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        Binaural Beats Meditation Program - Theta Gateway

        Binaural Beats Meditation Program - Theta Gateway

        Some Testimonials (we've loads more)

        " short, these are the most powerful meditation sessions I've ever had" - Tom H, CA, USA

        "An amazing meditation experience" - Sharon M, UK

        "This program has helped me to heal mentally and emotionally" - Dean S, IN, USA

        "A great solution for me to what was before unreliable, unfruitful meditation practise" - Louise S

        "Blissful, relaxing, energizing" - Bradley H, WY, USA

        "has worked for my insomnia like nothing else has" - Anthony W


        - Theta Gateway (Bronze, with all of the below described) 

        - Theta Gateway (Silver, with all of the below described), plus 4 one-hour Delta tracks

        - Theta Gateway (Gold, with all of the below described), plus 4 one-hour Delta tracks and 4 one-hour Alpha tracks

        - Theta Gateway (Platinum, with all of the below described), plus 4 one-hour Delta tracks, 4 one-hour Alpha tracks and 4 one-hour Theta tracks - Also Contains a  Transcendental Meditation How-To Guide 2-Page PDF (Transcendental Meditation costs $2000 to learn in a TM Center!) 

        The Theta Gateway Genius Pack Contains 49 beautiful meditation tracks. 


        - 4x 1 hour Theta Gateway Meditation Tracks

        - 4x 1 hour Serotonin Release Meditation Tracks

        - 4x 1 hour Quantum Epsilon Meditation Tracks

        - 1x 10-Minute Alpha-Theta-Delta Daytime Super Boost Spirit Rejuvenation Meditation Track

        All backed by our 100% No-Quibble 30-day money-back guarantee. 

        Try for a month, and if there's any reason at all that you would like a refund, just drop us a line and we'll refund your payment. And you still get to keep the tracks.

        There are four ambient track mixes per level and is only $47 for a 48-hour, 49-track Theta Gateway Genius Pack (delivered online) containing Theta Gateway (theta wave), Serotonin Release (alpha wave), Quantum Epsilon (very low epsilon wave) and a ten-minute alpha->theta->delta daytime boost meditation bonus track.

        So, in total, you can get 49 one-hour meditation tracks and one ten-minute super-boost meditation track.

        It contains the following Theta tracks:

        1. Theta Gateway “Eden”

        2. Theta Gateway “Astral”

        3. Theta Gateway “Brook”

        4. Theta Gateway “High”

        Why you will love Theta Gateway

        1. Any of the beautifully crafted Theta Gateway tracks will take you into deep Theta the first time and every time you use them.

        2. Read on to discover the immense benefits of Theta brainwaves.

        New research has shown that one brainwave type in particular seems to be the happy medium of all three, giving a good balanced dose of the benefits of Alpha, Beta, and Delta Waves: Theta Waves.

        What are Theta Waves?

        Theta Waves, operating at 3.5 to 7hz, are slow moving and relaxed waves that are produced when sleeping, resting, and dreaming (even daydreaming!) This is why for centuries, Theta Waves have been produced (and used) during meditation, although prior to the discovery of brainwave patterns, people did not know this.

        A common symptom of the brain producing Theta Waves is when one feels like they have entered a trance, feeling like the mind has lost control and left to the will of the cosmos or some higher power, and yet it is still able to recognize the surroundings and the goings-on around.

        This occurs when one meditates or daydreams; ever had an experience wherein you’re at work or in school, and just started drifting off, lost in thought, and before you know it, a lot of time have passed by even though you feel like it was just a short period? You probably had a burst of Theta Waves.

        The Well-Rounded Benefits

        As mentioned above, Theta Waves are a happy medium, able to give some of the benefits of all the brainwave patterns in some capacity.

        This is ideal for people who need a quick boost for all the issues they are encountering, all in one go. Here are some of Theta Waves’ benefits.

