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      Custom Mascot Design | Mascot Character Designer

      Looking for Custom Mascot Design? Get your cute UNIQUE Character design for your brand now. We are Mascot & Character Design Company.

      Service Details

      • 1 Concept
      • 3 Revisions
      • Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Get your Mascot Design within 3 Business Days
      • Vector Format (.AI & .EPS)
      • 100% Copyright Ownership Transfer

      What We Need From You

      • Type (Boy, Girl, Woman,Man,Superhero,Animal,Monster ,etc.)
      • Colors
      • Pose/Action
      • Preferred Mascot Style (Give us your references)
      • Costumes
      • Your Logo (Optional)
      • Personality

      Frequency Ask Questions

      Q: What is Mascot?

      A: We Think Wikipedia will be strong answer for this question.

      Q: What is Concept?

      A: Concept is your preferred mascot style, such as You need a Mascot like Kitty and be UNIQUE + Go along with your Brand Identity. 

      *** You cannot change concept when we start designing your mascot ***

      Q: Do I need to provide all details that you need?

      A: Yes, our designer will clearly understand what you need and design mascot which you love.

      Q: Who are you?

      A: NJWEBDD is a leading Thailand Digital Marketing Company which provides professional services especially Mascot & Character Design. 

      Q: Can you show me your previous works?

      A: Check out our portfolio here -> (We are Developing our English Website and it will be released soon.)

      If you have any question, you can contact us via Facebook Page or our e-mail (njwebdd[at]

      How Custom Mascot Design Enhance Your Advertising Efforts?

      A custom mascot design is a fundamental aspect of a company’s marketing campaign. Over the years, mascots have proved to be some of the most valuable resources in marketing. When you implement it carefully, there is a high chance of improving a company’s competitive advantage.

      So, what is a mascot and how can you implement it to enhance your advertising efforts?

      A mascot is a symbol or a representative figure used by businesses. It personifies the values of a business. Ideally, this is a well-designed carton with a strong connection to the business it represents. This makes it a good communication tool between a company and targeted customers.

      Implementing a mascot is your advertising campaign will not guarantee success automatically. There are fundamental factors you must consider to ensure that you communicate effectively with your customers. It is for this reason that you need to adopt an effective custom mascot design. It is an essential branding tool.

      To achieve this, you need to incorporate the following in your mascot design process:

      Adopt a mascot program

      You need to outline your character’s personality. This should be based on your target market and the business plans. You need to think progressively considering that this will be an ongoing process. Normally, when your customers begin to identify your company with a specific mascot, you may decide to change the message over time.

      Be creative

      Since mascots are popular marketing tools, your competitors may have implemented this idea. You need to evaluate all your competitors’ marketing strategies. With this knowledge, strive to develop a unique character that can build your brand. It must be an outstanding character that will make your company’s name memorable.

      It is this simple, when customers remember your company’s mascot and name, they are likely to buy products or services that you offer. Design a mascot with real character that can attract people’s attention. As a general rule, you must integrate your company’s name at all times.

      Strive to increase brand awareness

      As I said earlier, you must do a lot of research before you begin to design customized mascot. That is, you need to know the various elements that consumers know about your business’ brand. Don’t just design a mascot because you believe it is a good marketing tool. It should add value to your business’s prosperity.

      I am not going to lie to you about this. A number of businesses have ended up losing their customers’ attention only a few days after incorporating mascot in their advertising campaigns. You must have the following in mind before you think of a custom mascot design:

      1. It should keep customers engaged.

      2. It should reinforce fundamental elements that define your business’ brand.

      Think of a custom design that makes your business more likable

      There is one factor that most business owners overlook - customers tend to be skeptical with the motives of all business. They always believe that business owners always plan to exploit them. You can leverage on the power of a custom mascot design to change their perception about your product. Think of a mascot that will make your business likable. You can achieve this by replacing all misgivings with a positive perception about your products and services. You can do this easily with a mascot.

      Think of a mascot that can connect with customers in a manner that humans cannot

      Does this seem counter-intuitive? Well, this is possible when you opt for the custom mascot designs. Such mascots are out of the ordinary thus, they will obviously catch people’s eyes. Normally, this becomes more effective when a company blends this with other advertising mechanisms. As a matter of fact, this involves a careful selection of graphics and messages.

      Remember to trademark your custom designed mascot

      Like logos, you can trademark mascots too. With this, your mascot will be protected from any design thefts. This will give you an opportunity to advertise your brand making it easier to achieve your branding objectives.

      In summary, a custom designed mascot is effective in the advertising process. As a rule of thumb, if by any chance you feel that it is nearly impossible to design one on your own, it is advisable to outsource the project. There are a number of reputable companies that can help you to design creative corporate mascot logos.

      Again, in your design process, it is important that you have all factors I have discussed above in mind. Blending them will guarantee success in your marketing and advertising efforts.

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      Now, It's time to have your Mascot Brand. Get in touch. (Not sure if your brand need it?)

      The Importance of custom mascot design to business.

      Each business on the planet has a custom mascot design. In any case, what are they and what is their motivation? From the word reference meaning of mascot, it is either a creature, individual or item compared to a talisman to convey good fortunes to a business. This conduct copying the close adoration of business mascot designs has been continuing for a considerable length of time and is extremely clear inside of local societies of indigenous peoples.

      In reasonableness, it is suitable to inquire as to whether the idea of the mascot is just to offer things. With a specific college, your expert business could unquestionably persuade you, that was the situation. Be that as it may, it might be more exact to consider that the mascot is a path for the assorted community of tens to consolidate into one firm and strong unit.

      Mascots might offer a considerable measure of goods yet there's a more genuine side to it. They are genuinely motivational pictures. Community really grasp the mascot is an overall character.

      Every brand need a UNIQUE Mascot. Get in touch!

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