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  • 7pm April 15 Attorney Justin Sterling Addresses Fair Use and the Right of Publicity
  • 7pm April 22 Profitable Media Businesses You Can Start in 5 Days
  • 7pm April 29 Launching Your Successful Podcasts Fast and Cheap
  • 7pm May 5 Tiny Budget Feature Film Strategies for Frugal Producers

Your links to live events are sent to you via email the day of the event by 4pm and again just prior to the event. Email nancy@nancyfultonmeetups.com if you don't get a link you expect.  During the event, feel free to share a short introduction to yourself and a link to your website, books, films, in our Chat window. 

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Instant Access to 100% of the Videos and Workbooks Listed Below.  You can watch the videos in any order, print the link-filled workbooks to read offline, and can email nancy@nancyfultonmeetups.com questions if you don't understand any of the information covered. I usually respond in under 24 hours. 

850 Video: How to Use Zoom to Run Meetings Large and Small

900 Workbook: How to Run Zoom Meetings Large and Small

920 Workbook: How to Run Zoom Webinars to Deliver Live Theatrical Performances, Readings, Speaking Events and Performances for Audiences from 100 to 10,000

930 Video: How to Run Zoom Webiinars for Audiences of 100-10,000

940 Workbook Using Discord to Create Vibrant Interactive Chat, Audio, and Video Communities

950 Video How to Use Discord to Create Private Interactive Communities

1000 Video: How to Sell Your Creative Work Swiftly

1005 Video: 5 Businesses You Can Start in 5 Days

1010 Video: Packaging & Selling Your Expertise

1011 Video Getting Paid More and Getting Paid Faster

1012 Video How Creative Pros Profit in Hard Times - Thriving in Chaos

1013 Video Converting a Screenplay into a Book Swiftly

1014 Workbook Converting a Screenplay into a Book Swiftly

1015 Video: Publishing a Standard EBook or Print Book on Amazon in About Two Hours

1016 Video: Publishing Highly Interactive Books on Amazon in about an Hour

1017 Video Publishing a Book on IBook, Barnes and Noble Nook, ScribD via Smashwords at High Royalty Rates

1018 Video: Using Grammar Editing and Writing Analysis Applications to Write Better, Faster, and More Profitably

1020 Video : Calculating Financial Viability Quickly

1030 Video: COVID-19 Legal issues Workshop Featuring Attorney Justin Sterling.

1035 Workbook: COVID-19 Legal Issues Slide Set created by Attorney Justin Sterling

1050 Video: Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals

1060 Video: Critical Entertainment Tax Law Fundamentals with Danny Sioni CPS Tax Pros

1100 Video: Avoiding Litigation with Attorney Justin Sterling

1150 Video: Contract Fundamentals with Attorney Justin Sterling

1200 Video: Understanding Convertible Debt Investments

1250 Video: Doing Due Diligence So You Don't Get Scammed

1255 Video: Hollywood Scams and Fast Tickets

1260 Video: Fast Cheap Data Collection Using Mechanical Turk and Virtual Assistants

1300 Video: Hiring People Nationwide with Castifi and ABS

1305 Video: Wage Theft: The Risks of Hiring and Being Hired Under the Table with Attorney Jennifer Grady

1350 Video: Making Media with Friends as Partners

1390 Video: Using Banks to Fund Film and Television featuring Adrian Ward Banc of California

1420 Video: What is a Producer to Do - A Producers Task List

1450 Video: Avoiding Development Hell

1500 Video: Getting Paid on Back End Deals

1510 Video: Stanislavski's Method: Insights for Writers

1515 Video: Running Google Ads that appear on when People Search, in their Gmail, and on Websites they Visit

1520 Video: Pro Self Publishing Workshop

1525 Video: Promoting Books with Book Funnel

1550 Video: Producing a Podcast

1600 Video: Editing Audio with Audacity

1605 Video: Using AWS to Create Audio & Video Transcriptions Quickly, Cheaply, and Fairly Easily

1610 Video: Creating Digital Voices to Record Audio Dramas, Podcasts, and Audiobooks

1614 Video: Swiftly Writing Film Treatments and Series Bibles

1620 Video: Writing Protecting and Selling a Screenplay / Free Screenwriting Software

1630 Video Final Draft Screenwriting Software Primer

1650 Video: Writing and Producing Stage Plays

1700 Video: Earning More as a Standup Comic

1710 Video: Building a Home Production Studio for About $100

1715 Video: Shooting Films on Green Screen Made Easy

1716 Workbook Shooting Films on Green Screen

1720 Video: Building Your Own Netflix-style Video on Demand Site

1725 Video: Setting up a Patreon Page

1740 Video: Getting Grants to Make Your Documentary featuring Award Winning Producer Michael Singh

1743 Video Covid Filmmaking $10K to $500K Budgets

1745 Workbook Producing the $10K-$500K Movie under Covid-19

1750 Video: Making a $10K Feature Film

1800 Video: Making a $1M+ Movie

1805 Video Virtual Production Nuts Bolts and Costs Shooting Your Film or TV Show on 3D Sets

1806 Workbook Shooting on 3D Sets covering the Nuts Bolts and Costs of Virtual Production

1810 Making Film Budgets Shooting Schedules Day out of Days and Cashflows

1815 Video Producer Chris Helton Interview SBA Funding for Film and TV Productions

1820 Video Producer Ray Ellingsen Feature Film & TV Development for $1M-$5M Projects

1825 Video Jeff Hardy CEO Film Profit Film Film Analytics and Market Analysis

1830 Video Rene Pre-Selling Film and Television Rights Leda Producers Rep Netminds Media Group

1835 Video Michael Praver Business Finance Solutions for Film and TV Producers

1840 Video How to Find an Audience for Film and TV Projects Before Production featuring Ash Greyson of Ribbow Media

1850 Video: How to Build a Strong Business or Career

1855 Video: Writing Memoirs, Biographies and True Stories

1856 Video: Attorney Paul S. Levine Insights True Stories, Memoirs, and Biographies

1900 Video Creating Profitable Graphic Novels

1950 Video: Creating a Profitable App

2000 Video: Creating Fabulous Documents Fast in Canva

2020 Workbook Creating, Posing, Rendering 3D Characters for Book Covers, Posters, and Animations

2021 Video Photorealistic 3D Character Creation using Free Software

2022 Video Animating 3D Characters using Free Software

2023 Workbook Artistic Rendering and Illustrating 3D Characters and Environments Swiftly and Artistically for Illustrations and Storyboards in Daz3D and Painnt

