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      Use the "I want this!" button to the right to purchase the Rebranding System.

      For more details about the system read below.

      A brand is more than a name and logo. It is the perception that people have in their mind about a company, product or service that attracts them to you.

      A new coat of paint on a building that has structural problems will not solve the structural problems. Rebranding requires a new vision that inspires customers, employees, investors, and the public to see the company, service or product in a new light. This may or may not involve a new name, logo, tagline, or elevator pitch, etc.

      Question: Can the Rebranding DIY System help you with your company, product or service brand?

      Take this self-test. Check each that you now experience. You get one point for each.

      ___ Flat or Declining Sales

      ___ Flat or Declining Profit

      ___ Brand Elements Not Working

      ___ Missing Brand Elements (Tagline, Brand Story, Elevator Pitch, etc.)

      ___ Business Merger, Acquisition or Demerger

      ___ Trademark Infringement

      ___ Negative Association with Brand

      ___ Expand a Limited Original Brand

      ___ Transform a Brand

      ___ Add Value to an Existing Brand

      ___ Declining Brand

      ___ Brand with Service or Product Dependability Issues

      ___ Brand Associated with Unhealthy Options

      ___ Outdated Brand

      ___ Total

      With a brand that is not working well, there will be missed opportunities for greater success. If you have a checked 1 or more, the Rebranding DIY System can help you.


      We believe in your ability to successfully rebrand.

      We will guide you, step-by-step, to rebrand using proven branding best practices in as little as 5-30 days with this copyrighted Rebranding DIY System.

      Rebranding only works when the real initial brand issues have been addressed and solved.

      With this copyrighted system we will take you through a step-by-step process to understand how to rebrand. Whether your rebranding is being driven by: Merger, Acquisition and Demerger, Trademark Infringement, Negative Association, Expand a Limited Original Brand, Transform a Brand, Add Value to an Existing Brand, Declining Brand, Undependable Brand, Unhealthy Brand, or an Outdated Brand, etc. the Brand Door Rebranding System can help you.

      When you learn how to rebrand your own company, product or service you have a more solid foundation to grow your business and have a competitive advantage over your competitors, who have less branding expertise.

      You will also gain more expertise to stay focused on your brand, have less brand drift, and better understand your unique brand that will make it easier to make future decision to grow and scale-up your business.

      Build you company on a solid foundation. Your brand is that solid foundation. A strong compelling brand promotes customer trust, increases customer loyalty, yields higher sales, price margins and profits.

      Once you rebrand, we provide you a list of free business advisors to help you create a strong business operating plan to better insure success. Below are the comprehensive steps and pages for the rebranding process. Each step has an action step to be completed. When all the action steps are completed, you have rebranded. The process will take between 16-40 hours. You complete the process at your rate, with online support.


