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      The 28 Day Transformation Bootcamp

      Are you sick of all the conflicting fitness information on the Internet?

      Are you frustrated after trying endless programs with nothing to show for it?

      Do you feel guilt for not being able to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals?

      If so, the 28 Day Transformation Bootcamp is what you’ve been waiting for.

      If you're like most guys reading this, you’ve already tried a bunch of diets and training routines.

      You may have even lost weight and got in shape in the past, only to put the weight back on again.

      You’ve read countless books, blogs and watched untold YouTube videos.

      But even after all this, you have no idea what actually works.

      You’ve almost given up hope of finally getting into shape and achieving the kind of body you’ve always wanted.

      The kind of body that makes you feel proud when you look in the mirror.

      The kind of body that gives you the energy and drive to accomplish your personal goals.

      The kind of body that makes women swoon.

      But trying to figure out what exercises to do, what diet to follow, and supplements to take is completely overwhelming.

      So much so that you do nothing.

      And in the end, you feel ashamed because you’re no closer to losing weight and fail to take action.

      Well guess what? We’ve all been there.

      But no longer...

      It's time to stop going around in circles and feeling ashamed for not being able to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals.

      If you want to undergo your very own physical transformation in 2019, it's time to get serious and follow a program that's proven to work:

      Why Listen to Me?

      I've been in your position. I was sick of training at the gym and getting mediocre results. I wanted to be stronger and look 10x better than the average person.

      Yet I had no idea where to start and searching the internet only left me more confused…

      I know guys who just look at weight and they grow muscle! But not me. I never was never blessed with special genetics.

      I had to work my nuts off for every pound of weight I’ve lifted and pound of muscle on my body.

      The information in this guide is the culmination of everything I’ve learned in the past 10 years through training myself and countless clients.

      I wish I had this guide when I started out. It would have made my life much easier!

      I spent thousands of dollars and the best part of a decade learning everything about exercise, nutrition and the human body.

      After trying every diet and training program you can imagine, and making TONS of mistakes along the way, I finally figured out what works.

      So you can get results in the quickest time possible - just 28 days to be precise.

      No fluff or bullshit. 

      A straight to the point program that covers everything you need:

      From exactly what exercises to do, what to eat, and how to develop the kind of mindset that leads to lasting success.

      Meaning you will finally lose weight FOR GOOD.

      Because don’t you think you deserve to spend your valuable time and energy on something that actually works?

      Instead of endlessly going around in circles?

      By signing up for the 28 Day Transformation Program you will:

      • Feel confident about what training routine to follow
      • Know what type of diet to actually follow and how to prepare your meals effortlessly
      • No longer struggle with motivation and consistency


      Why should you spend $97 on this program?

      Spread over 28 days, this program costs just $3.50 a day. That’s the price of a latte at Starbucks. For $3.50 you can lose that body fat that’s been sapping your confidence and energy…

      Or you could spend that on a latte at Starbucks, that only makes you fatter in the long run.

      How is this different to other training programs out there?

      You could go out and buy another program. Hell, it will probably even be cheaper than this one..

      However, in my experience most of them are what I like to call “either or programs.”

      That means you usually have to buy a diet or training routine separately. And if you do get a program that includes them both - they NEVER include mindset practices to compliment your diet and training.

      This is why I came up with this program. The physical aspects of a fitness transformation are key. But the mental aspect is JUST as important - because if you don’t get part right, then you’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

      Well, I don’t want you to keep making mistakes and going round in circles. I want you to be able to lose weight ONCE AND FOR ALL.

      Are you really going to see results after 28 days?

      I am not going to promise you miracles, but if you follow everything in the program to the letter, you will get results.

      Plus... the fact that you will get personal access to me via a Skype consultation and private Facebook group all but means you cannot fail.

      What kind of results can you expect?

      The average fat loss on this program tends to be anywhere from 8-12 lbs.

      But don’t be fooled, just buying this program doesn’t magically mean you’re going to lose weight.

      It's still up to you to go to the gym, train hard and eat right. But if you do - I promise you real results.

      How much time do you need to train?

      Many people think you need to spend your life in the gym to create a body to be proud of. But that's the beauty of this program:

      You won't need to spend more than 3 hours a week of training to achieve great results. 

      Because recovery is KEY! If you can't recover from your workouts, then what you do in them is pointless.

      Is the dieting strict?

      I'm not going to lie - to get results you need to be consistent with the diet.

      But I allow people to be flexible with it and even make room for cheat meals in the plan.

      After all, we're all human - and I believe that hard work should be rewarded.

      And what's more, the diet to the letter will help you understand what it takes to succeed long-term in this game.

