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      Email Marketing Money Mastery

      How Can This Family Man, Who Lives In A 3rd World Country And Could Barely Speak English Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars A Month Online?

      This is a story about a man who had dreams of financial freedom.

      Not because he wanted to buy Lambos, flash Rolexes, pop bottles, parties with models, or fly on private jets...

      ...but because he wanted to provide a comfortable, happy life for his loved ones.

      The thing is, while he had the heart of an entrepreneur, he did not have the resources of one.

      You see, there were a number of serious roadblocks in his path.

      Roadblocks that would make the average person quit before even trying.

      One, he lived in a poor country.

      Two, he spoke broken English, let alone write it.

      Three, the internet in his country is what you’d expect.

      Four, he didn’t have access to many of the tools we have today that make doing business easy.

      But the one advantage he did have was his loved ones.

      He tapped into a “WHY” so powerful…

      ...the “HOW” was nothing.

      So he picked up the skill of web design.

      And before long was making a consistent income building websites for clients.

      But that wasn’t enough for him.

      He didn’t want to rely on just once source to make money.

      Because that’s no different from having a job.

      And so he decided to teach what he knew to others.

      It turns out that figuring out how to make a living as an entrepreneur, despite living in the 3rd world country, gave him a few very valuable skills along the way.

      But how would he do it?

      He spoke broken English!

      He had ZERO followers online!

      He didn’t even have a way for people to buy from him!

      It didn’t matter.

      No matter how hard it was or how long it took…

      He Believed He Would Build The Life Of His Dreams...And He Did!

      Hi, My Name Is Jose Rosado.

      I’m a husband and father, living and working in the Dominican Republic.

      I’m not a native English speaker, even though I’ve improved a lot over the past year.

      I don’t have access to online payment processors like Stripe.

      But despite these limitations, I make thousands of dollars a month online, like clockwork.

      And when I launch new products, I can bring in well over $10,000 dollars (my last one did $17k.)

      My most popular product, Straightline Webdesign, has sold nearly $60,000.

      Now, if those numbers seem a little abstract, here’s what makes them concrete:

      My loved ones and I are able to live happy, comfortable lives, with enough money to do the things we enjoy and save for the future.

      In a minute or two, I’m going to tell you exactly how I was able to do all of this, despite my background.

      But first, let me tell you why if someone like me can do it, you can too.

      When I decided to “show up” online, I started with zero followers and didn’t even know what to write about.

      This was back in November 2018.

      I used to write all my content - social media, emails, and blogs - in Spanish.

      And then use Google Translate to get the English before posting.

      If you think writing in English is hard when you barely speak the language…

      ...trying selling in English!

      I was trying to persuade people online, who did not know me, to follow me, learn from me, and buy from me.

      As you can imagine, it was a very stressful time. Nerve-wracking, in fact.

      But somehow, even though I had to do double the work (write in Spanish, then translate into English), I kept going.

      Just a month after I started, I had built an audience of 1,000 people.

      These people cared about what I was doing and saying…

      Every single sale you'll ever make will be possible because of ONE thing, and one thing only...

      Not bitcoin.

      Not their credit card number.

      Their email address.


      I didn’t know how to convey my ideas in English.

      I didn’t know what to write in the headlines.

      I didn’t know how to convince people to buy.

      Think about everything you see from online business owners.

      Web pages, blog posts, downloadable content, social media posts, self-promotion, networking with others, and more.

      All the things they take for granted…

      ...I had to work twice as hard to learn and execute.

      I was lost at first...

      But Then I Discovered Something Fascinating!

      You see, human curiosity is a powerful thing.

      And building a genuine connection with another person is the most powerful selling tool there is.

      By sticking with it and not quitting, I discovered that when you show up online as yourself people just want to know more about you and what you do.

      And if you just share what you know, without trying to be, or sound like, and expert… people will read you and follow you.

      And if you talk to them long enough, if you are honest and authentic and consistent, they will trust you enough to buy anything you ask them to.

      But you don’t have to take my word for it…

      Listen To What My Students And Clients Have To Say

      Introducing: Email Marketing Money Mastery

      A Proven, Step-By-Step System To Attract Your First 1000 Raving Fans Who Will Buy Everything You Sell

      Let me tell you a little secret.

      The first time you make a sale online... is mindblowing.

      The feeling you get when you get the very first notification that someone bought your product... I can’t do it justice in words.

      You’ll have to experience it to understand.