        1. Stress Relief – as with Alpha and Delta Waves, Theta Waves can relieve stress, both physical and mental. It does this by relaxing the mind, which allows it to focus on addressing the problems of the body. This is perfect for work related stress as it is shown that work related stress can not only cause psychological issues, but health issues as well.

        2. Increased creativity, learning, memory – usually the domains of Alpha and Beta Waves, creativity and learning are increased when Theta Waves are produced, as it has been shown that artists and intelligent folks have bursts of Theta Waves when pursuing intellectual and creative pursuits, such as creating works of art, music, computer programs, and so on. It also improves memory, which allows the person to retain any new skills or information in the creative and learning process.

        3. Improved mental and physical energy/healing – Beta and Delta Waves provide these benefits, but Theta combines them all in a lesser but more well-rounded capacity. Since Theta Waves help in the sleeping process, the “healing sleep” can be triggered much better, allowing the body to recover physically and mentally from the day. As well, when used and produced during meditation, Theta Waves can provide a quick rejuvenating boost to the mind, allowing the body to release energy, giving you a second wind to achieve your goals.

        4. Helps advance metaphysical skills and abilities – one exciting benefit of Theta Waves is the ability to improve skills that truly require good mental and spiritual powers: lucid dreaming, astral projection, out of body experiences, and profound spiritual experiences. It has been shown in studies that people produce Theta Waves when they lucid dream, experience astral projection or an OBE, and during deep spiritual activities, with the last one commonly the reason why meditation sessions are often used when looking to seek out a deeper understanding of one’s religion or faith.

        Meditation and Theta Waves: The Essential Mental-Spiritual Combo

        Many scientific studies have shown that even just at least 30 minutes of Theta Meditation can produce dramatic results, improving mental and physical wellness, health, and energy.

        Regardless of your beliefs, a spiritual connection, inward towards the self or outward towards the cosmos, can help achieve a Theta state. It can go hand in hand with visualization. This can be done through a mantra, a prayer, or simply just the desire to reach out and connect with what lies deep inside or beyond.

        This can be enhanced much further with the use of a Theta Wave entrainment track, e.g. any track from the Theta Gateway pack. Listen to this during a meditation session, whether 30 minutes during a work break, or longer when trying to re-center yourself, and it will push you into the Theta brainwave state much faster.

        Alpha Serotonin Release


        Alpha “Serotonin Release” Tracks contained in the Theta Gateway pack:

        1. Serotonin Release “Eden”

        2. Serotonin Release “Astral”

        3. Serotonin Release “Brook”

        4. Serotonin Release “High”

        Each track is sixty minutes long. For convenience, each track has a bell on exactly the 30-minute point, to indicate half way to you so that you can time your sessions.

        Why you will love Deep Catalyst Serotonin Release

        Serotonin Release is a deep Alpha brainwave meditation track. It can be used sitting or lying down (preferably listening using headphones or earbuds), or while working for greater focus, problem-solving and creativity.

        The benefits of Alpha brainwaves:

        Deep Relaxation of Body and Mind – Your stresses and worries drift away when you enter the alpha brainwave state. Tension and nervousness disappear as your brain’s thought process is calmed down; your mind becomes clearer.

        Higher Levels of Creativity – Alpha brainwave levels are found to be much higher in artists, musicians and creative thinkers. Creative thinkers also tend to be those who go on to become world famous entrepreneurs, as they are better equipped at solving life’s problems and helping others. Right now, employers are looking for new and innovative ideas to help them survive in this economy. Those who have the entrepreneurial edge over others are making vast fortunes from the wealth of opportunities that exist to the creative alpha-minders!

        Improved Problem Solving Abilities – When you have too much beta activity in your brain, your ability to problem solve shuts right down. Stress causes clutter in your thought process. The solution is to produce more alpha waves. If you ever get writer’s block or get stuck on an important task, then getting that “aha” moment of creative inspiration is possible when you learn how to switch on your alpha mind and get back into your state of “flow.”