      Who should do this program?

      This program is for you if:

      • You’re a beginner or intermediate trainee
      • You’ve been struggling with consistency and motivation in the gym
      • You just want a complete program that lays out everything for you

      I’ve also had several advanced trainees do this program and get great results. This is because it teaches and reminds you of the fundamentals you need to be successful in the gym.

      Who shouldn’t do this program?

      This program is not for you if:

      • You don’t want to invest money in your health
      • You’re happy with your current bodyweight and fitness levels

      Here's What You'll Get With the 28 Day Transformation Program:

      Workouts Designed for Rapid Fat Loss

      • A step by step workout guide with exercises for rapid fat loss - complete with pictures and instructions for every exercise
      • How to spend as little as 3 hours in the gym a week and achieve better results than 90% of people who train.
      • Little-known strategies on how to make your workouts as intense and effective as possible - not only over the course of the program, but for the rest of your life

      A Diet Plan That’s Easy to Understand and More Importantly - Works

      • A simple, clearly laid out diet plan that takes away the hassle of figuring out what type of food to eat and how much. It explains exactly how the diet works so there’s no guesswork and confusion.
      • Grocery checklist that you can take to the store. You’ll never forget what to buy to again.

      Tools for Success

      • A way to track your before and after pictures and key measurements. There’s nothing like seeing your success in pictures and concrete numbers. Seeing is believing!
      • A goal plan to help you map out what you want want to achieve with the program. The simple act of writing down your goals will help cement it in your mind, and make it far more likely you’ll achieve success.

      (BONUS) 7 Turbo Tips to Burn Fat

      • I will teach you 7 principles of fat loss that you can use INSTANTLY. No BS. Just 7 simple strategies that have gotten incredible results for both me and my clients.

      (BONUS) Super Supplements

      • Learn the best supplements to take to boost not only your workouts, but your overall health. All backed by research and hard science.

      (BONUS) Daily Mindset Practices

      • Learn the daily practices used by top-performing athletes, CEOs and Navy SEALS to increase your energy and productivity.
      • Learn the importance of creating morning routine and how to do it.

      These bonuses are worth at least $45 alone - but I'm giving them to you for FREE.

      But that's not all...

      Here's what else you get:

      (BONUS) Private Facebook Group

      • You'll get access to a Private Facebook Group. You'll be in a private group with other guys on the program and you'll get to ask any questions you like while you're on it.
      • When it comes to making serious changes to your body, accountability is key. Studies show that support and accountability of others dramatically improves your results. This alone makes doing this program more than worth it.


      • Until the 15th of February, I'm offering a free 30 minute Skype consultation for everyone that signs up.. We'll dive deep into your fitness goals and come up with a clear strategy so you can achieve them.

      Click "I want this" and get started today!


      Want proof this program really works?

      Check out these testimonials from guys just like you.

      🎙️Chris Hardman:

      "I had digestion issues for a long time, and my stomach would just hurt a lot after eating, but after doing the 28 day program, that completely disappeared and I have lots of energy. And it's not just one thing - it was a combination of diet and exercise that contributed to it.

      The mental aspect became important too because I got real restless once this started the program. I think this was because I was getting a boost from working out that I wasn't used to. So daily mindset practices became important and helped me to stay grounded."

      🎙️David Magar

      "The workouts are deceptively easy looking. I used to train with much higher reps, but didn't put my focus into feeling the muscles with each rep. This has made a huge difference for me and made me realize that I wasted a lot of time in the gym previously.

      Also your emphasis on dropping the ego before going in has been good. Still hard for me to do, but I get better results. The fact that you gave target times for rest between sets and exercises has helped me get a good workout much faster than previously. And the fact that I'm losing weight and firming up at the same time is an aspect I'm a fan of 🙂"

      🎙️Joao Pinheiro:

      "I participated in Daniel’s 28 day program, and can definitely recommend it. By joining you get a thorough workout plan, diet and nutrition plan, as well as a whole host of mindset practices and tips!

      The workouts are well structured, with enough variety and intensity. I have been lifting consistently for a few years, and still found each session challenging enough.

      There’s guidance on how to lift the weights and to the exercises as well, so I would say it’s an appropriate program for beginners. The best part for me was the nutrition. There are general tips on how to handle your food, and a meal plan, which for me was the biggest plus.

      During the 4 weeks I lost around 3-4 kg and got visibly leaner, even though I did not follow the diet very strictly. I can definitely recommend you work with Daniel, specially if your goal is to lose weight."

      If these guys can do it, so can you.

      Click "I want this" to start your own Transformation now!

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        Download from the App Store or text yourself a link to the app

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