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      Freelance Foundations

      Freelancing is the #1 way for beginners to make money online and start their own location independent business. 

      But how can you tell if it's right for YOU?

      Let me ask you a few questions:

      - Do you hate your boss?

      - Do you want to quit your 9-5?

      - Do you want to make a little income on the side to build up your savings?

      - Do you want to run your own business from anywhere in the world?

      - Do you want to charge 4 figures per project... or month-after-month?


      This straightforward guide will help you whether you're a complete beginner or you've been struggling to land clients and increase your income. 

      If you want to make thousands of dollars a month working from home, a co-working space or your favorite coffeeshop, this guide will give you the exact steps I've followed and shared with my own coaching students. 

      About Me

      Over the past few years I've built a growing, sustainable online business as a freelancer.

      I've worked with 6, 7 and even 8 figure businesses. 

      I've hit the coveted $10,000 per month milestone every beginner wants to reach. 

      I've also been living abroad since February of 2018 (in Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia and Argentina... with plans to visit and live in Eastern Europe and SE Asia by the end of 2019).

      But it didn't start out that way.

      I worked the 9-5 grind for over 10 years.

      And in 2016 I was still trapped in a career path that didn't excite me.

      I decided that come hell or high water, freelancing (and building a location independent business) was my way out.

      But I made many, many mistakes along the way.

      Luckily, through persistence, trial and error and spending over 5 figures on books, courses and mentors, I started to figure out what works (and what doesn't).


      When you purchase Freelance Foundations, you'll discover:

      - How to get started (even if you've NEVER owned your own business): The ONLY things you should focus on when starting a freelance business (Hint: It's not building a website, designing a logo or creating an LLC)

      - How to find high-paying clients who are eager to work with you: We'll talk about the ONLY 3 ways to attract clients who are happy to pay you fat wads of cash (I'm talkin' monthly retainers of $1,500... or more)

      - The Top 3 ways to grow your business (which I've "stolen" from a Billionaire marketer): You'll also discover my favorite way to get CONSISTENT income and escape the "Feast or Famine" rollercoaster

      Plus... lots lots more.

      This book is:

      ✅ 18 chapters (with several sub-chapters on finding clients)

      ✅ 120+ pages

      ✅ Almost 20,000 words

      Zero fluff. 

      I've edited this book down to the bare essentials.

      NOTE: This book is NOT about how to write copy, how to build websites, how to run Facebook ads, etc. 

      This is a book about how to start, run and grow a business as a freelancer who works online. 

      Table of Contents


      1. Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

      2. Why I Recommend Freelancing

      3. Types of Freelance Jobs

      4. Freelance Mindset

      5. How to Build Monetizable Skills

      6. Personal Branding

      7. Relationship Building

      8. Niche Selection

      9. Market Research

      10. Creating Your Offer

      11. Pricing Guidelines

      12. How to Pre-qualify Clients

      13. How to Find Clients 101

      13A. Cold Emailing

      13B. Social Media (heavy emphasis on Facebook)

      13C. Your Current Network

      13D. Job Boards

      13E. Referrals

      13F. Recap

      14. How to Sell

      15. Proposals & Contracts

      16. Client Retention

      17. Business Growth Strategies

      18. Alternative Income Sources

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. What Books Should I Read?

      Q. Which Podcasts Do You Recommend?

      Q. Should I hand copy sales letters?

      Q. I can’t get approved on Upwork. What should I do?

      Q. Do you have any courses?

      Q. How do I convince clients to work with me if I have no experience/portfolio/case studies?

      Q. Do you think I should just work with clients locally?

      Q. How do I get testimonials?

      Q. When should I hire a VA?

      Q. Do you recommend any copywriting courses for beginners?

      Q. Do you have an email list?


      The Idea Behind Freelance Foundations

      I can't show you how to make a million dollars a year (yet), but I can definitely show you how to land 4 figure deals or make $10,000 a month.

      Think of it as a concise guide designed to get you results and help you land at least one client in less than 30 days, even if you've NEVER freelanced before.

      Of course, I can't guarantee this because I don't know you, but the stuff I'm going to share WORKS.

      It works for me and it's worked for other people who've read the free guide this book is based on (which is no longer available), followed the advice I've been sharing with email subscribers and on social media or paid for my coaching.

      My flagship course (which I plan on releasing at the end of 2019) will include intermediate and advanced topics and it'll be more extensive.

      I'll also probably sell it for at least $997, so this is an opportunity to get a highly condensed version of the course for the price of a nice lunch.

      Alternatively, you can hire me for a private 1-hour coaching session that'll cost you hundreds of dollars. 


      This book is $47.

      (I’m going to show you how to raise your prices, charge 4 figures for projects and even land $1,500+ monthly retainers (especially for Content Writers, Copywriters and Facebook ads experts), so it’s well worth the money and the ROI you get on the book will be insane)

      Just so you know:

      People were already getting results and making money with the FREE 10-page guide this book is based on (which is no longer available), so I’m confident that the results freelancers get from this heavily updated and expanded book will be even better.

      Here's what some of my readers have to say:

      "It is hands down the best getting started guide I've seen.

      Every time I get the 'How do I get started with copy' question, sending 'em to your guide is my go-to response.

      Covers everything you need.

