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The Dangers of Estrogen: How to Detox Yourself From This Hidden Hormone That's Ruining Your Health

You wouldn't knowingly eat and drink from a toxic container every day...or set out to ravage your hormones, make it hard for yourself to lose weight, irritate your allergies, or...perhaps most 

horrifying of all...

Willingly increase your risk of cancer...would you?

Of course not.

☠️But the fact is that fake estrogen and it's chemical cousins are powerful toxins that destroy your hormonal health.☠️

☠️Some of these fake estrogens are up to 10 times more potent than the estrogen that is naturally produced in your body!☠️

There are so many sources of fake estrogen in the things that you use everyday that you probably have higher than normal estrogen levels in your body right now as you read this.

How can that be?

Fake estrogens are found in lotion, soap, aftershave, shampoo, sunscreen, and receipt paper, things that the average person uses on a daily basis.

Not to mention plastic containers that you eat and drink from. These containers release fake estrogen at a staggering rate that is changing our hormonal health at the cellular level.

Your body is able to absorb these compounds because they can dissolve in the natural oils that we make on our skin. These fake estrogens dissolve into the oils and then seep into our pores, causing your skin to act like a sponge.

☠️As a result, you not absorb these fake estrogens in your food and water, you also absorb them through your skin, which means you are being attacked on all fronts!☠️

In terms of cumulative damage to your health, exposing yourself to these fake estrogens could be one of the greatest health risks that you take everyday. In the short term, these fake estrogens can cause skin irritation, minor inflammation, and excess weight gain.

In the long term, these compounds contribute to obesity, higher vulnerability to genetic mutations, difficulty metabolizing fat, and sterility in men and women.

Using products that have fake estrogens in them is a serious risk,

but it's also one of the very few risks you can erase, immediately.

And it's up to you to protect yourself

Read ahead to learn more about how fake estrogens are slowly killing you!


A Hormonal Holocaust

Since plastics and preservatives have become so mainstream, our hormones have been put at risk. The amount of fake estrogens has steadily increased over time and they are some of the most potent endocrine disrupters and possible carcinogens known.

The Environmental Protection Agency has conducted several studies on these fake estrogens and their contamination of our water supply and have found that they are a top priority risk to humans in the present because of their ability to affect the sex of aquatic organisms such as fish and frogs.

There's also evidence that these fake estrogens are causing sterility in the population and that matches with the 15% decline in birth rate across several states in the US. As I'm sure you're already aware, fake estrogens destroy your endocrine system.

But, what you may not know is that if you suffer from any of the following, further exposure to fake estrogens can make your condition worse:

☠️Breast Cancer

☠️Prostate Cancer 


☠️High Blood Pressure


☠️High Cholesterol

"Our current artificial and chemical saturated environment is not promoting good health. We are witnessing meteoric rises in the rates of obesity, cancer, allergies, infertility, depression, and many other health problems. Meanwhile, we are said to be living in the "Golden Age" of science, health, and medicine. How can that be? Something is seriously amiss."

-Anthony G. Jay, PhD, Author of "Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile."

But that's just for starters.

When these fake estrogens get into the water supply, water treatment facilities often don't have the means to break it down completely. Since many communities chlorinate their water, these chlorine compounds react with these fake estrogens, making the compounds more deadly, more toxic, and more potent.

These chlorinated fake estrogens produce even more side effects than the ones that are listed above and begin to affect other organs such as the liver, kidneys, and the heart.

The evidence is clear.

The advice is simple: Detox yourself from these hidden chemicals that are ruining your health!

To learn exactly how to do this, read ahead!


Make Your Daily Routine Safe and Toxin-free

You no longer have to gamble your health on trying to avoid these fake estrogens.

Not only can you effectively remove these compounds from the things you use daily, you will also significantly reduce preservatives, liver toxins, and other hidden contaminants.

The companies that make these products make hand over fist in profits at the expense of your health.

You should have someone who is on your side telling you how all of these things work so that you can protect yourself and the ones you care about. It may seem hard, but let me ask you this.

⚔️Is your health worth protecting?⚔️

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Is your family's health worth protecting?👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 

💻📝Can you learn the info you need to protect yourself?📝💻

😁Do you want to see the people you love be happy and healthy?😁

💀Do you want to stick it to these companies that just want to poison you for profit?💀

🔬Since you answered yes to all of these questions, are you ready to learn how to protect your health, your family's health, see the people you love be happy and healthy, and stick it to these companies that want to poison you for profit  with the expert level help of a PhD Organic Chemist? 🔬

📝Then I've got just the solution for you!

