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Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Answers - Google Marketing Platform 2020

Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Answers - Google Marketing Platform 2020


Score 100% in last review.

The language of the answers are in English. You can choose the language before the exam and when you pass you can see the certification in your language.

Some questions:

What environment supports proximity targeting?

Desktop Web on Mobile


Mobile App

Mobile Web

What are two ways to make bulk changes within Display & Video 360 campaigns?

Select All Correct Responses

Use Structured Data Files (SDF)

Update within Campaign Manager

Navigate to optimization within line item view

Naviagate to Insertion Order < Line Item level < Select Line Item < Action <Bulk Edit

How does the setup for a Programmatic Guaranteed deal differ from a preferred deal?

Programmatic Guaranteed deals are available in the insertion order's Inventory source targeting

The publisher needs to agree on the targeting and categories for an open auction deal

The publisher needs to agree on number of impressions and fixed price for a Programmatic Guaranteed deal

The publisher sets up line items in Display & Video 360 for any Programmatic Guaranteed deals

What is required for creative approval?

HTML5 formatting

A valid landing page

A 3rd-party verification tracker

Data sharing is enabled

How can an advertiser be granted access to TrueView inventory?

Accept Terms & Conditions and Fees in the Partner's settings

Add a 4 percent media fee to the partner revenue model

Add YouTube to the targeted sites in the TrueView channel

Add YouTube to the list of accepted exchanges in the Partner's settings

What step should be taken to track and secure a programmatic deal with a publisher?

Go to the partner's Basic Details, in Display & Video 360 and link the deal ID

Contact your customer support representative

Go to Marketplace Negotiations to review and accept deals in Display & Video 360

Go to Inventory targeting within a line item and search within "Inventory Source"

To send data from Campaign Manager to Display & Video 360, what initial step should be taken?

Associate the Display & Video 360 partner ID in Campaign Manager's Properties

Remove any reference to Campaign Manager Site(s) in Display & Video's Basic Details

Associate Display & Video 360 in the advertiser's Floodlight configuration in Campaign Manager

Associate the Bid Manager partner ID in the advertier's "Creatives fields" section

To access a first-party audience list from a Floodlight tag in Display & Video 360, what step should be taken in Campaign Manager?

Assign the Floodlight tag to an audience list

Set the Floodlight tag to accept Dynamic tags

Add a custom variable for audience targeting

Add a Display & Video 360 macro to the Floodlight Tag

How would you add third-party verification to a creative when Campaign Manager is your ad server?

In Display & Video 360, use the custom tag wrapper feature

Add the Display & Video 360 tags to Campaign Manager with the third party verification's tracking link

Download the Campaign Manager tag, append to the Display & Video 360 tag, and perform a SDF bulk upload

Add the integration code to the advertiser's Basic Details and upload the tags to Display & Video 360

Which environments and inventory sources cannot run within a single line item?

Desktop and mobile web

Mobile web and mobile app

YouTube and open exchange

Mobile app and mobile app interstitial

Which two views show the revenue and conversion metrics for line items? (select two)

Quality view

Pacing view

Performance view

Optimization view

What step would an advertiser take to target a list of email addresses?

Assign a Floodlight tag to an audience list in Campaign Manager

Add the email addresses to keyword targeting

Create a Customer Match list for TrueView

Create a Custom Affinity audience list

Which ad format supports pre-bid verification with Integral Ad Science?



Where can a preferred deal be assigned?

In the line item's creative assignment

In the partner settings, under inventory source

In the line item's inventory source targeting

In the line item's audience targeting

What is one way to control ad frequencies across multiple insertion orders?

Create insertion order budget segments

Assign a frequency cap to each creative

Set campaign-level frequency caps

Set recency targeting

What report can identify when a campaign overspent the budget?

A Verification report, grouped by "Advertiser Currency"

An Inventory Availability report grouped by "Time of Day"

Basic or Standard report, grouped by "Time of Day"

A SDF report based on the insertion order and line items

What report can help verify if pixels load correctly on a webpage?

