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      $29 / mo

      The Affiliates Club

      What is "The Affiliates Club"❓

      The Affiliates Club is a private community of entrepreneurs building online businesses through affiliate marketing. The club is designed to connect affiliates with business owners & course creators so both sides can benefit.

      Affiliates are matched with creators and products to promote that fit their audience. Creators can connect with affiliates to help increase their product sales and reach new audiences. 

      Keep reading or watch the VIDEO above to learn more!

      What is Affiliate Marketing❓

      Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other people's products or services and earning a commission (usually in the form of a percentage of the sale price) for referring a customer.

      Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online if:

      • You are just getting started with an online business.
      • You have a smaller social media following.
      • You have low awareness in your niche.
      • You want to supplement your income or diversify your income streams.

      When you get approved to be an affiliate for a product, you'll receive a custom link. You can share that link on your social media platforms with your audience. When people buy products through your link, you'll earn an affiliate commission! 

      Who is the club for❓

      The best part about The Affiliates Club is you can join as an affiliate, creator, or BOTH! It's all under the same membership. If you don't have any courses to sell, but you want to make money promoting other great courses - this is the club for you! 

      If you are NOT interested in promoting other people's courses, but you want to increase YOUR product sales through affiliates - this is the club for you!

      Or if you want to implement a little of both, promote others AND increase YOUR sales - this is the club for you!

      We use a custom algorithm to only provide you the information you want based on your selections during registration. You choose what you get! No spammy emails!

      How does the club work❓

      When you purchase your membership, you'll be added to The Affiliates Club database system.

      You'll be sent an onboarding email with a form to fill out with your social media profiles and other information about your niche, audience, and category interests. If you are a creator, you'll also be asked for information about your products.

      Every month you'll receive emails with information about new courses, products, and affiliate programs related to your interests! 

      With one click you'll be able to choose which products or affiliates you're interested in and we'll connect you to each other!

      As a creator, we will promote your products to members of the club through email so you can build your online empire of affiliates helping you increase your sales!

      We save creators and affiliates time and headache by matching the best possible people together based on the criteria you choose!

      Benefits for Members❗️

      • Discounted (and in some cases) FREE courses from creators!
      • Access to the BEST creators and affiliates!
      • Exclusive email tips and strategies for success as an affiliate!
      • Amazing network connections!
      • Discover products and affiliates you didn't even know existed!
      • Discover affiliate programs outside of Gumroad you can promote!


      We will only open LIMITED quantities of discount memberships for specific tiers!!!

      You can guarantee a spot for $29/month at ANY TIME, but heavy discounts will be available in tiers. For example: The first 10 members will have access to the price of $2 PER MONTH!!! That price is locked in for the lifetime of your membership and will NEVER increase. After the first 10 memberships are sold, the price will increase for the next registration group, and so on...

      The sooner you join the better price you'll lock in!!!

      Why a membership and not just a one-time fee❓

      This product is unlike a standard guide or course. With a complete and finalized course, all the work is done upfront and you reap the benefits long term! 

      The Affiliates Club is an ongoing effort to help you BUILD your online business. This isn't something that I can "set it and forget it" like you can with other sales funnels. I will be constantly managing the database and creating opportunities for Affiliates to connect with Creators. For that, I ask for a monthly commitment from you as I commit monthly myself!

      I will also be consistently creating exclusive training content to help you succeed! This will be in the form of written, video, or audio trainings every single month. This content will help you learn the best strategies for promoting your products or other products as an affiliate online no matter the size of your audience.

      I will provide many opportunities for you to make money from The Affiliates Club and I'm confident the club will pay for itself.

      Is the price of the club worth it...

      Affiliate marketing is an easy way to get started making money online. In my first month on Twitter, I promoted a $25 course from a friend of mine, Charles Miller, in one tweet. From that one tweet, I made $90 in affiliate income!!! 😱💵 

      You can cover the cost of membership with as low as ONE affiliate sale every month!

      From Gumroad Affiliate Dashboard


      I'm giving my PERSONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you are unsatisfied with the results you're getting from the club I'll give you a full refund. You can also cancel your membership at any time!

      Can I promote The Affiliates Club as an affiliate❓

      YES!!! One of the BEST parts about The Affiliates Club is every member will be given the opportunity to become a club affiliate!

      You'll earn 50% commission for every member referral for the LIFETIME of their membership!!! 💵😱💵

      That means you earn passive income EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH for each person you refer to the club. The sooner you get in the club the better! 

      Let's say you join The Affiliates Club early and lock in your price at $5/month. When the price increases to $10/month you'll earn $5 every month for each person you refer at that level. You would only need ONE referral to cover the cost of your membership! Each additional referral you make after that would be passive income every month!

      What if I have questions about joining

      Please reach out to me on Twitter @andyisom100k and I'm more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about joining the club!

      I created The Affiliates Club to help YOU make more money❗️

      The entire goal of this club is to help you discover new opportunities to promote affiliate products, gain access to discount courses & guides, receive exclusive training and tips about how to be a successful affiliate or course promoter, gain incredible access to hundreds of affiliates to increase your sales, and much more!

      You can join the DISCOUNT membership waitlist here: bit.ly/theaffiliatesclub

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