        Improved Mood and Stability of Emotions – Having more alpha brainwaves usually indicates more positive, stable and balanced emotions. This means you can cope better with stress and keep calm in tough situations. Irritable, anxious and over sensitive people tend to spend most of their time in a beta state, and can usually greatly improve their minds by increasing their alpha brainwaves without resorting to taking drugs, excessive alcohol and other bad habits.

        Performance and Getting In the “Zone” – the alpha brainwave state is associated with “peak performance” and players who get “in the zone” perform best when they have less beta brainwaves interfering with their peak, alpha state of mind.

        Super learning” and “Genius states” – learning new skills, enhanced memory and genius-like abilities are found in those who spend their time mostly in an alpha brainwave state. This is because the tasks associated with those abilities require less overall effort to accomplish and the ability to retain large amounts of information is enhanced.

        Enhanced Immune Function – Long-term stress and tension have a negative impact on your immune system. The “feel good” effect of alpha brainwaves leads to the production of happy and well-functioning cells in your body, which provides a healthy and efficient immune system ready to protect you from any disease.

        Serotonin – Serotonin is released more during alpha brainwave states. High serotonin levels are associated with good moods and low serotonin levels are linked to depression and other neurological disorders, such as anxiety and panic attacks.

        Quantum Epsilon


        Quantum Epsilon Tracks contained in the Theta Gateway pack:

        1. Quantum Epsilon “Eden”

        2. Quantum Epsilon “Astral”

        3. Quantum Epsilon “Brook”

        4. Quantum Epsilon “High”

        Each track is sixty minutes long. For convenience, each track has a bell on exactly the 30-minute point, to indicate half way to you so that you can time your sessions.

        Why you will love Deep Catalyst Quantum Epsilon

        The Epsilon brain wave frequency takes the human brain into some of the lowest possible frequencies – at below 0.5hz. Epsilon can take you deeper into consciousness than sleep itself.

        Once there it is possible to discover a great number of spiritual and awareness expanding experiences. Epsilon is also known to induce sleep and even act as a form of pain relief.

        Yet Another Bonus: The 10-Minute Alpha-Theta-Delta Super Boost Meditation

        This is a beautiful super-charged 10-minute long binaural beats track that has all of Alpha->Theta->Delta waves in a drop sequence. It’s custom-designed to recharge you during the daytime. And at only ten minutes you can fit it in during a short break, and emerge rejuvenated.

        Own The Theta Gateway Genius Pack Now, For just $17, temporarily discounted from the regular price of $47


        - Theta Gateway (Bronze) with all of the above is $47, temporarily discounted from the regular price of $77

        - Theta Gateway (Silver) with all of the above plus 4 one-hour Delta tracks is $57, temporarily discounted from the regular price of $87

        - Theta Gateway (Gold) with all of the above plus 4 one-hour Delta tracks and 4 one-hour Alpha tracks is $67, temporarily discounted from the regular price of $97

        - Theta Gateway (Platinum) with all of the above plus 4 one-hour Delta tracks, 4 one-hour Alpha tracks and 4 one-hour Theta tracks is $77, temporarily discounted from the regular price of $107

        Binaural Beats Programs-  Project Meditation Lifeflow, Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync, Centerpointe Research Holosync, Mindvalley OmHarmonics, iAwake Technologies, Genius Brain Power, The Unexplainable Store, etc.

        Our bodies are essentially made up of vibrating fields of energy, generating a vast symphony of vibration that creates matter. Everything vibrates at a certain resonance. When we tap into the resonance of who we want to be, miracles can happen.

        Managing our busy lives which are full of distractions, and operating in a harmonious state can be challenging. This is the reason meditation has become such a popular part of our modern culture. The benefits of meditation are manifold, including an increased ability to focus with clarity, a calm and pleasant demeanor, and self-mastery in many fields. Scientific evidence has clearly proven the benefits of meditation on the mind and body.

        The brain activity of skilled meditators have been studied via EEG (electroencephalograph), which measures brain activity as tiny electric pulses on a monitor. Repeatedly studies have proven that the brain is more harmonious while in a meditative state, and ideal attributes such as calmness and heightened awareness are clearly indicated.