Gross Rating Points



Inventory Availability

What report shows the number of unique users for a specific website?

Audience Composition



What step would be taken to verify that conversion pixels are implemented and load correctly?

Generate a Unique Reach report and include Cookie Reach: Average Impression Frequency

Check the line item performance metrics for conversions greater than zero

Generate a Standard or General report and include conversion metrics

Generate a pixel load report grouped by the conversion pixel(s)

When creating a new TrueView campaign, how long should be allocated for creative review?

Up to 6 hours

Up to 24 hours

Up to 2 hours

Up to 12 hours

What feature allows users to adjust fixed bids for different geographies or device types?

Recency targeting

Partner revenue model

Viewability targeting

Bid multipliers

What inventory sources allow for exclusive publisher partnerships?

Automatic Deals and private auctions

Exchanges and preferred deals

Automatic Deals and preferred deals

Preferred deals and private auctions

What data cannot be evaluated with a Standard or General performance report?

Impressions and eCPM by website

Clicks and conversions for individual creatives

The match ratio of third- and first-party audience segments

Viewability metrics across each IO and line item

What is the correct Display & Video 360 account hierarchy?

Partner > Campaign > Advertiser > Insertion order > Line item > Creative

Partner > Advertiser > Campaign > Insertion order > Line item > Creative

Insertion order > Partner > Line > Advertiser

Account > Line item > Advertiser > Insertion order > Partner

What step should be taken to assign an advertiser to a preferred deal when creating a new inventory source?

Assign the advertiser using a Google form

Check that the advertiser has been automatically added to the line item's deal

Add the advertiser's name to the inventory access field

Ask the publisher to activate the deal in Display & Video 360's insertion order

How can a profit margin be applied to the revenue metric?

Add a column and manually calculate revenue

Assign a media cost markup to the partner revenue model

Add a percent markup in the billing profile

Assign the pixel to a line item's conversion tracking

When is a "view" counted for TrueView campaigns?

Each time the user clicks or watches 30 seconds or the entire video

Each time a video's screen is 50% viewable on the page

Each time the user watches at least two seconds of the video

Each time Active View recognizes TrueView

What format cannot share a frequency cap with other media formats?



What should be used to investigate why a line item isn't winning the majority of qualifying open auction impressions?

The "Line Item Settings" CSV

The line item's impressions lost chart

A General or Standard report grouped by channel

The Inventory Marketplace forecast

To activate the creative approvals process for a new creative, what step must be taken?

Set the creative to active

Assign the creative to an active line item

Resubmit the creative for approval

Upload the creative to Display & Video 360

What hierarchy levels are required to permission and link a YouTube channel to run TrueView?

Campaign and Advertiser

Partner and Advertiser

Advertiser and Insertion Order

Partner and Insertion Order

What line items are impacted by insertion order default targeting?

All current line items

Only video line items

New line items only, not current line items

TrueView line items

For deals, which tool can be used to identify if the correct creative sizes are sent with the bid request?

YouTube Programmatic Guaranteed reporting

Creative status field

Advertiser's History

Deals Troubleshooter

How can a site be blacklisted from an advertiser's media buys?

Add the URL to a channel that is assigned to the advertiser's exclusionary channel targeting

Use the audience composition report and exclude audiences that visit that site

Add the URL to the advertiser's URL field

Identify the website's key phrases and use them in keyword exclusion targeting

When users make changes to a line item or insertion order, where are those changes displayed?

In the downloadable Structured Data File

In the Partner's Basic Details

In the left panel after searching for the user name

Under Change History in the change log

What insertion order settings must be set before a campaign can go live?

Bids and creatives

Bid multipliers and goals

Auto-budget allocation and targeting

Budgets and flight dates

How can a creative be submitted for audit after it's been rejected and fixed?

On the Creative's page, click the refresh button

Select the creative and click "Resubmit for approval"

Assign the creative to another line item

Select the creative and select "Activate"

What does an audit status of "Pending, servable" mean?