      Table of Contents

      Brand Door Story..... 8

      Introduction to Rebranding ..... 9

      Rebranding is it Time?.....10

      Brand Tester: Review the Power of Your Brand...12

      Core Brand Review.....16

      What is Branding?..... 18

      What is a Brand?.....20

      What Are Brand Best Practices?..... 21

      Measure What is Working and What Is Not....22

      How to Rebrand Your Own Company, Product or Service Brand.... 27

      Brand Approach..... 28

      Transparency – Is Everyone on the Same Page?..... 30

      What Business Are you In? - You May be Surprised..... 32

      Your Pivot Point Review – A Key to a Successful Brand.....34

      Creating a Brand Story That Touches People….. 36

      The Right Brand for the Right Business Market...... 38

      Rebranding Pricing Strategy...... 39

      Rebranding with a “Below Market” Pricing Strategy Review..... 40

      Rebranding with an “At Market” Pricing Strategy Review.....42

      Rebranding with an “Above Market” Pricing Strategy..... 44

      Know Your Target Market – Customer Demographics..... 46

      Know Your Target Market – Customer Psychographics......48

      The Right Brand Strategy for the Right Age Group..... 50

      Rebranding to the Traditionalist.... 51

      Rebranding to the Baby Boomers..... 53

      Rebranding to the Generation X..... 55

      Rebranding to the Generation Y.....57

      Rebranding to the Generation Z..... 59

      Company Culture Rebrand..... 61

      Competitive..... 65

      Customer Cycle......71

      Competitive Advantage.....73

      Domain Name...... 75

      Company Name Trademark.....76

      Company Name Availability at the State Level....79

      Legal Structures..... 80

      10 Tips to Evaluate Your Company Name…..83

      Name Category…..85

      Creating a Literal Company Name…..88

      Creating an Attribute Company Name…..91

      Creating a Legacy Company Name…..93

      Creating an Initial/Numbers Company Name…..96

      Creating a Company Name With Combined Words…..98

      Creating a New Invented Company Name…..101

      Creating a Related Company Name…..103

      Creating an Alliteration or Rhyme Company Name…..105

      Creating an Inquiring Company Name…..107

      13 Tips to Evaluate Your Tagline.....109

      6 Tips to Evaluate Your Elevator Pitch..... 111

      12 Tips to Evaluate Your Brand Color..... 113

      14 Tips to Evaluate Your Logo ..... 116

      10 Tips to Evaluate Your Brand Font(s).....118

      Successful Brands Attract Customers, Not Chase Them....120

      Successful Brand Strategy "One Customer at a Time"…..121

      The Power of a Smile to Promote Your Brand..... 122

      Successful Brands Go with the Flow..... 12

      Successful Brands Have Deep Roots..... 124

      Work More on Your Brand, Less in Your Brand….. 125

      Stand Out in a Positive Way - Have a Difference - Be Noticed..... 126

      Innovation is the Lifeblood of a Business and Brand.....128

      Brand Strategy That Connects with Customers....129

      The Right Geographic Market for Rebranding....130

      ReBrand Marketing to Business to Consumers (B2C)…..131

      ReBrand Marketing to Business to Business (B2B)…..134

      Rebrand Marketing to Business to Governments (B2G)…..137

      Rebrand Marketing to Business to Employees (B2E)…..138

      Simplicity + Better ReBrand....140

      Call to Action=More Sales.....141

      ReBranded Business Card....142

      Creating Rebranded Company Collateral Material.....144

      Marketing Your Rebrand Takes Great Content..... 145

      Grow Your Rebrand with Keywords …..147

      Niche Market....148

      Goggle My Business...... 149

      Get Reviews on Google My Business......150

      A Website Can Help Grow Your Brand......151

      Brand Promotion with a Blog....153

      Web Analytics..... 155

      Mobile-friendly Website..... 156

      SEO Organic Search versus PPC Finding the Right Mix for You.....157

      Increase Your Website Conversion with SEO..... 159

      Social Media.....160

      Social Media Posting Strategy.....161

      Respond to Reviews - Especially Negative Ones..... 162

      Rebrand Reputation Management Review....164

      Rebrand Customer Database Strategy...165

      Rebrand Direct Marketing...166

      Email Marketing...167

      Rack Card Marketing....168

      Text Marketing....170

      Connect People to Your Brand with Video....171

      LinkedIn and Analytics..... 173

      Facebook and Insights.....175

      Instagram and Insights…..177

      Pinterest and Analytics....179

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)....180

      Successful Branding Starts at Your Door..... 181

      Successful Branding In Your Store Front Window.....182

      Successful Branding in Your Lobby, Waiting Room or Store.....184

      Successful Branding in Your Hallways..... 186

      Successful Branding in Your Elevator or Stairwells..... 187

      Successful Branding in Your Office..... 188

      Successful Branding in Your Conference Room…..189

      Successful Branding in Your Bathrooms…..190

      Successful Branding Through Signage…..192

      Successful Branding in Company Dress Code…..193

      What is the Cost of Rebranding?.....195

      18 Ways to Find Money to Rebrand..... 197

      ROI - Your Return on Investment of Branding..... 199

      Getting a Rebranding Review is Important.....200


      9 Naming Categories to Find the Right Rebranded Product or Service Name..... 202

      Creating a Literal Product or Service Name..... 206

      Creating an Attribute Product or Service Name.....208

      Creating a Legacy Product of Service Name..... 210

      Creating An Initials/Numbers Product or Service Name..... 212

      Creating a Product or Service Name With Combined Words..... 214

      Creating a New Invented Product or Service Name..... 216

      Creating a Related Product or Service Name..... 218

      Creating an Alliteration or Rhyme Product or Service Name..... 220

      Creating an Inquiring Product of Service Name..... 222

      Know Your Target Market: Customer Demographics (Resources).....224

      Know Your Target Market: Psychographics (Resources).....226

      Access to Professional Business Advisors….227

      Brand Door Focus: Looking to brand or rebrand your company, product or service and want to handle the branding process in-house or a branding agency ($3,000-10,000+) is not in your budget.

      How We Are Different - Brand Door Advantage:

      Affordable Price ($49 investment in your future success)

      Branding Design (Designed with industry best practices)

      Branding Process (Guides you through a step-by-step process)

      Fits into Your Schedule (Go at your own pace)

      Your brand is your handle. The handle that opens the door to your business, its products and services. Brand Door is always open to you.      

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