What is Ignou Project Guidelines

Most student of the Ignou University thinks that what is Ignou project guidelines. To Write the Ignou project there has to be a definite fundamental goal. The project begin with the introduction where student have to mention about the topic or even a testable hypothesis. We discover that practical project makes much more sense than the theoretical one. According to the guidelines of the Ignou, student have to perform survey and data collection which gives student practical knowledge about the project.

It's OK with the learners to initiate the procedure with vague thoughts about what they're attempting to attain. However, these ideas will need to concentrate on a focal point, so their job is coherent and contains clear leadership.

If the learner is thinking how to write Ignou project on some specific topic then first thing they have to do is to write the objectives and once the objectives are clear, start assembling the information, tools, test, survey data and other required things to compose the Ignou project. 

After collecting all the information students should start writing the project and must follow the Ignou guidelines while writing the project. In the guidelines Ignou have clearly mentions that what heading you have to write while writing the project, what font size you have to select and other things.

1 - Introduction

2 - Review of Literature

3 - Need for the study

4 - Significance of the study

5 - Scope for the study

6 - Statement of the Problem

7 - Objectives of the Study

8 - Hypotheses

9 - Research Methodology

a - Research Method

b- Population

c - Sample

d - Tools

10 - Limitations of the Study

11 - References

How to Submit Project

Once you finish writing your project by following the above points, you have to show the Ignou thesis to your supervisor for the signature. Supervisor or manager is the one who will guide student throughout with the project and help you in understanding that what is Ignou project guideline and how to write it. Once you get the signature of the supervisor then you have to upload the project to Ignou website for the approval.