2024 Video on how to use DAZ Studio to Create Character and Environment Illustrations Storyboards

2030 Video: Creating Video Ads and Video Marketing Content Quickly and Very Cost Effectively

2040 Video How to Email Market Effectively

2050 Video: Using Query Letters to Create Deals

2090 Workbook Google Ads on Search Pages, Youtube Videos & Google Search Pages

2100 Video: Social Media Posts That Sell You & Your Work

2105 Video Getting Booked on Podcasts and Radio Shows

2110 Video: Facebook Marketing with Facebook Groups

2150 Video: Using Linkedin to Pitch Almost Anyone

2200 Video: How to Write Better and Faster

2250 Video: How to Price Your Work Profitably

2300 Video: Writing & Distributing Effective Press Releases

2350 Video: Fail So You Can Succeed

2400 Video: Creating Persuasive Speech and Media

2450 Video: How to Build a Paying Audience

2455 Video: Gene Turnbow Krypton Radio on Radio Interviews, Radio Show Hosting, Running Radio Station

2460 Video: Creating Media Visiblity featuring Debbi Dachinger

2500 Video: Get a Lit Agent or Manager Who Actually Sells to Producers & Studios

2525 Video Building a Wordpress Website with Lightsail

2550 Video: How to Book Locations for Events and Productions

2600 Video: How to Write a Business Plan and Pitch Deck

2650 Video: How to Guarantee Distribution for Your Film

2655 Video: Film and TV Distribution Options and Realities with Sam Kleinman

2700 Video: How to Book Guests for Events or Documentaries

2750 Video: How to Build a Hollywood Industry Business Network

2800 Video: Issues Involved in Telling True Stories Attorney Justin Sterling Esq.

2825 Video Gary Goldstein Producer - Thriving in the New Hollywood Interview

2850 Video: How to Get Storyboards with Pro Illustrator Anthony Sturmas

2900 Video: WGA Registration versus Copyright Office Registration

2940 Video: Asia Pacific Film & Television Production Incentives with APAC Strategist & Producer Matt Lubetich Interview

2950 Video: How to Sell Film and TV Rights Worldwide through RightsTrade.com

3000 Video: Writers Block Causes & Cures with Dr. Rebecca Roy, Clinical Psychologist & Industry Therapist

3010 Video Ending Self Sabotage

3050 Video: How to Network

3100 Video: Games People Play a Primer on Transactional Analysis

3150 Video: Negotiating and Closing a Deal

3200 Video: Getting Hired in Hollywood

3250 Video: Pitch Decks & Leave Behind Documents

3255 Video: Stinkin Thinking-How to Stop it From Destroying Your Creative Career or Business

3300 Video: Dealing with Difficult People in Business Situations

3350 Video: How to Pitch & Sell in Hollywood

3400 Video: Jung and the Unconscious Mind

3450 Video: Creating Fictional Characters with Real Mental Illness

3500 Video: Transformative Media Jung, Erickson, Lakoff, Bernays

3550 Video: Employing Cast & Crew to Produce Film & Television Content

3600 Interview: Persuading Investors with Film Analytics featuring Bruce Nash of The-Numbers.com

3610 Interview: Building Optimized Film Cast & Crew Lists using Film Analytics and Bankability Analysis with Bruce Nash founder of The Numbers