My webinar, The Dangers of Estrogen: How to Detox Yourself From This Hidden Hormone That's Ruining Your Health, is here to help you find these poisons in your:

🥘 Food

🍹 Drink

🛀🏾 Personal Care Products

so that you can live a life where you can make good decisions about your overall health and wellness! Many of these toxins are responsible for:



🔍Weight Gain

It is very important to protect yourself from these toxins so that you live a cleaner life!

The sources are everywhere and there's no mainstream coverage! I wanted to spread the word on this problem we are currently under so that you can give yourself and your loved ones a better future. Are you ready to accept that challenge? If you are, then click "I want this" to start your journey today!


The Things I Talk About In the Webinar Include:

☠️Fake and Natural Estrogens

In this section I talk about the difference between fake and natural estrogens. Natural estrogens like estradiol, estrone, and estriol are in our bodies in different amounts depending on our gender. However, many of the products that we use everyday like plastic, sunscreen, and beauty care products have ingredients that act like estrogen. This throws off your natural hormone balance! Its very important that you know how to spot these ingredients so that you are not poisoning yourself and your loved ones that you care about so dearly!

☠️Where Fake Estrogens Come From and How They Move In Our Environment

In this section I talk about how fake estrogen gets around our environment through the water cycle. Fake estrogen gets into our water supply from homes, businesses, factories, and landfills. These sources infect everything that we come in contact with. The 2 biggest sources of these fake estrogens are by far birth control pills and pesticides. Learn how these things move around and affect our water cycle.

☠️Ways to Fight Fake Estrogen

In this section I give you some practical tools and tips that you can use *today* to start living a cleaner, happier, healthier life. These tips include:

🥘Good foods to eat to stop unwanted estrogen production or get extra fake estrogen out of your body

🛀🏾What ingredients to look for on your personal care products 

🍹The best things to eat and drink from

and much more!

This is an hour long guided PowerPoint presentation with Q&A commentary at the end.

Click "I want this!" to get your copy instantly and start living an estrogen free life today!


What Do You Get: 

📝 1 Hr long Estrogen Webinar

📝 Powerpoint Slides in PDF form

📝*BONUS* My estrogen research proposal that I wrote in grad school ($15 value free!)

📝 *BONUS* All research papers that I used to do this presentation (FREE)

All you need to do to claim all of this life saving info is click "I want this!" to download your copy instantly!


At this point I'm sure you're thinking:

🤔 Why should I care about this?

- Your hormonal health is such a key factor in how your body works. If your hormones are off, the rest of your body will be off. Many people cannot lose weight because of poor hormone health. Fake estrogens go directly to this problem. Knowing how to avoid them is very important to helping people have healthier bodies.

🤔 Why should I listen to you?

- Having a PhD in chemistry gives me a very good view of this problem. I am able to understand all of this info and then give it to you in a way that can help you protect yourself in a very easy way! I'm a scientist that knows how to talk to regular, everyday people like yourself because I am a regular, everyday person!

🤔 If this is so important, why is nobody in the mainstream talking about it?

- The fact of the matter is that the companies that make these products pay a pretty penny to make sure that this stuff is not made public. For people that are familiar with Tyrone Hayes, you should know just how far companies are willing to go to to hide this info from people so that they can drive a profit.

🤔 Will I even be able to understand what you're talking about in this webinar?

- Absolutely! Like I said, I'm a scientist, but I know how to talk to the average person because I am the average person. This is a very big problem with talking science with people. Scientists are trained to talk with other scientists, not everyday people. It's honestly a shame because regular people are the ones that need it the most. Not everyone can speak science, but I can certainly speak "you" because I am you! 😎

🤔 Can I watch this on my phone?

-Absolutely! This is a zip file, but if you have a zip extractor app like documents, you can watch the webinar directly from your phone and get the jewels to help your protect yourself today!


This is a ton of value and solutions so do not miss out on a better future for yourself and the ones you care about! Act instantly to download your copy by clicking "I want this" while it's still available!

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The Dangers of Estrogen: How to Detox Yourself From This Hidden Hormone That's Ruining Your Health

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