      Saves you a shit ton of time"

      - Tej Dosa aka @ComedicBizman

      Direct-response marketer and online entrepreneur

      "Hey Dennis - most people only talk about the craft of copywriting, but you talk about the business of freelancing, and I can safely say you're the reason my business just crossed over to 6 figures this month."


      Email subscriber

      "Hey Dennis - You know I've been an email subscriber and follower for some time, so it only makes sense to share my successes along the way.

      So, just signed my first 4-figure client on £1000 ($1,300ish) per month, writing email and sales letter copy.

      And looking to potentially close another 4-figure prospect later in the next week or so (still in the pipeline).

      Feels great moving things up a notch!"


      Copywriter, Email subscriber

      "Hey Dennis,

      Just wanted to drop a quick DM saying I’m really appreciative of you putting out your “course”(More like a How To for fools like myself).

      I’m one of those guys who doesn’t always see exactly where to start, and this laid it out fantastically.

      Great timing too since I’m making a career change in a few months.

      Not that you’ll ever want to be(trust me, you won’t), but if you’re ever in Winnipeg MB, feel free to hit me up and I’ll take you to the best steak house there(unless you’re vegan/vegetarian...can’t help ya then).

      Thanks again man."


      Email subscriber

      "I’ve now read your book front to back as well as went over certain sections a few times.

      This will be a guide I don’t put down.

      Didn’t know you were an email copywriter (makes your advice 10x more valuable to me)"


      Email Copywriter, Email subscriber

      "Your copywriting guide was my introduction to the copywriting world.

      Every time someone asks me about copy thru DM, I send them a link to your guide."

      -Jose Rosado

      Author, Web Designer, Freelancer, Founder of Sovereign University

      "When you take advice… take it from people who have been in your shoes.

      Last night I followed Tej's endorsement of @DennisDemori's Freelancing Foundations guide.

      Dennis also answered my questions before I purchased.

      It's a valuable guide at a perfect price point.

      ENDORSED 👍🏻"



      "Just bought this, took a quick scan and wow, it is not just informative but inspires you to take action. Finally, a collection of your best email advice."

      - Ris Casambros


      "I've read through Freelance Foundations twice now and I'm stunned at how jam-packed this guide is with actionable content. 

      It will take you from sitting idle on your clueless ass to making revenue-generating moves faster than anything else I've seen online. 

      The amount of surplus value Dennis provides is, frankly, ridiculous."

      -Dan S.


      "My friend recommended your book and boy am I grateful. 

      My business is in the technical and engineering field so a lot of what you shared was foreign to me but you made it so easy to digest and less intimidating. I’m just starting up and it’s been a tough road so far but I’m gonna keep rising from here on.

      Your book was excellent, it gave me resources ie. Upwork I never knew existed. 

      You cracked me up big time chapter 13b saying go ahead if you wanna use boring old LinkedIn lol (felt as if you’re talking to me) as this is the only social media I have right now. I’m still gonna use it but Ill get back on FB.

      Thanks again for your great work! All the best!"



      "Thank you for taking the time to write your book, I hope it sells very well and makes you a crap ton of coin.

      An inspiring and helpful piece, absent of fluff and loads of bullshit. Reads easily. Interjecting your personal experiences provided validation and also encouragement.

      To date, I've purchased several educational pieces from Twitter "gurus", and been rather disappointed by the lack of substance, clarity and logical flow. I was extremely hesitant about this purchase, however, at the end of the day, I'm actually quite happy my 47 bucks are in your pocket, and your book is on my iPad.

      My personal obstacle was "Am I really capable of writing this stuff?" I'm 56, been a corp. slave for a loooooooong time. Your book made me realize, of all the confusing options/directions I've seen for writing - it was actually quite simple..."

      - NB


      Who Is This Book For?

      - Copywriters

      - Content Writers

      - Email Marketers

      - Facebook Ad Experts

      - Web Designers

      - Web Developers

      - SEO Experts

      - Social Media Marketers, etc

      Basically, if you run a CLIENT business where you offer any kind of in-demand service on the internet... this book is for you.

      Also, this is a guide specifically for NEW freelancers and BEGINNERS stuck at the beginner stage. 

      So if you're interested in freelancing and don't know where to start...


      You've been freelancing for a while, but you've been struggling to build consistency in your business...

      This guide will help you find clients, make money and get focused as fast as possible.


      This is NOT a motivational guide.

      This guide is NOT about theory.

      This guide does NOT follow the popular format of one idea per chapter with a long ass story. 

      This guide is NOT about finding low-paying projects on Fiverr or Upwork.

      I'll cover some principles and frameworks to help you understand how to approach your business, but this book is HEAVY on actionable content.

      I'm going to tell you exactly what to do, as a beginner, so you can start implementing and seeing results right away.

      This is also NOT the kind of book you read once. 

      My suggestion is to skim through it once and then GO BACK and start applying the instructions in each chapter. 

      To be 100% crystal clear:

      This is an e-book and NOT a physical book.

      When you purchase Freelance Foundations you'll receive an email from Gumroad with a link to download the PDF instantly. 

      Click the button on this page to place your order. 


      Do you have questions about Freelance Foundations? 


      Not sure if it's the right book for you?

      Feel free to send me a Direct Message on Twitter: 


      I'm happy to answer all your questions. 

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