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Fidget (B3d Plugin)

Introducing Fidget

This tool is best enjoyed with HardOps/Boxcutter but it is open to everyone!

Why Fidget?

Fidget was designed as a tool for touchscreen usage of operators and modals. Over time the usage has changed and it's become more of an experiment than something fulfilling a defined purpose.

What does it do?

Its a 3d helper gizmo along with a node editor for configuration.

Uniquely this tool can be configured to work with your favorite combinations of tools and plugins to make the ultimate fidget that works for you! This tool is aimed for those who like to tinker their workflow and perfect the method in which they go for that goal.

Should I try this?

Absolutely. This tool is workflow agnostic and can be used in a variety of methods. We need the help of users and testers to tweak, break, and find the untapped potential that we know exists deep within.

What can YOU do with the fidget while waiting for 2.8 to drop!?

There are bugs as expected with any V1 release. But you can close Fidget at anytime with ESC.

Why not pies?

Pies come and go but we wanted to experiment with something a little different in behavior to see how that helps workflow but who knows? Pies aren't off the table in the form of deeper integration.


Start Fidget

alt+ shift + q

(some keymaps are able to be remapped in the keymapped tab)

3d View Controls

right click - move fidget

right click in mode circle - spin fidget

Node Editor Controls

shift + a - Add Nodes

shift + w - Hard Ops / Boxcutter / Preset Commands

Getting Started

Ctrl + Alt + U - user prefs

add-ons >> seach: fid >> enable fidget

UI prefs allow for scaling and color themes to be set

Example Images

Fidget can be loaded using alt+ shift + Q however it is also in the Hard OPS (alt + V) viewport menu if present.

Below is an example of a node graph I made during the testing of Hard Ops and Boxcutter integration.