        These ideal states are reflected as certain brainwave frequencies. Each frequency relates to a specific level of consciousness from deep sleep to wakefulness, and reflects our potential for creativity, intuition, clarity, relaxation, and focus.

        If you are having trouble meditating, as most people do, there is a way to enter the meditative state through sound. This is called Brainwave Entrainment. Brainwave entrainment can be achieved through listening to certain tones that affect correlatation to that frequency in the brain.

        There are seven frequency ranges, each reflecting a certain state of wakefulness and mind activity. Effective meditators predominantly register in the theta, alpha, or gamma range.

        The frequency of each range is as follows*:

        Epsilon: 0-.5 hertz

        Delta: .5–3.5 hertz

        Theta: 3.5-7 hertz

        Alpha: 7-13 hertz

        Beta: 13-30 hertz

        Gamma: 30-100 hertz

        Lambda: 100-200+ hertz

        * Please keep in mind, there is often variance in research as to the exact frequency range of each state. As the mind transitions from one state to another, there is integration between the two states, it is not an abrupt change. Therefore some variance in the frequency of each range is present.

        Following is an outline of the benefits and drawbacks of each brainwave frequency. Afterwards, we will review different techniques available to achieve brainwave entrainment.

        <strong>Epsilon: 0-0.5 hertz*</strong>

        These hard to discern brainwaves are often present in the most advanced yogis, who can slow their heart rate to a point where it is undetectable. Close to a nonphysical state, those who monitor such slow brainwaves indicate feelings of euphoria, and sometimes have an out-of-body experience.

        BALANCE: Ecstatic states of consciousness, suspended animation, spiritual insight.

        IMBALANCE: Lack of body awareness and activity

        * limited research available.

        Delta: 0.5-3.5 hertz

        When the body is resting in a deep dreamless sleep, it is in a Delta state. Here the natural powers of recuperation occur. The intuitive mind is able to do its work, and healing takes place. Many people who engage in healing or therapeutic work display these brainwave states even while awake. Delta waves are most prominent in infants and children in the awakened state.

        BALANCE: Restorative and healing, deep relaxation, deep sleep, rejuvenation.

        IMBALANCE: Lack of conscious awareness, learning disabilities, disconnected from the outer world.

        Theta: 3.5-7 hertz

        Theta is a semi-hypnotic state indicated when the mind is deeply meditating, or in dream sleep (REM). Intuitive and receptive, the focus is inward. The subconscious is accessed in this state, allowing for deeper insight and resolution of problems that are rooted in the hard to reach subconscious. Creativity is also present, along with the feeling of spiritual connection.

        BALANCE: Intuitive, relaxed, spiritual, emotionally connected, creative and insightful, mystical, access to the subconscious.

        IMBALANCE: Depression, inactivity, unable to concentrate, ADHD

        Alpha: 7-13 hertz

        Alpha is the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Here you are aware of both the inner and outer worlds. An awakened state, Alpha indicates a relaxed and calm mind. Imaginative play is engaged, including daydreaming and creative visualization. Creative insight and acceptance allow for peak performance in many areas. The calm focus while in an Alpha state is often present in musicians, great athletes, and artists.

        BALANCE: Calm and relaxed, non-linear thinking, creativity, imagination, bridges the subconscious and conscious realms, enhanced perception and intuition.

        IMBALANCE: Lack of focus and attention, inability to take action, lack of time sensitivity.

        Beta: 13-30 hertz

        This is the “normal” waking state of most humans who are actively engaged. When the mind is discerning and analytical, beta brainwaves are prominent. The mind is able to focus in and concentrate on the task at hand. The higher Beta frequencies reflect fear, anxiety, being stressed-out and feelings of restlessness and nervousness.

        BALANCE: Linear thinking, socializing, stimulating, reading and writing, logical analysis, focus and attention.

        IMBALANCE: Insomnia, stress, anxiety, hyper-critical, paranoid.