The creative will not serve for 24 hours

The creative will serve, but is prohibited due to unsuitable content

The creative will serve, but may be rejected after policy review

The creative will not serve until resubmitted for approval

Which two settings can be edited in Campaign Settings? (select two)

Bidding Strategy

Campaign goal

Frequency caps


To optimize the campaign towards viewability, which two approaches can an advertiser take? (select two)

Only target inventory displayed on mobile apps

Assign viewability targeting

Set the bid strategy to viewable CPM (vCPM)

Add a pixel to the Default tag in Campaign Manager

What steps should be taken at the Advertiser level to run TrueView?

Enable TrueView in Advertiser settings

Link the YouTube video

Enter the channel code in Advertiser settings

Link the YouTube channel

What is a benefit of linking a YouTube channel to the advertiser in Display & Video 360?

Availability to frequency caps on all media buys across YouTube and other exchanges

Access to YouTube masthead inventory

Access to earned metrics, like shares, and channel subscribers

Access to Floodlight tag tracking without using dynamic pixels

How is the daily budget calculated for an insertion order with Flight Even pacing?

The campaign's budget, minus the flight budget spent, divided by the number of days remaining

The remaining flight budget divided by the number of days remaining

The flight budget divided by the number of remaining days and multiplied by 1.5

The remaining flight budget multiplied by the number of days remaining

What are two ways to check why a private deal is not running? (select two)

Generate an Audience Composition report

Use the Deals Troubleshooter

Search the history logs for the deal

Check the creative approval status

What step should be taken to view performance data for targeted audience segments?

Go into the insertion orders default targeting and use the potential reach metric

Generate an audience performance report and select "include only targeted audience lists"

Generate an audience composition report and filter for line items targeting audiences

Generate an Inventory Availability report and filter by all targeted audiences

How are line items affected when a user edits the default targeting for insertion orders?

Existing line items are uneffected and new line items inherit the new default targeting

Existing and new line items apply the original default targeting

New line items inherit the new default targeting and existing line items inherit edits to default geotargeting

New and existing line items inherit the new insertion order targeting

Where can an advertiser set their campaign goal?

Insertion Order Default Targeting

Campaign Settings

Partner Settings

Line Item Basic Details

What timezone is applied to inline charts and metrics data?

US Eastern timezone

The advertiser's timezone

The user's timezone

US Pacific Timezone

How can a campaign be activated after creating it?

Upload a campaign Structured Data File with "Live" in the status column

Select the Activate dropdown for the campaign, line items, and insertion orders

Submit an IO to your support agent

Set the campaign's start date to "Today"

Which ad formats cannot be assigned to a single line item? (select two)


Video and Display

Image and HTML5

TrueView and Video

Which campaign setting impacts how the associated insertion orders deliver?

Campaign name

Planned spend

Frequency capping

Performance goal

When creating new video line items, what are two execution methods that save time? (select two)

Convert display line items to video line items, then make inline adjustments to targeting

Use the audience composition report, then exclude audiences that visit that site

Use Structured Data Files to bulk upload new video line items

Duplicate video line items, then make bulk edits to targeting

Which two objectives can be selected as a campaign goal? (select two)

Drive offline or in-store sales

Raise awareness of my brand or product

Behavioral audience targeting

Remarket to existing customers

When targeting a private deal with a news publisher that constantly refreshes the text on the page, which targeting should be avoided?




Time and Day

What are two ways to troubleshoot a non-spending line item? (select two)

Confirm that media fees are invoiced

Adjust the partner revenue model

Check the line item's Impression lost chart

Which three settings could prevent deals from meeting their ad-serving goals? (select three)

Brand safety and sensitive category targeting

Demographics and audience targeting

VAST and VPAID creatives that are approved

Geotargeting and bid strategies

How can a line item's potential reach be increased from 1K to 1M targeted impressions?