      And you can. 

      So, I’m going to do it by helping you build an email list before 2020.

      Now at this point, you may be thinking…

      “But Jose, Why Email Marketing?”

      “Why not dropshipping?”

      “Why not selling Kindle books on Amazon?”

      “Why not freelancing?”

      Here’s the thing:

      All of those options work.

      In fact, I know several entrepreneurs making excellent money doing them.

      But the truth is, they are all difficult to get into.

      And the people who try to sell you on these business models only show you the final results of how much money they made.

      Here’s what they don’t show you:

      • Spending hours and hours trying to find a product to sell
      • Negotiating with manufacturers in China and supply chain logistics
      • Losing thousands of dollars on advertising until you finally get your campaigns profitable
      • Pulling your hair out trying to figure out search algorithms to get your book or product in front of more people
      • The massive time investment it takes to get good at a freelancing skill that makes money
      • The stress of finding, pitching, and closing clients...and the rejection that goes along with it

      Don’t get me wrong, if you’re willing to invest the time, money, and effort to ride the learning curve you can become successful at any online business model.

      But my recommendation to you is different.

      I want you to use the skills you already have and activities you already spend 10 to 30 hours doing every week for free to make money doing what you love.

      And guess what?

      Even if you are a dropshipper, freelancer, or Amazon seller…

      ...OR a podcaster, YouTuber, Instagrammer, or blogger…

      ...OR a rapper, musician, DJ, or painter...

      Building An Email List Will Always Be A Net Positive To Your Life And Bank Balance

      In Email Marketing Money Mastery, I’ll be giving you all the tools you need to:

      • Build an audience of loyal fans
      • Craft products they want to buy, and
      • Sell like a pro…

      ...even if you have ZERO experience with internet marketing or online business

      This course comes in 3 parts:

      Fundamentals you need to master before you ever send a single email

      Advanced strategies and tactics I’ve used (and so have my students) to hit “send” and then watch my phone blow up with notifications of people buying

      Bonus secrets to supercharge your email marketing and launch your income to the moon

      Here are the details of what I’ll be coaching you through.

      What You'll Learn: Foundations

      • What’s email marketing?
      • Why email marketing?
      • How to get started FAST?
      • The best software to create an email list
      • Fundamental Definitions Of Email Marketing
      • The ultimate email secrets to turn subscribers into raving fans
      • How often should you send email to your list
      • Golden email marketing automation trick to make money on auto-pilot while you sleep
      • Braindead tactics to get your first 100 subscribers
      • What to talk about in your emails
      • How to write emails faster
      • How often should you sell in your emails
      • How often should you plug your email list on social media
      • Setting up a landing page that FORCES people to subscribe to your newsletter

      What You'll Learn: Advanced Tactics

      Feel the need for speed? Here's what you need.

      • Advanced tactics to get your 1000+ subscribers and more
      • 6 shockingly simple tips to write attention-grabbing subject lines.
      • How to pitch your products like a pro
      • How to get people to read your emails
      • Simple to Advanced strategies to make people interested in joining your email list
      • The top ways to backup your list
      • Using ConvertKit to automize email marketing
      • How often should you sell/not sell in your subscribers
      • Landing page tricks to persuade people to subscribe to your email list even if you're a total unknown

      Online Money Mastery: A Never-Before Released Bonus Vault

      BONUS 1: 6 Key Elements For Creating Seductive Offers

      BONUS 2: Crafting The Perfect Sales Page That Turns Views In Hard Cash

      BONUS 3: Crashcourse In Copywriting - Persuade With The Written Word.

      BONUS 4: Never-before-seen interview of Ed Latimore: Writing To Earn Money

      BONUS 5: The lost interview of Alexander Cortes: Blueprint For Building A Powerful Email List

      “Alright Jose, this all sounds very good but… How Much Does It Cost?”

      So, here’s the deal.

      Just the bonuses, on their own, I could easily sell for $100 each.

      And people would close their eyes and smash “BUY” if I sold any of the bonuses at $50.

      There are 7 bonuses in total, plus the email marketing money mastery course.

      So, you do the math.

      How much do you think this bundle is worth?

      If you thought it’s worth at least $1,000...you’d be right.

      But I’m not going to charge you $1,000.

      Not even going to charge you $700.

      Or even $500.


      That’s a good deal, right?

      Nope, not even $300.

      In fact - and people are going to call me stupid for doing this…

      I am not even going to sell you this bundle for $100!

