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      Angelina & the Law of Attraction (Shamanic Fantasy Novel)-paperback

      Angelina is at the edge of giving up on her talents to follow an average formula for success. Just then her desperate soul summons a magical being who detours the train. Will Angelina trust this guide and rescue her soul from the clutches of the Evil Queen Witch and her minion Shadows? Will she reclaim her DreamSelf and become the woman she was meant to be? Or will she continue to her planned destination, missing her great destiny?

      If you are a spiritual, creative woman who loves fantasy but hates violence, apocalyptic episodes and bloody wars, here's a fantasy with a strong female protagonist that does not equate strength to killing. Instead her quest is to liberate her potential, manifest her dream and walk through her fear into her brilliance!

      No more bang-bang! Read a story that will give you a lot of "Ahas!" and "Jajas" instead.

      This story is food for your soul, your dreams and your creativity. A great entertainment to celebrate your female power.

      Are you...

      • Are you at a crossroads and need to choose a path that hopefully leads to your dreams? You will cry and laugh with Angelina as she struggles to walk through her fear and find the dream at the end of that rainbow... if she only could see the freaking rainbow!

      • Are you a Creative seeking to awaken your creative genius, express your talents and share your gifts with the world? Then seat in the Dream Express with Angelina as she demolishes the obstacles standing on the way of her creative potential... and gets to publish and launch her book!

      • Are you a woman facing doubts, limitations and challenges that look like veritable mountains blocking your path? Follow Angelina's step to experience the magic of transforming problems into steps to your dream.

      • Are you a lover of magic... true magic, the kind of magic that takes place when you change your perception and this instantly changes your world? Then you are going to LOVE the magic in this story... and use it as a blueprint for your own manifestation!

      • Do you love insightful, inspiring and non-apocalyptic, non-violent fantasy? Do you like women's fiction? Do you love a female protagonist whose heroic journey is not about killing dragons but facing the dragons within? Then this novel is for you!

      Enter the Magic!

      • Discover the shamanic secrets in the Law of Attraction and other Dream Laws that allowed author-shaman Maria Mar to go from having lost everything she had… even the clothing in her back… to creating dozens of books and products and sharing her gifts with the world.

      • Find out the little known Sacred Feminine Wisdom that took Maria from finding herself homeless and feeling a failure to creating a business that allows her to do what she loves while serving humanity.

      • All this practical and spiritual tools for building dreams and demolishing obstacles are embedded in this delightful story that will inspire and transform you.

      "Angelina and the Law of Attraction (A Woman’s Ride from her Pressing Problems to her Brightest Potential) is a shamanic fantasy that takes you into a magical journey. Seat besides Angelina in the Dream Express as the whimsical Dragonfly Diva guides her through overwhelming fears, seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenge after challenge —many of them unwittingly created by Angelina herself! As you travel besides Angelina, allow Dragonfly Diva to guide you in your own quest to reclaim your talents, manifest your dreams and create the life you want. It's Story Magic!

      --Maria Mar, author-storyteller-shaman

      Reviews and Endorsements

      “This story is a wild ride into the subconscious realms, where our dreams are either killed by our fears or born as Divine expression.” ~Misa Hopkins, best-selling author

      “Through the clever use of story, Maria Mar shows us how we lose our mind to an internal chorus of naysayers and bullies, and how we can remember who we really are and what we love.” Leonard Szymczak, Author of The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace.”

      “This novel is a magical, delightful story.” ~Corazon Tierra, author and body-esteem expert

      “This is an exquisite salute to the Inner Child and to life!”~Julia Andino, LCSW-R, Emotional Landscaping™

      "I cried, laughed and experienced joy throughout all parts of Angelina's journey, but most of all I feel empowered." ~ Migdalia Santiago, social worker


      “Stories are the only imagined structure that can lay down actual memories, as if you had experienced the event directly in real life. This gives story the alchemical power to rewrite reality.”~Maria Mar~


      Publisher: ShamansDance Publishing & Productions

      Publication Year: 2015

      Format: Paperback, 7X10

      Length: full-length novel: 394 pages

      ISBN: 0984367004

      (Shipping Only to USA addresses at the moment.)


      Bonus Package:

      • Digital author's autograph sent to you via email (unless you choose Priority Mail which allows Maria to write it directly on the book)
      • Two exclusive bonus chapters instantly downloadable when you signup for the bonuses.
      • Free Trial in The Dream Express, a Story journey that expands this book into a real-life quest to manifest your dreams and reclaim your talents. This journey transforms the novel into a blueprint for manifestation. Each chapter becomes a "station" in your Dream Express journey. In the free trial, you get to beta test the first Dream Express stations!

