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        Say Goodbye to Shy - Speaking a Language, the Introvert's Way

        You can build your confidence while learning a new language

        Do you want to learn a new language, but the thought of actually speaking it with someone else fills you with anxiety?

        Learning a language should be really simple.

        You’ve probably heard it so many times: The best way to learn another language is to speak it.

        And you know one of the top perks of learning a new language? Being able to start conversations with people you'd otherwise never have met. You’ve probably heard that a lot too.

        But what if you don't feel confident speaking to other people?

        What if you're an introvert? Or if your shyness gets in the way of your language learning?

        Do you feel like most language learning advice is written for extroverts?

        You're not alone.

        Many people have told me this is their biggest problem with language learning:

        "I’m so shy when it’s time to speak, I forget everything."

        – Anne Marie

        "I get scared of making mistakes. And I panic over what to talk about."

        – Sadiya

        "I have terrible anxiety whenever I am put on the spot to speak French. I know that is the only way to learn it, but I seize up."

        – Meghan

        "My biggest problem is finding the resolve and confidence to speak with others"

        – Christian

        "I know I have to make a greater effort to talk to complete strangers, but this scares me."

        – Brian

        Do any of these comments ring true? They do for me.

        Here’s What I Know About Being Shy

        Growing up, I was quite shy and introverted.

        For years, at every party, I was the guy in the corner, trying not to look awkward by pretending like I was texting. My best friend was my Nokia phone and I got really good at the game Snake that's built into every Nokia handset.

        Inside, I beat myself up. "Why are you so shy?" I'd ask myself. I'd also wonder "How is everyone else so confident?" All I wanted was someone to talk to me, but the idea of initiating the conversation myself just lead me to think of all the ways I could mess it up.

        These days, many people comment that I'm "naturally" outgoing. And it has become natural for me. But that's a skill I learned.

        And you can learn it too.

        I had to overcome a lot to get to the point. This fearlessness is a skill I crafted.

        Benny Lewis portrait

        I'm Benny Lewis.

        You might know me as the author of the #1 best seller Fluent in 3 Months. Or you might have seen me profiled in National Geographic or speaking at TEDx.

        Over the past 10 years, I've traveled to over 40 countries, become fluent in eight languages, conversational in another four and I've gotten by in another 12 languages.

        The only way this was possible for me was to beat my shyness and start speaking languages.

        But enough about me...

        Let me introduce Shannon Kennedy.

        Like me, Shannon spent much of her life struggling with shyness. Plus she’s a self-confessed introvert. And both of these got in the way of her language learning.

        These days, she blossoms with confidence.

        What’s her secret?


        I’m an introvert, a professional musician and a polyglot. I speak 6 languages.

        When the fact that I am an introvert (and shy!) comes up in conversation, a lot of people roll their eyes. I spend a lot of my time on stage in front of people, talking on a microphone, and networking after events. To someone on the outside, it seems like there’s no way I could be an introvert.

        But I am an introvert.

        It took me effort and focus to reach where I am today, but it was worth it.

        I went from this to this.

        You Can Find Confidence, Too

        In music, there are people who are always on. They thrive on the energy of the crowd while on stage. Off stage, they chat easily with fans who approach them.

        That’s not me.

        For a while, I was jealous of all the extroverts in the music business.

        I couldn’t understand how it was so easy for them and so difficult for me. I didn’t realize that trying to use the same strategies they employed wouldn't work for me. I even began to doubt my career choice, thinking that I might not be cut out for it.

        But I didn’t think that for too long because I love doing music too much.

        In the end, I had to figure out something that would fit my personality. I learnt to play to my advantages as an introvert.

        When I encountered the same issue in language learning, that gave me an idea.

        What if I could use some of the methods I apply to my music performance to language learning?

        In fact, I've found that this is the only way I can be an effective language learning.

        Do You Make This Mistake When Learning a Language?

        Let’s say I don’t know how to drive a car. So, I read books on how to drive. I read about how a car functions, and road safety.

        I should be an expert on driving, right? With all the research I’ve done, I would be able tell you almost anything you need to know about driving.

        But guess what?

        Put me behind a wheel in a car, and I wouldn't have a clue about what to do. I won’t have the experience I need to be a good driver.

        You can only learn to drive by driving.

        Language works the same way.

        You’ll struggle to learn a language simply by reading textbooks. You’ve got to get experience “behind the wheel”.

        To learn how to speak a language, you have to speak the language.

