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Standard Comic Book Page Templates for Procreate

Five high resolution (300, and 450dpi) standard comic book page templates for digital comic book artists.

Also included in this template package are three Procreate brushes used for creating panel borders.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The files in this package will work on a 1st Gen iPad Pro (12.9 Inch model). The smaller 1st Gen iPad pro will not open these files.

Included in this file package:

Single Page Templates

  • 1 Cover Page
  • 1 Interior Page
  • 1 Thumbnail Page (includes both single and double page thumbnail borders)

Double Page Templates

  • 1 Cover Page
  • 1 Interior Page

3 Procreate Brushes for the 450DPI, and 300DPI page templates.

  • 1 single line Procreate brush for creating a single line panel border
  • 1 double line Procreate brush for creating a double line panel border including a gutter space. Note: The default size for this brush matches the template well and should not be resized.
  • 1 Square Procreate brush for erasing panel borders

Special Instructions

The size of the panel border brushes are tailored to fit the templates they are meant to be used in.

  • The 450dpi panel border brushes must be used with the 450dpi page templates.
  • The 300dpi panel border brushes must be used with the 300dpi page templates.

 Trim, Type safe, and Bleed markings

  • Trim is the final size of your comic page after it has been printed and cut to size by the printer.
  • Type Safe is the area that you can safely place artwork and text that will not get cut off in the timing process. Your logo, panels, and artwork will go here.
  • Bleed is the area that is not expected to be printed but may be printed if the printer’s trimming of the comic is not precise. This template allows for an industry standard of 0.25″ of bleed. Only non essential artwork details should be placed in the bleed area.

Available In Two Print-Capable Resolutions: 450dpi, 300dpi

Included in the file package, are templates and brushes at print resolutions of 450dpi, and 300dpi.

450dpi Files:

These files are the at the highest resolution possible for Procreate on the iPad Pro (12.9 inch model - 1st Gen).

  • Due to Procreate file size limitations, 450dpi is currently the highest resolution possible. As trade off to having a print-resolution file, there are a maximum of 12 layers available to use in the single page template file.
  • In the double page 450dpi template file, the layer maximum is drastically reduced to 4 Layers. This is an unavoidable limitation imposed by Procreate on the iPad.


  • These files allow for a greater number of layers compared to the 450DPI files.

Changeable Background Color

The background is on a separate color block layer, and can be changed to any color you require with a couple of clicks.

Changeable color and opacity for template information and markings

Template Markings Color

  • The template elements (Creator info, page info, crop marks etc.) are on one separate layer (with a transparent background) that can be changed in a couple of clicks.

Template Markings Opacity

  • If you require the template elements to be less or more prominent, change the opacity of the template element layers: they can be found within the “Page Template” layer.