      All you have to invest today, to get this insane bundle…

      Email Marketing Foundations, Advanced Email Marketing Tactics, Online Money Mastery Bonus Vault...

      is just $50

      That’s all. Seriously.

      BUT...there’s a catch.

      This is a special offer.

      You can get it for $50.

      Still not decided? Try It Risk-Free For 30 Days

      All my products come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

      You’ll have 30 full days to go through the entire course and implement what you learn.

      And if you haven’t gotten your first 100 subscribers after those 30 days…

      ...I’m going to insist that you DM me on Twitter or send me an email asking for a full refund.

      ...Before Saying “Yes!” To Email Marketing Money Mastery, Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

      I don’t have a product to sell yet. Should I wait until I have a product before getting email marketing money mastery?

      I’m so glad you asked that question. If you already have a product you’re selling, you will get faster results with this program.

      However, you don’t need a product to start building an email list. And the best part is, your email list will tell you what you should sell them. This is something I teach in the program.

      In fact, you’ll even be able to sell products that don’t exist yet!

      Or better yet, you can even sell other people's products using Affiliate Marketing

      I’ve bought online business courses and ebooks before. They promised a lot and I never got results. What makes email marketing money mastery different?

      Have you ever sipped on coffee that was so hot, it burned your mouth?

      Did you quit drinking coffee forever?

      No, you kept drinking.

      Obviously, you learned to be more careful.

      But you didn’t quit.

      The truth, my friend, is this.

      There’s only one way to truly fail in online business:

      Playing once, losing, and then never playing again.

      Think of all those past failures as the tuition you pay before you graduate to online business success.

      I only have a small online following and I’ve never sold anything to them before. Can I still be successful with this program?

      The beauty of email marketing is that even if you only have 1 subscriber, you can build a relationship with them and sell to them.

      And with just 100 subscribers, you can make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month…

      ...IF you follow the principles I teach in Email Marketing Money Mastery. 

      Why can’t I just read blogs, listen to podcasts, and watch Youtube videos about online business? Why should I pay you for information that’s available online for free?

      You’re absolutely right that all the information you need is available online for free.

      So why don’t you have a successful online business?

      Why haven’t you used that free information to make a million dollars?

      It’s because there’s a massive gap between knowledge and wisdom.

      Knowledge is just the consumption of information.

      Wisdom, on the other hand, is knowledge tempered by experience.

      I’m offering you the wisdom of someone who built a wonderful life for me and my loved ones even though I live in a shithole country and speak English as a second language.

      Do I need any special software or tools to make money with email marketing?

      All you need are your favorite social media account (free) and email software (free or very cheap at $10-$30/month.)

      While you can get results with Email Marketing Money Mastery using any email service provider, I recommend all my students get a paid subscription to ConvertKit.

      How long will it take before I make my first sale?

      It depends on how well you implement the program. Some people will make their first sale within a week after starting Email Marketing Money Mastery. Others take a little longer.

      It also depends on your own personality and approach to online selling. Some aren’t afraid to sell from day one. Others may want to take it slow and build up an audience before selling.

      What if I buy Email Marketing Money Mastery and don’t get the results I want?

      Just send me an email to jose@rosa.do and I’ll give you a full refund.

      Reading It Over And Over Again, Wondering “Is This Program Worth It?”

      They won’t take action.

      Most will never take a single step to make their dreams a reality.

      Some will try to do it themselves.

      They’ll try to figure out what works by watching youtube or reading free articles online…

      ...and learn by trial and error.

      A few will succeed.

      But many will spend years, spinning their wheels, making mistake after mistake, and never getting anywhere.

      Wouldn’t You Rather Be The 1 Out Of 10 Who Takes Action Today So You Can Reap The Rewards For Years To Come?

      You don’t have to figure this shit out for yourself.

      You don’t have to learn by trial-and-error.

      I’ve gone through the struggle and made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to.

      And I’m offering you my help.

      Come with me, and I’ll show you a new world.

      A world where you type words on the internet and make money, day-in-and-day-out.

      A world where you can quit your 9-to-5 if you want to.

      A world where your loved ones are always provided for.

      A world where you are free.

      Do you want to see it?

      Say yes, and I’ll see you on the other side.

      So, if you’re thinking about starting or scaling an Email List, you have to get this course.

      You know what to do now! 

      Hit the "I Want This" button to get Email Marketing Money Mastery 

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      Email Marketing Money Mastery

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