        Here's what you'll learn in the new Fluent in 3 Months guide, Say Goodbye to Shy:

        What makes language learning so terrifying for introverts (and what you can do to beat this anxiety)

        How introverts sabotage their own language learning potential - and how to avoid the pitfalls

        Mistakes introverts make in language learning - and what you can do to put yourself on the right track

        How to get over your perfectionism (a common problem for introverts)

        The difference between introversion and shyness, and how to tackle both

        Your introvert superpowers (extroverts don't have these) - and how you can use them to your advantage

        How to prepare so you feel ready for conversations

        How to "feel the fear and do it anyway"

        You can only expand your comfort zone by stepping outside it. Many introverts make the mistake of believing they must make a huge leap out of their comfort zone. I'll show you the small steps you can take to gradually expand your comfort zone. Yes, they'll feel uncomfortable, but you won't be held back by crippling anxiety.

        What’s Included in the Say Goodbye to Shy Course

        Say Goodbye to Shy is a 10 module video course. Each module gives you specific mindset shifts, language hacks and actions you can take to tackle your shyness and grow your confidence.

        MODULE 1: A New Way of Thinking About Language

        The one mistake most introverts make when learning a language

        Why most introverts feel like language learning is an uphill struggle

        How introverts settle for second best in language learning (and how you can avoid this trap)

        MODULE 2: The Best Way to Learn a Language

        How to build an active vocabulary - and why it matters

        The magic of muscle memory in language learning (and how to activate it)

        How instant feedback helps you learn faster and smarter

        MODULE 3: Your Introvert Superpowers

        What are introvert superpowers?

        The 2 superpowers every introvert has - and why they're so important for learning a language

        A mission to activate these superpowers

        MODULE 4: Your Introvert Superpowers (Part 2)

        Why “memorizing” isn’t the same as “learning”

        The one thing I did that transformed my music career - and the way I learn languages

        A simple strategy you can use so you'll always know what to say (even if your mind goes blank)

        MODULE 5: The Introvert's Kryptonite

        Your greatest weakness - and what you can do to beat it

        How to get over perfectionism

        What you can do to feel comfortable making mistakes

        MODULE 6: Your Introvert Superpowers (Part 3)

        How to keep the spotlight off you

        The superpowers you can use to learn more in fewer conversations

        How to charge up your introvert superpowers

        MODULE 7: The STOP Method

        Strategies to help you feel comfortable in conversations

        Why “one day” is one of the easiest ways to hold yourself back

        How to set up an environment that helps conversations flow

        MODULE 8: How to Find a Conversation Partner

        Where to find conversation partners online

        Why conversation exchanges are a great choice for introverts

        How to give yourself the best chances for a good conversation

        How to recharge after your conversation

        MODULE 9: Advanced Tips for Introverts

        How to make the most of every conversation

        The most important tip for all introvert language learners

        The bonuses introverts gain from language learning

        MODULE 10: How to Keep Growing Your Confidence

        How to find confidence - even when you don't feel it

        How to get ahead in an extrovert's world

        How to continue your language learning journey


        The Say Goodbye to Shy ebook. An in-depth guide that’s the perfect accompaniment to the video course.

        The Say Goodbye to Shy worksheets. These will help you complete the action steps in each module.

        Bonus Report

        Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Shy?

        Say Goodbye to Shy isn’t for everyone. It works best for people who recognise that feeling shy gets in the way of their language learning, and who want to change that.

        Say Goodbye to Shy is the course for you if:

        • You want to build your confidence while learning a new language
        • You’ve tried the “speak from day one” approach - and found nerves got in the way
        • You’re willing to take small steps outside your comfort zone to start speaking your target language
        • You feel shy meeting new people - and you want to change that
        • You’d like to discover specific techniques you can use to tackle your shyness while learning a language

        Say Goodbye to Shy is NOT for you if:

        • You’re looking for a way to learn a language without speaking
        • You’re not willing to take (gentle) steps outside your comfort zone
        • You’re looking for an instant, magic bullet solution
        • You’re already the life of the party at every event you attend

        Try Say Goodbye to Shy risk-free:

        30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

        I'm certain that Say Goodbye to Shy will give you the confidence you need to start speaking another language.

        If for any reason it doesn't, I insist you have your money back. Just email me within 30 days of joining, and I'll send your refund. No questions asked.

        Say Goodbye to Shy, Today!

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          Download from the App Store or text yourself a link to the app

          Download from the App Store or text yourself a link to the app

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          Thank you for buying Say Goodbye To Shy!

          You can download the ebook and the worksheets or start watching the video course now.

          If you have any problem, don't hesitate to email: support@fi3m.com

          Thank you!

          Benny and Shannon