The binge drinking continued for the rest of the year. I blamed the world for all the pain I was feeling. It was never my fault. I was always the victim of life in my own eyes...

      Phase 3: My injury, The Last Fall.

      As depressed as I was, for a minute there I thought my life was slowly getting better.


      One day while I was at work, I felt a radiating pain shoot from my lower back all the way down to my leg. My job at the time required extensive physical labor so my body was constantly taking a beating....

      What happened? I injured my back while working that day. That’s what happened. I recall that day of the injury like it was yesterday. I was barely starting to gain my spirit back and BOOM! Life hit again! I remember walking to my car filled with rage...

      ...I broke down crying in my car, in the middle of the parking lot of my job. I felt like a failure. Now, I was fully broken mentally and physically.

      Soon after my whole breakdown, I made an appointment for an MRI. The MRI showed I had 2 slipped discs in my lower back. This injury left me broke, out of a job, and for awhile not able to move or do much really.

      Truth is... I was truly lost in life.

      I was so frustrated. It felt like every time I tried to get back up and advance in life, the universe sat me right back down.

      However, this particular setback gave me copious amounts of time to think.

      I was alone for weeks upon weeks in my room reflecting on my life (being alone in my room was a blessing in disguise once I learned how to use my time). There was no one there to save me and it made me confront the true reality of my situation.

      What can I say my friends? My life was a mess and there was no form of escaping the truth. 

      Phase 4: My DNA was activated.

      After that 1 year - I had enough. One day I woke up and decided it was time to change my life for the better. I refused to continue living life with no definite purpose. I was fed up feeling sorry for myself, fed up with the constant drinking, and everything I had become in this chapter of my life. I knew there was more to life than playing Xbox1 and consuming Bombay Gin everyday.

      I turned myself into a LEARNING MACHINE. I promised myself I would use every second to help me grow, instead of destroying myself. I stopped drinking, became vegan, and even found a mentor.

      Little did I know how much my mentor would change my life. I felt like Eminem in the song, White America. “I was like fuck it, until I met Dre, the only one to look past, gave me a chance, and I lit a fire up under his ass.”

      Truth is, my Mentor activated my DNA. My gratitude for what he did for me till this very day is infinite. I actually reached out to him and was blessed to be given his courses/audios! I literally locked myself in my room for 3 days to watch all his courses/audios.

      He was the reason I became obsessed with Personal-Development, finding my Purpose, and learning about the Laws of the Universe(so much more as well). I started doing everything he taught me! I was teachable. Day by day my mindset began to shift/expand. I also learned how to love myself deeply for the first time in my life. Fast forward 5 years later, here I am building an empire to inspire the masses just as he did for me.

      Honestly, I NEVER would’ve imagined myself making videos or content to inspire others. Simply, because I was the exact opposite of what you see before for you today. I had no discipline, no drive, a self-limiting belief system, and no faith in myself. I was a spectator of life, not a player.

      I want to show others that anyone can change their life at any given moment. I use all my Social Media Platforms to share all the life-changing knowledge that I have accumulated over the last 5 years from my mentors and from my own life experiences.

      As well as to document my journey from where I began, my spiritual ascension, and to reaching full financial freedom. I truly hope my story inspires you to take action on your life’s Purpose(or starting to attempt to find it) and makes you dig deeper into who you really are and want to be. This life is nothing, but a dream...

      ...So make it a Fucking amazing one. 

       Much Love!

      Contact Information: 

      Social Media:
      Facebook & YouTube - Rogelio Diaz
      Instagram - @darkwarriorshadow

      Follow for posts on what Rogelio Diaz is creating.

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