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        Krita Brushes for Game Artists

        Krita Brushes for Game Artists

        Do you want to become a faster artist with Krita? These Krita brushes are designed by the game artist behind GDquest, for game artists and illustrators alike.

        You might wonder: “There are plenty of free brushes available online. How is this different?

        That is a great question! Here are 3 reasons why this product is unlike anything you've seen so far:

        • The brush presets are designed for you, not for myself
        • Monthly updates - Every month, you get a batch of new presets and training material that I know will help you in your artistic journey
        • Exclusive training material - The set already comes with more than 30 minutes of exclusive video tutorials to help you get the most of Krita’s brushes

        Standard and Premium packages

        The Standard version contains (version 9, December 2016):

        • 61 unique brush presets
        • 2 PDF documents to help you get started with the brushes

        The Premium set contains everything from the standard package, plus:

        • 10 extra natural media presets, and more to come!
        • 35 minutes of exclusive video tutorials
        • Priority support and access to the premium-only Discord chat

        Free Krita brushes

        I also provide a free subset of these Krita brushes, so you can enjoy quality tools and try them before you buy: Click here to access it.

        What other artists have to say

        "Nathan's brush set has some essential brushes for digital painting that will ease your way into Krita's powerful brush engine. My favorites in the pack are the mix and smudge brushes. Honestly, if you like the Lite set, it's worth it, Krita is going somewhere."

        Zhillustrator -

        How the brushes are designed

        Find detailed information and the install guide on the official website

        The brushes follow a few key concepts. My goal is to help you to work fast, and to allow you to focus on your art. It is a bloat free pack, filled with efficient drawing tools. I favor versatile presets and avoid brush redundancy so you don’t have to keep switching between them to achieve a variety of effects.

        The brushes are dry for the most part, so you can easily apply thick paint on the canvas. Need a softer blending effect? Use the I and O keys to tweak your opacity and make the brushes weaker.

        Take the time to thoughtfully edit the presets as I encounter new game art challenges. I also use them in my daily work to ensure that they are tested thoroughly in all kinds of configurations.

        Monthly updates

        Version 10 - Jan 2017

        This is a maintenance update. It comes with 4 new presets, but also 11 existing brushes got a serious update! Performance improvements, better look... you can see the full changelog below:

        New brushes

        • Paint Flat Softer: Softer version of the flat paintbrush
        • Paint Flat Sharper: Sharper version of the flat paintbrush, but 40% slower to render
        • Airbrush Shading: An airbrush taylored to block shadows in
        • Airbrush Softer: A subtle airbrush, extra smooth compared to the base Gdquest Airbrush

        Improved brushes

        • Blend Flat: pen rotation support, improved tip and blend curve, new size
        • Blend Smoky: improved blend curver, new size
        • Blend Smudge: improved opacity curve, new size
        • Cloud Builder: new size
        • Cloud Builder Soft: new size
        • Fill Flat Directional: improved for outlines and inking, new size
        • Ink Brush: improved pressure curve to make lower sizes more accessible, new size. Feels more like a Japanese Ink Brush
        • Ink Rough: improved opacity curve, new opacity, new size. Feels more like an alcohol marker
        • Ink Sketch: new size
        • Paint Flat: 2x faster, pen rotation support, sharper short edge on the brush tip, softer long edge, improved blend curve, new size
        • Paint Round Dry: 25% faster, improved pressure and color blend curves

        Version 9 - Dec 2016

        20 new presets! The BIGGEST update so far. It comes with a new Natural Media bundle, that's exclusive to the premium version (10 presets).

        Version 8 - Nov 2016

        • 2 textured rock brushes: these presets will allow you to add 2 types of sharp grain to your rocks, for a more believable look.
        • Smear cloud: whether you want to slightly blur or completely diffuse your edges, this is a very efficient preset to do so. It blurs your painting fast and provides very good control.
        • Smoke dusty: this brush can be used for both clouds and smoke. Unlike the existing cloud builder brushes, it offers some high frequency details for a richer look.
        • 2 water brushes: the first water brushes are in! They're useful to paint waves, for a lake, a sea or an ocean.
        • Tree leaves builder: a nice brush to quickly add detailed leaves to a piece of concept art.