3650 Interview: How to Reach Film Investors with Jason Scoggins the COO of Slated.com

3700 Interview: Working with a Line Producer Christina JoLeigh

3710 Interview: Stunts for Indie Films featuring Brett Solomano

3750 Interview: Chinese Funding & Co-Productions Scott Hadley Morgan China First

3800 Interview: Script Doctor, Pitch Doctor, Screenwriter, Scott Morgan

3850 Interview: Sales Agent & Executive Producer Ron Cobert Sunscope Entertainment

3860 Interview: Critical Decisions in Producing FX Films featuring Mark Sawicki

3900 Interview: Creating Film Distribution Deliverables with Barbara Javitz

3950 Interview: Problem Solving and Consensus Building

4000 Interview: Selling Books & Films via Podcasts featuring Daniel Gefen

4050 Interview: How to Sell at Film Markets with Ilyssa Goodman - Preparing for AFM

4100 Interview: Producers Sales Rep Ben Yennie Guerrilla Rep Media

4150 Interview: How to Sell Film Rights in 170+ Countries with RightsTrade

4200 Interview: Production Insurance and Completion Bonds with Ed Rowin

4250 Interview: Screenplay Coverage with WeScreenplay.com

4300 Interview: Graphic Novel Art and Film Storyboards with Pro Illustrator Anthony Sturmas

4400 Interview: Organized Crime featuring Expert Author Christian Cipollini

4450 Interview: Actor Podcasting Benefits Bridget Fitzgerald Interview

4500 Interview: Reality Television with Beyond Reality TV

4550 Interview: Getting Product Placement Patti Pelton Interview

4600 Interview: Behavior Change with Dr. Sean Young

4650 Interview: Professional Film Editing with Larry Jordan

4700 Interview: Pitching & Selling your Screenplay with Attorney Dinah Perez

4750 Interview: What Agents & Managers Need to See with Marc Pariser (ret. CAA, WM Lit Agent)

4800 Interview: Dealing with Hollywood Hijackals featuring-Rhoberta-Shaler

4850 Interview: Working with a Pro Cinematographer Brad Rushing

4900 Interview: Creating Interactive Theater with Josh Randall

4915 Workbook: 5 Businesses You Can Start in 5 Days

4930 Workbook: Creating Your Own Netflix Style Video On Demand Solution

4935 Workbook Setting up a Patreon Page

4950 Workbook: Distribution via Aggregators vs Traditional Distributors

5000 Workbook: Producing the Profitable $1M Independent Feature Film Blueprint

5010 Lecture Notes: Safe Stunts for Indie Films Notes from Brett Solomano

5050 Workbook $10K Film Blueprint

5060 Workbook Making Movie Budgets

5075 Workbook Writing Analysis and Grammar Applications

5077 Workbook How Creative Pros Profit in Hard Times

5080 Workbook Calculating Financial Viability Quickly

5085 Workbook Five 5 Day Businesses You Can Start with No Upfront Costs

5090 Workbook Getting Paid More and Getting Paid Up Front

5095 Workbook Packaging and Selling Expertise

5100 Workbook: Swiftly Packaging & Selling Your Work to Earn More

5105 Workbook: Publishing a Standard EBook or Print Book on Amazon in about Two Hours

5107 Workbook Working with an Artist to Create a Custom Cover

5108 Video Working with an Artist to Create a Custom Cover

5110 Workbook: Pro Self Publishing Workbook

5115 Workbook: Selling Books and Audio Books with Book Funnel

5120 Workbook: Stanislavski's Insights for Writers

5150 Workbook: Intellectual Property Rights Primer

5155 Workbook 7 Ways to Prevent the Theft of Your Work

5160 Workbook: What's a Producer to Do - A Producers Project Checklist

5200 Workbook: How to Swiftly Build & Release an App People Love

5240 Workbook Creating a Wordpress Website Fast with AWS Lightsail

5250 Workbook: How to Use Linkedin to Pitch Almost Anyone

5260 Workbook Using Email and Mailing Lists to Effectively Market Your Work

5263 Workbook Rules for Phone Marketing and Customer Support

5264 Workbook Setting Up a Business Phone Line Fast and Cheap

