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      Make It Stick

      Do me a favor…

      Count to three.

      And I mean really do it, don’t just pretend. Say it out loud, maybe even use your fingers.

      1.. 2.. 3..

      Now, count to two (I swear this is going somewhere).

      1.. 2..

      Last time, I promise: Count to ¼ of a second.


      Okay, let’s get started.

      “Wa” is exactly how much attention you’ll get from the average Twitter user. They scroll, scroll, scroll, and if your content doesn’t grab them right away, you get ignored.

      • It doesn’t matter how hard you worked on that tweet
      • It doesn’t matter if you’re a really good person
      • It doesn’t matter if your info is more useful than everyone else’s

      Just like stocks and real estate, attention runs on a marketplace. You’re selling, other users are buying, but the currency isn’t money. Instead, it’s engagement.

      Simply put, if you don’t have great content, you’re done.

      Now, there are two ways to beat this…

      The first is having an audience that absolutely loves you, and whenever they see your name and profile photo, they start heading towards the like button without thinking twice.

      Unfortunately, you don’t have this audience. If you did, you wouldn’t be reading this.

      The second way to beat it is creating content that is so incredibly appealing, it's almost impossible to ignore. The goal of 'Make It Stick' is helping you make this happen.

      I’ll tell you one more thing, because I know what it’s like: Failing on Twitter is painful.

      • You want to build an audience badly
      • You want to be a social media entrepreneur
      • You want to make a legitimate, full-time income
      • You want to have your ideas and knowledge validated
      • You want to build a tribe that will follow you for a lifetime

      But it ain’t easy. If it were, you’d be doing it, and you wouldn’t feel like…

      • It might be time to give up
      • You’re not smart or talented enough
      • Creating content just isn’t your thing
      • You don’t have what it takes to “make it”
      • The people who made it already have something you don’t

      Now listen, I’m realistic. I don’t think that everyone reading this right now is going to attain massive Twitter success. In fact, many of them won’t…

      But it’s worth finding out, right?

      Before We Go Any Farther…

      Here’s what people are saying about ‘Make It Stick’:

      What Does This Guide Teach?

      ‘Make It Stick’ is a deep dive on persuasion, human psychology, and the secrets of creating extremely engaging short-form content.

      It teaches you things like…

      • The 3 pillars of persuasion
      • Topics that hit people on an emotional level
      • Writing styles that make tweets impossible to ignore
      • How to not get banned (you can’t win if you don’t stay in the game)
      • Analysis of 25 viral tweets from a variety of creators
      • Tips on how to craft a content strategy
      • Tips on how to get content ideas
      • And much more
      • Bonus: You'll also get a short guide on how network your way to 1000 followers.

      What Doesn’t It Teach?

      ‘Make It Stick’ and the bonus guide do not discuss creating products, being an affiliate for other people's products, or selling services. Instead, they solely focus on how to build your following and increase leverage on this powerful platform.

      Who’s Teaching It?

      I don’t have a million followers. I also don’t have 100K followers. Oh, and I’ve even paid for retweets a few times.

      But here’s what I do have…

      • A track record of writing extremely viral tweets
      • Years of study in the domains of persuasion and copywriting
      • A keen eye for seeing what works, what doesn’t, and the reasons for why
      • Thousands of hours spent writing content for business owners and myself
      • An understanding of the core principles behind Twitter success, not just what I’ve done to succeed

      Who Is It For?

      This guide is for anyone who wants to increase the appeal of their tweets and unlock levels of engagement that they never thought possible.

      • Beginners who barely have a following
      • Mid-level creators who want to turn Twitter into a full-time income
      • Experienced creators who know that getting just a few great tips could push them higher than ever before

      Who Isn’t It For?

      If you’re…

      • Not interested in building a brand on Twitter
      • Absolutely crushing it already and don't think you'll learn anything new

      ...then skip it.

      Okay, One More Flex

      Another five testimonials from people like you...

      Imagine This…

      • You tweet something out
      • Then, rather than getting ignored (or close to it)
      • You get a few likes within the first 30 seconds
      • Then the retweets come
      • You check how long it’s been up
      • 5 minutes, more than 20 engagements
      • 30 minutes go by, it’s semi-viral
      • You start pulling in followers
      • You plug an offer or two below
      • It starts to get clicks
      • You start getting email list subscribers
      • You start getting buyers
      • You get that rush that’s better than almost anything in the world

      At the end of it all, you gain…

      • Exposure
      • Followers that you’ll monetize later
      • Email subscribers that you’ll monetize later
      • And cold, hard cash

      Why? Because you took an idea, wrote it with the proper persuasive devices, and sent it out into the world. That’s the dream for many people, and it could be your reality.

      This won’t happen every day, of course.

      In the beginning, it might not even happen once a month.

      This stuff takes time, so don’t think that this guide is magic.

      What I can promise you is that ‘Make It Stick’ will give you a better understanding of what makes certain tweets extremely successful and a toolkit that just might unlock massive growth for your Twitter account.

      30 Day Refund Guarantee

      Afraid you won’t get any value out of this?

      Well, don’t be. It comes with an ironclad refund guarantee.

      If you aren’t satisfied, just send an email to charles@charlesmillertalks.com or a DM on Twitter, tell me why, and you’ll get your money back. I hate feeling buyer’s remorse just as much as you, so I’m eliminating it. You don’t like it, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

      So Much To Gain, So Little To Lose

      Alright, so the guide costs you a little bit of money. Every rose has its thorns. I get it. Nobody likes to part with their hard-earned cash.

      But think about this…

      • One viral tweet will deliver more value than you pay
      • A few semi-viral tweets will deliver more value than you pay
      • One great content idea could make either of those happen for you
      • And if you don’t find a single actionable tip, you get your money back

      That means no risk and a reward that could legitimately change the future of your business.

      So what are you waiting for?

      Hit that little ‘I Want This!’ button and let’s get to work.

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      • Discover the secrets of persuasion and unlock massive Twitter success.
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