        Gamma: 30-100 hertz

        These brainwaves are harder to detect visually as their amplitude is low on the graph. In the Gamma state you begin to synthesize data and enter a realm of higher understanding with bursts of great insight. These brainwaves sweep across the brain, creating the big picture out of your fragmented thoughts. Elevated concentration is present, with the ability to ascend into the mystical and transcendental realms. These waves are prevalent in Tibetan monks.

        BALANCE: Integration, emotional stability, energy, lovingkindness, happiness and confidence, higher awareness, enhanced learning and greater retention.

        IMBALANCE: High state of arousal, restlessness, lack of sleep, hallucinations, schizophrenia.

        HyperGamma/Lambda: 100-200+ hertz

        At the highest end of the spectrum, lambda brainwaves begin to move one beyond matter and into altered states of consciousness. They have Epsilon brainwaves embedded in them, and vice versa, indicating a circular relationship between the highest and lowest brain frequencies. Epsilon and Lambda seem to be entry and exit points into the circle of human consciousness.

        BALANCE: Heightened awareness, extraordinary states of consciousness, out-of-body experiences

        IMBALANCE: Unusual state of consciousness that is lacking in research.

        Epsilon and HyperGamma/Lambda Brainwaves

        Normal human brainwave states are calculated between 0.5 and 30 hertz, anything above or below that is considered extraordinary. Epsilon and HyperGamma or Lambda brainwaves are extreme states of consciousness at the beginning and end of the spectrum. They are rarely present in normal waking humans, and are difficult to detect on an EEG.

        While brainwaves were first monitored in the 1920s, research regarding Epsilon, Gamma, and Lambda brainwaves began in earnest in the 1980s and 1990s, and there is still a lot to learn about the brain in these states, and what they indicate.

        Epsilon and Lambda waves have been found in subjects who are in extreme states of meditation. They are connected with a feeling of complete bliss and compassion. Those who indicate Epsilon and Lambda brainwave states often describe euphoric experiences with great spiritual and personal insight, as well as spontaneous out-of-body experiences. It will be interesting to further explore these realms of consciousness, and their positive and negative effects.

        Modes of Delivery For Brainwave Entrainment — Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats, and Isochronic Tones

        There are several means of receiving brainwave entrainment through sound, these include Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats, and Isochronic Tones. All three are found to be effective, but each has a slight variance in their appeal to the listener, and in their mode of delivery.

        Binaural Beats

        Binaural Beats occur when the brain synchronizes two different sounds delivered through headphones. What actually happens is that the brain processes one frequency delivered to the right ear, and a different frequency delivered to the left ear, then generates a brainwave that is equal to the difference between the two sounds. This auditory response occurs in the brain itself.

        So for example: If you put on headphones and in your right ear is a tone that generates a sound of 114 hertz (hertz is the rate of sound measured in cycles per second), and in your left ear is a tone operating at 124 hertz, your brain will then create a tone that is equal to the difference between the two, which in this case is 10 hertz.

        According to Gerald Oster in his legendary paper on binaural beats in Scientific American in 1973 “Auditory Beats In The Brain”, Binaural Beats are an effective tool for brainwave entrainment. He also states that some people are not able to hear Binaural Beats.

        The optimal range to deliver Binauaral Beats is around 440 hertz, after that they can be hard to discern, and disappear altogether at around 1000 hertz. Both men and women lose the ability to hear Binaural Beats above 1000 hertz, but he found women lose the ability to hear them in the lower ranges as well, which may be linked to estrogen levels in the body.

        Isochronic Tones

        Unlike Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones are generated from a single tone, not two. These tones are created by a sound engineer, therefore headphones are not needed for the entrainment effect.

        The pattern of the tone is more distinguished than Monaural and Binaural Beats because of the quick intermittent pauses in sound. Each wave in the frequency has a distinct beginning and end point. The sound created by an Isochronic Tone is very prominent, which may be irritating to some, but engaging to others. They are found to be an effective tool for brainwave entrainment.

        You may prefer to listen to Isochronic Tones accompanied by background music, making them more pleasant to listen to. A study by Doherty Cormac in 2014 determined that the entrainment effect was just as effective using Isochronic Tones with music, as without.