        Version 7 - Oct 2016

        • 2 Rock presets: draw small, round and stylized rocks with Rock_builder_stylized, and detail them with the Rock_detail brush
        • 3 special presets for shading: the special_shadow brush allows you to stamp simple round shadows, to place under characters and small assets. The other 2 brushes are directional shading brushes, with a sharp and a soft side.
        • 2 pencil-looking brushes: one for sketching, and one for shading.
        • Updated paint_old preset: I remade the preset from scratch. It is at least twice as fast, and strokes are more consistent.

        Version 6 - September 2016

        • 4 pixel art deform tools: pixel art-friendly Grow, Shrink, Move and Swirl tools
        • 2 cloud builder brushes: the first builders are here! These presets will help you paint accurate sprite silhouettes in no time. These will work for both stylized and realistic clouds.
        • 2 smoke brushes: for when you need to achieve a textured smoky effect. Also useful to add definition to materials.
        • Text-based install guide (pdf)
        • An intro to brush families (pdf)

        Version 5.1 - September 2016

        • Fixed 2 brushes: paint_soft and blend_smudge. 
        • Added 3 custom brush tips for cloud silhouettes and shading.

        Version 5 - August 2016

        5 pixel art presets: common drawing presets for pixel art, including a simple dithering pattern

        4 painting brushes: 2 fairly soft presets, that you can use to make silhouettes for clouds for instance. You'll also find an old brush and one for painting stylized hair. They all use the color smudge engine for natural color blending!

        Video tutorials: the install guide is now available in video, and you'll find a new tutorial on using the Blending brush presets as well!

        Version 4 - July 2016

        • Shape brush: this tool allows you to draw silhouettes with ease. It uses Krita 3's new greater blending mode by default, so you can easily add semi-transparent layers of color or shadows. It is a very flexible tool overall, and it comes with a dedicated 10 minutes long video tutorial.
        • Silhouette brush: Useful to block in game sprite silhouettes. Designed with cel-shaded game art in mind. This tool works best at medium sizes.
        • Ink_Sketch: A thin pen for precise inking jobs.
        • Ink_Soft: this preset is here to help you draw animation roughs and quick sketches. It produces large and faint strokes, to force you to focus on the big picture. Inspired by one of Matt Kohr's tutorial from
        • Tutorial: How to work with the shape drawing preset? This video will show you what you can achieve with the new versatile shape preset. 

        Version 3 - June 2016

        • 2 aibrushes: a basic one, for shading, and another one with a concrete-like, grainy texture
        • 2 inking brushes: One with a fixed size, and the other one has the quality of a brush tip pen
        • 1 grunge brush: A pixel brush with a grungy texture, useful for shading
        • Improved the GDquest_Blend_Flat preset: New thumbnail, and thinner brush to better pull pigment around the canvas
        • Removed anti aliasing on GDquest_Paint_Round presets

        Version 2 - May 2016

        • 2 new blending brushes: round and flat. They softly blend existing colors on the canvas.
        • Fixed the round brushes: better size control, and no more brush rotation
        • Fixed the Paint_Painterly brush: new brush tip for cleaner strokes, way better performances
        • All brush preset names start with "GDquest_" to group them in the brush presets panel
        • Updated the thumbnails with a more contrasted background
        • Renamed the pack GDquest

        Version 1

        • 4 painting/color mixing brushes
        • 2 smear brushes
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        • Version 10 (Jan 2016)
        • Brush presets 61
        • Natural presets (premium) 10
        • Tutorials (premium) 6
        • PDF guides 2


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          Gumroad Library

          Download from the App Store or text yourself a link to the app

          Download from the App Store or text yourself a link to the app

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