Add targeting such as channel and environment

Add budget segments to the insertion order

Increase the bid and budget

Remove targeting such as keywords and exclusionary site lists

What step should be taken to determine which creatives had the lowest eCPM over the last month?

Generate an Inventory Availability report grouped by site and multiply average CPM by frequency

Generate an Audience Composition report grouped by audience with the CPM metric selected

Go into the creative section for the advertiser and compare the inline metrics for eCPM

Generate a Standard report grouped by creative with the eCPM metric selected

At what levels can pacing be set?

Insertion order and line item

Campaign and line item

Campaign and insertion order

Line item and ad group

What is one benefit of applying "auto budget allocation" to an insertion order's budget settings?

The system automatically moves budget to higher performing line items

The system will apply new budgets based on the insertion order's goal

The system automatically provides budget suggestions to the Quality metrics

Budget segments will automatically actualize and allocate to future segments

What are two Google Audiences? (select two)

In Market




What step should be taken to configure a Programmatic Guaranteed deal once negotiations are complete?

Select the deal from the the insertion order's Inventory Source targeting

Find the deal in Marketplace and assign the creative

Add the Deal ID in the advertiser's Basic Details

In My Inventory, find the deal and select configure

What ad format cannot run with Even pacing set on the insertion order?

What is the difference between Programmatic Guaranteed deals and preferred deals?

Programmatic Guaranteed deals are imcompatible with conversion pixels

Programmatic Guaranteed deals have required minimum spend

Preferrred deals do not allow targeting edits in Display & Video 360

Preferred deals have required minimum spend

How are creatives assigned to a line item?

While setting up a new creative for the advertiser, assign the line item and click Save

Select the creative to assign in the line item's creative section

In the line item's settings, search and select the correct 1x1 pixel

Bulk upload a creative spreadsheet in the advertiser's creative section

How can a group of URLs be excluded across advertisers?

Contact support to exclude the list of URLs

Upload an Inventory Availability report into the line item's verification settings

Create a channel of URLs and exclude it in advertiser or partner-level targeting

Cross-match a group of URLs with their sensitive categories and block them in Brand Safety targeting

What is the result of using a VPAID tag instead of a VAST tag when running video ads?

More available inventory across all devices

The ability to run on TrueView inventory

Less functionality for engagement and interaction with ad

Less available inventory across all devices

What step should an advertiser take to exclude sensitive categories using a supported third-party verification tool?

Upload the categories into Campaign Manager's Verification system

Implement tracking tags with 1x1 pixels that call the third-party's verification system

Contact support with a list of the categories that need to be excluded using a specific third-party verification service

Select the integrated third-party from "Other Verification Services" in Brand Safety targeting

Which exchanges have their own creative audit process?

AppNexus, Google Ads Manager, BrightRoll

Every exchange has its own creative audit process

AdRoll, Pubmatic, Rubicon

Google Ads Manager only

To duplicate a line item, what steps must be taken?

Select the line item, click "Action," and then "Download"

Select the line item, click "Action," and then "Duplicate"

Select the line item, click "Action," and then "Bulk Edit"

Use the default targeting to duplicate line items

Which two pacing scenarios represent spend-behavior that's working as intended? (select two)

Even pacing line item overspends in the first six hours, and then pauses insertion order spend

ASAP pacing line item spends the entire budget within the first couple of hours

Ahead pacing line item spends 120% of its expected daily spend

Even pacing line item spends 200% up front then evens out by the end of the month

What percentage of the daily budget is applied when using "Ahead" pacing?

200% of the daily budget, based on inventory

120% of the daily budget, based on the flight dates

150% of the budget, based on budget segments and KPIs

It's not a specific percentage, it's soley based on performance

Where are video ads hosted for a TrueView campaign?

On Display & Video 360 using a 1x1 pixel and a Native ad tag

On Campaign Manager

On the advertiser's public YouTube channel

Through a third-party video hosting tool

Which two insertion order and line item settings are required? (select two)



Automated bid strategy

Auto Budget Allocation

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Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Answers - Google Marketing Platform 2020

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