5265 Workbook How to Get Booked as a Guest on Podcasts and Radio Shows

5300 Workbook: Renting Locations for Meetings, Rehearsals, Production, Events, etc.

5350 Workbook: Making a Film or Web Series with Friends as Partners

5400 Workbook: How to Create Query Letters that Create Deals

5440 Workbook Facebook Group Audience Building and Marketing

5445 Workbook Google Ads The Art, Science & Risks of Ads on Gmail, Youtube & Google Search

5460 Video: How to Sell Without Fear

5500 Workbook: How to Create Fabulous Documents Fast

5550 Workbook: How to Write Better & Faster

5600 Workbook: Creating Digital Voices & Recording Scripts, Books & Podcasts

5650 Workbook: Comedians Should Earn More

5700 Workbook: Using the Unreal Engine to Produce Feature Films and Animation

5750 Workbook: How to Cast the Right Name Talent

5800 Workbook: Producing a Podcast

5850 Workbook: Development Hell & How to Avoid It

5900 Workbook: Fundamentals of Profitable Stage Play Writing for Writers & Screenwriters

5950 Workbook: Using Convertible Notes to Accept Early Company Investment Fast

6000 Workbook: Writing, Publishing & Selling a Graphic Novel or Comic Book

6050 Workbook: Slides How to Write & Distribute Effective Press Releases

6080 Workbook: Stinkin Thinkin

6090 Workbook: Hollywood Scams and Hot Tickets

6100 Workbook: Due Diligence The Art & Science of Not Getting Scammed

6140 Workbook Finding and Pitching the Lit Agents and Managers That Actually Sell to Producers and Studios

6150 Workbook: Writing, Protecting & Selling Screenplays with Celtx and Other Apps

6160 Workbook Final Draft Screenwriting Software and Writing Screenplays

6170 Workbook Swiftly Writing Film Treatments and Series Bibles

6171 Spreadsheet Film Treatment and Series Bible

6200 Workbook: The Method A Workshop for Writers and Producers

6250 Workbook: Virtual Production, Augmented Reality and Digital Animation Primer

6260 Workbook: Producing Animation and Hiring Animators Worldwide

6300 Workbook: Making the Mistakes that Move You and Your Work Forward Fast

6310 Workbook: Ending Self Sabotage

6350 Workbook: Creating Persuasive Media / Jung, Erickson, Bernays, Lakoff

6400 Workbook: Pricing Your Work Profitably / Tricks, Tactics, and Strategy for Creatives

6450 Workbook: Selling Your Creative Work Swiftly

6500 Workbook: How to Book Guests for Events and Productions

6550 Workbook: Shame Free Self Promotion Techniques

6551 Video Shame Free Self Promotion Techniques

6600 Workbook: Thrive in Hollywood by Building a Paying Audience

6640 Workbook: Creating Audio & Video Transcriptions Quickly Cheaply and Fairly Easily with AWS

6650 Workbook: Understanding Business Models How to Make Your Business Profitable

6655 Workbook: Writing Memoirs, Biographies & True Life Stories Swiftly

6700 Workbook: Writing a Business Plan & Creating a Pitch Deck

6750 Workbook; How to Build a Business Network

6800 Workbook: Swiftly Capturing, Protecting & Selling True Life Stories

6850 Workbook: Getting Hired

6900 Workbook: How to Sell Without Fear

6910 Workbook Building a Home Production Studio for About $100

6920 Workbook Using Mechanical Turk & Virtual Assistants to Do Odd Jobs

6950 Workbook: How to Make a Documentary

7000 Workbook: Network, Pitch Negotiate and Close

7050 Raising Money Legally Faster and For Less with the New and Improved Reg CF

7051 Regulation CF New and Improved

7060 Workbook: Crowdfunding - How to Sell What Does Not Exist

7100 Workbook: Making Pitches and Taking Meetings

7150 Audio Interview: How to Live Like a Millionaire Marilyn Anderson

7200 Audio Interview: The Use of Hypnosis in Therapy Dr. Nancy Irwin

7250 Audio: Literary Agent Megan Close Zavala Interviewed by Nancy Fulton






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