        Monaural Beats

        Monaural Beats are created by a sound engineer. They do not require headphones, so they can be advantageous in settings where headphones are not ideal to use. Essentially Monaural Beats can be heard in a single ear like Isochronic Tones, whereas Binaural Beats require two ears, each ear receiving different frequencies to create a third frequency in the brain.

        Monaural Beats and Binaural Beats appear to be processed in different parts of the brain. The beats are similar in sound, but perception and preference for sound can vary greatly depending on each individual.

        Research done by David Seiver from Comptronic states that Monaural and Isochronic Tones may produce a stronger brainwave entrainment effect than Binaural Beats. The large majority of the research however has been based on the effectiveness of Binaural Beats.

        Trying out different techniques and sound track compositions will help you to determine your preference, and which tool is most effective for you. All three modes are found to be effective. Essentially the best approach is the one that works best for you.

        Scientific Research

        There have been numerous scientific studies on brainwave entrainment over the years, from extensive research on Binaural Beats in the 1970s to more recent studies on the effects of Monaural and Isochronic Tones.

        The tracking of brainwaves began in 1924 with the creation of the electroencephalogram, or EEG, by German psychiatrist Hans Berger. Berger was looking for proof of psychic energy in the brain.

        By the 1970s research on brainwave entrainment began in earnest with significant contributions made by Gerald Oster and Robert Monroe, using the EEG to display its effectiveness.

        According to Dr. Gerald Oster of Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Binaural Beats are created in the brain using two slightly different tones in each ear, forming a brainwave pattern that is equal to the difference between the two tones. Using this method, the brain can be stimulated to achieve certain states of consciousness that provide optimal functioning of the brain.

        Around this time Robert Monroe was also investigating brainwave entrainment. A radio and television expert, his studies on audio and video influences on the mind eventually led him to have an out-of-body experience through sound.

        Monroe became fascinated with the ability to control his state of consciousness through audio-guidance technology. He created audio tapes called Hemi-Sync to generate hemispheric synchronization in the brain, as evidenced on an EEG.

        This led to the creation of The Monroe Institute in 1974, where Monroe was joined by a group of fellow researchers in using his Hemi-Sync techniques for brainwave entrainment, allowing the listener to achieve beneficial results. The Monroe Institute provides seminars teaching others how to use audio therapy to improve concentration, meditation, reduce pain, and enhance their overall mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

        According to Michael Hutchison in his book Megabrain Power, peak mental states found in meditators, athletes, and artists can be replicated by brainwave entrainment, which can produce positive neurochemical compositions in the brain, such as improved levels of DHEA and melatonin, and create hemispheric symmetry.

        Dr. Robert Cosgrove Jr., a professional in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, found that brainwave stimulation can be an excellent neuro-pathway exerciser, providing the potential for improvements in cerebral performance.

        The list of researchers who advocate brainwave entrainment through sound is quite impressive and includes: Jim Lagopoulos of Sydney University, Australia, Dr. Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D., Dr. Lester Fehmi, Director of the Princeton Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback Clinic, Dr. Arthur Hastings, Ph.D., Dr. Joe Kaniya, Director of the Psychophysiology of Consciousness Laboratory, Dr. Bill D. Schul, Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, and Drs. Tina L. Huang and Christine Sheraton, among many others.

        These doctors and researchers found that even a single session of brainwave entrainment could have therapeutic effects. Brainwave entrainment can even assist in treating alcohol and drug addiction.

        In one study, two groups of alcoholics were sent through different treatment patterns as an experiment. One group went through the 12-step program provided by Alcoholics Anonymous. The other group simply received fifteen 20-minute sessions of Alpha-Beta Binaural Beat treatment sessions. The AA group who received the 12-step program relapsed after 13 months at a rate of 80%, with no change in levels of depression. The Binaural Beat group had a significant decrease in relapsing at a rate of only 20%, with a 30% decrease in incidents of depression.

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