      Choose your Edition:

      Basic Edition:

      Just the paperback and the bonuses

      $25 USD + $9 for Basic Shipping and handling

      This author's website is currently shipping only within the continental USA.

      You pay $34 Total with Basic Shipping

      For expedited delivery, choose Priority 2-day Day Shipping for a fee of $15

      You pay $40 USD Total with 2-day Priority Shipping

      When you choose Priority Mail, you get the full-color Oracle Card from your reading and an insert with the reading and comments from Maria Mar, all included inside the package.

      Digital Edition:

      For the novel in digital format, click here!

      It's available in all digital formats.



      • Get everything you need to climb into the Dream Express with the protagonist Angelina and travel into your dreams.
      • The Premium Editions allow you to expand the story into a shamanic journey for manifestation or for the unfolding of your creative brilliance.
      • These editions contain different experiences and tools that Maria Mar has created for those who want to go beyond reading... and want to RIDE the story as a vehicle to bring their dreams to life.

      Dream Express Suitcase

      A beautiful and sturdy hand-made papercraft suitcase uniquely designed for you based on a Dream Express Oracle Card reading that Maria Mar does for you. (See third graphic at the top of the page to see a hand-crafted suitcase.)

      • Transform the fictional reading into a magical journey of manifestation, transformation and creative blossoming.
      • Use the novel as an oracle as you combine the book with the Dream Express Oracle cards to receive spiritual guidance and oracle counsel for your real life.
      • If you love journal writing, you will love to take notes in your journal, hand-crafted with love just for you by Maria Mar!

      It includes:

      • The paperback book. A $25 value.
      • Access to Bonuses
      • Access Card to get the digital novel for your device. A $7.99 value.


      • The Dream Express Oracle Card Set; A pack of beautiful oracle cards with awesome colors and original art by Maria Mar. Each card reveals a shamanic secret from the novel and refers to the chapters that contain it. Includes a manual. A $25 value.
      • A unique Dream Journal. Maria takes a lined composition notebook and transforms it into a beautiful work of art channeled just for you. This  is your exclusive Dream Journal, including Dream Stickers and Journaling Cards. A $35 value.
      • A one-card Manifestation Reading unique to you. The beautiful card and the insert with the Dream Oracle reading and Maria's comments are included in your unique Dream Express Suitcase. A $75 value.

      There's an additional one-week creation time involved here as Maria crafts this Shaman's Suitcase and journal especially for your Dream Express travels!

      LIMITED EDITION. Every year there is a limited edition of these suitcases because Maria has to create them by hand for you and choose the books and cards from her personal stock in order to package everything together. You will see how many are left when you choose this premium option.

      The Dream Express Suitcase is sent to you via 2-day Priority Shipping. Only for the Continental USA.

      $150 USD

      plus $20 for Priority 2-day Shipping and handling.

      (This means 2 days after your suitcase is finished.)

      You pay $170 Total including 2-day Priority Shipping


      Oracle Edition

      This edition includes the paperback book and bonuses plus a 90-minute private, face-to-face (online) consultation with Maria Mar at our virtual studio.

      Discover your Story Magic Personal Blueprint to transform the novel into a magical journey of manifestation, based on your Dream Express Oracle Reading and what is going on in your life.

      Understand what the story may reveal for you and how to best travel through the story to make magic happen in your real life.


      • Paperback book
      • Access to bonuses

      The book is sent via Basic shipping.

      Once you pay, you will be sent an email giving you access to Maria Mar's calendar to book your reading.

      STEP 1

      • 20 minute conversation and focus session. Maria listens to what is going on in your life: your dreams, challenges, places where you are stuck, gifts and talents and sticky problems. She helps you articulate your Dream Intention clearly to clear your frequency transmission to the Universe for your manifestation.

      STEP 2

      • 20 minute Dream Express Oracle reading by Maria Mar on our virtual studio, so that you can talk face-to-face via video, see the beautiful full-color card and ask your questions. 

      This oracle reading includes one of two readings:

      Reading 1: Manifesting your Dream

      • The Alchemical Key to your manifestation right now, just as you are and where you are at.

      • The Alchemical Key to transform the obstacle you are facing into a bridge to your manifestation

      • The Tiny Story you keeping you a prisoner of the past.
      • DreamVision of what is possible for you.
      • Your Alignment Task to align with your Dream.
      • Your Heart's Delight Key to follow a path of heart in your manifestation.

      Reading 2: Sharing your Gifts with the World

      • The Alchemical Key to unfold your potential and

      • What's stopping you from within and

      • How to bloom where you are planted right now

      • The Alchemical Key to awaken your creative genius or share your gifts with the world and

      • What's your next step into your Brilliance Story and the path to do it.

      • The Goddess Key to get your Goddess out of the Suitcase and embody her fabulousity.

      STEP 3 

      A 30 minute Story Magic Personal Blueprint and Assessment based on what is going on in your life right now and your Dream Express Oracle Reading.

      • Maria weaves the previous knowledge into a personal and unique blueprint for your manifestation and shows you how to use the book as a map for your real-life manifestation.

      STEP 4

      A 10 minute Intentional Declaration and Energy Practice to get your energy frequencies and intention aligned with your dream.

      STEP 5

      A 5 minute Intentional Transmission to the Universe to jump-start your manifestation and attract your Creation Partners.

      • Optional free recording of your session for you to download.

      • You choose one of the cards in the reading as a visual aid in your manifestation and Maria sends it to you in digital (JPEG) format.

      • LIMITED EDITION. Every month there is a limited number of Oracle Editions because Maria has only 8 hours a week for private consultations. You will see how many are left when you choose this premium option.

      $250 USD

      plus $9 for Basic Shipping and handling for the book

      You pay $259 USD


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      Buy from Author:

      STEP 1: Choose the Edition & Shipping Option

      Choose whether you want:

      • Basic Edition and shipping: Just the paperback and bonuses. You pay $34
      • Basic Edition with Priority Shipping: 2-day priority shipping plus full-color Dream Express Card and message insert. You pay $40
      • Dream Express Suitcase: the hand-crafted unique suitcase with book, access to bonuses and to digital novel, Oracle card set, hand-made unique Dream Journal, and a one-card Dream Express Oracle reading unique for you. One week creation time. Sent via 2-day Priority Shipping. You pay $ 170
      • Oracle Edition. Get a 90-minute private, live, face-to-face oracle reading and consultation to develop your unique Story Magic Path that allows you to use the book as a blueprint for your own life manifestation. Book sent via Basic Shipping. You pay $259

      About the shipping options:

      •  Basic Shipping is the standard Amazon shipping option, which can take from 5 to 7 business days --a bit more during high traffic seasons.
      • $9 shipping and handling.

      • Priority Mail Shipping

      • Maria prepares the package and sends from her personal stock via priority mail for a 2-day delivery period. Continental USA ONLY.
      • Includes full-color Dream Express Card and message insert when appropriate.
      • Includes autograph signed in the book instead of sent digitally.
      • Sent in a sturdy padded envelope or bubble wrap/box to protect contents.
      • ONLY 10 BOOKS left for the Priority Mail Shipping from Author's stock.
      • $15 shipping and handling

      STEP 2: Choose the quantity

      • When you select more than one book, they will all go to the address you enter and will all be sent in the shipping option selected.

      STEP 3: Click to buy.

      When you click to buy, you are taken to the secured, safe, Gumroad cart and can pay with credit card.Fill the fields in the order form and buy. Gumroad sends you an automatic receipt via email.

      STEP 4: Specify the shipping address.

      Make sure to specify the name and address where you want the book(s) to go. Whether you want it delivered to your address or to your gift recipient's address; the address you enter is the address where we will send all the books in the order. (Only Continental USA addresses, please.)

      STEP 5: If your book(s) is a gift...

      If this is a gift order and you have chosen to send the book to yourself, but want the gift recipient to receive a digital autograph and bonuses, then fill the field for the Gift Recipient's name and email address. I will send the autograph and bonuses to the gift recipient's email address.

      If there are more than one gift recipients, send me the list to the email shown in the receipt form and I will send each of them the bonuses and autographs via email.

      Only $25 plus shipping and handling

      BUY NOW!

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      Terms of Service

      • Due to the special treats included and the signed books, the book purchases here are non-refundable. 
      • If you choose Basic Shipping, you will receive the book from Amazon via their standard shipping option. In the rare event that the book is damaged, we will offer you three options: a full refund, a free digital book or another book at no cost sent via Priority Shipping.
      • If you choose Priority Shipping Maria personally checks each book before sending it to you to make sure that it is not damaged.
      • When you order the book from this site, Maria will personally address any questions or issues and send your bonuses to your email or to your gift's recipient's email. Maria loves to communicate with her readers, so feel free to contact her should you have any questions.
      • Shipping and creation time is an approximation. Holidays and busy periods will increase the shipping/production/creation time.
      • If you order the book from Amazon, the author has no jurisdiction there. You must contact Amazon for shipping or any problems with the order.
      • My free one-card Oracle reading is offered only during special Holiday Sales. I take the offer out when it's finished. If you see any sentence referring to this free reading that may have accidentally been left over, know that if it is not included in the BONUSES, then it's not offered at this time.

      We are here to help. We are committed to ethical, spiritually impeccable and compassionate relationship with each one of our customers. If you have any problem whatsoever, Contact us personally at the email given in the receipt form, which Maria personally checks several times a day. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We enjoy connecting to our costumers.

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      • Premium Editions available!

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