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      Over 44 Hours of Podcasting Education | Independent Podcast Conference Lifetime Virtual Ticket

      This bundle will continue to be updated with content from the previous year's conference.

      Years Included: MAPCON 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020 Virtual Conference

      Coming Soon: MAPCON5 2019

      Included are all of the talks in video and mp3 files. Many of the slide show presentations are included as well!

      ICON Virtual 2020 (March 28-29, 2020)

      DAY 1

      Mark Asquith The Listener Acquisition Flow – The ONE Marketing Concept That All Podcasters Need to Understand

      Nicola Wilkes The Difference Between Clinique And Where’s Wally, And Why It Even Matters’

      Robert Thibodeau How To Leverage Other Audiences to Grow Your Podcast

      Tom Tate Embracing your Audio Advantage in Uncertain Times

      M. Chastain Mindfulness & Ritual for Podcasters

      Clayton Groves Tired of hiding in your basement? Getting the “Media” to bring your pod into the light?

      Lew Hastings Silencing Your Inner Imposter

      Erica Blocker Stop Waiting To Be Perfect – You’re Good Enough Right Now

      Steven Greene Staying topical through communication with your listeners

      Jenna Spinelle Think Like a Journalist to Grow Your Audience

      Zack Miller Anomaly: How to Finally Stand Out from the Crowd

      Jeni Wren Stottrup Streaming for the Covid 19 Era

      Karen Yankovich How to use LinkedIn to Monetize Your Podcast

      Maxwell Ivey Overcoming adversity as a podcaster and continuing to move forward

      Bill Nowicki Why local podcast are needed more than ever

      Loren Weisman Strategic and authentic messaging and optics tips for your podcast and you.

      Ross Brand of LiveStreamUniverse, Rob Greenlee of Libsyn, Geige Vandentop of StreamYard, and author Jennifer Quinn of “Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand.” Live Streaming for Podcasters: How to use Live Video to Elevate your Podcast & Business

      Jason DeFillippo / Christopher Lochhead Creating Top 50 Podcasts

      Jordan Harbinger Niche or Not?

      Stephen Davis Craft a YouTube Strategy for Your Podcast that Works

      Ashley Chaney The Secret to Connected Conversation – How to Get Your Guests to Open Up

      Todd Cochrane RSS In a Modern Podcast Era

      Wrap up Day 1

      DAY 2


      Danielle Coulter Dream It; Live It!

      Jacques Sadler Breaking Out Of Mediocrity & Becoming Our Own Miracle

      Regena Rosa Celeste Pssst…want Inner Peace? Walk this way!

      Jodi Krangle Why Audio Branding is Important for your Podcast

      Dominique Mason Press Record and DO YOU! It’s Your Thing, Do What You Wanna Do.

      Vicki Ariatti Your Body is Hardwired to Heal Itself

      Kyle Bondo Stop Podwrecking: Design Your Podcast First!

      Mathew Passy Think Big By Podcasting Small/Local

      Larry Roberts Overcoming Post Event Comparanoia

      Win Charles Getting Guest: just ask

      William Eastlack Stop dreaming, do it.

      Vickie Gould How to Attract a Lineup of Ideal Clients Simply by Sharing Your Stories

      Carrie Caulfield Arick People Breathe: The Art of Editing the Interview

      Gordon Firemark Is your podcast legally sound?

      Jessica Dewell How do you spark creativity?

      Fabienne Raphael Mastering the Art of Getting Influencers for your Podcast to ignite your Business, Relationships and Reputation

      Chel Hamilton Using Essentialism to Cut Through the Noise of Choice, Overwhelm, and FOMO in Your Life AND Your Show

      Eric Hunley, Emily Prokop, Jeffrey Bradbury Podcast Editing Basics

      Jen Sugermeyer “From the eyes of the guest- do’s and don’ts to podcasting”

      Veronica Davis How to Do Market Research for Your Podcast

      Kyle Weckerly Know Your Guest

      Kevin McCove Adding Practical value being a Practitioner of your Practice

      Tim Gillette Repurpose your content: How to Create content and use it everywhere.

      Annett Bone Creativity and Mindset Amidst A Chaotic Time

      Adam Lewis Walker How To Secure & Smash Your TEDx Talk (Not affiliated with TED)

      Day 2 Wrap Up 

      MAPCON 2018 Talks

      1 Tom Tate - How to monetize your podcast without selling your soul

      2 Jackie Guzda - Grab and Hold Your Audience

      3 Sue Allen Clayton - Self Care For Solopreneurs

      4 Lori Rochino - The 8 P's of Podcast Productivity

      5 Carolyn Cole - You Don't Always Need Big Download Numbers

      6 Kyle Bondo - Put Down Your Microphone and Plan Your Show!

      7 Lee Uehara - Quick Journalism Tips To Up Your Podcasting Game

      8 Douglas Reed - Using Music in Podcasts

      9 Tim Brien - Painless Interviewing

      10 Ray Sidney-Smith - Using Evernote for Podcasting

      11 Monica Rivera - Want to be a Better Podcaster

      12 Chip Edwards - The Coming - Voice Revolution

      13 Kenneth Woodard - Amateur Power Coordinating a podcasting team of people with other jobs

      277.1 MB MP4

      14 Bob Caporale - 8 Tips For Pro Grade Podcast Audio

      15 Jennifer Covington - 3 Secret Strategies For Releasing Content Consistently

      16 Chris Kretz - Podcasting Local History

      17 Mathew Passy - Alternative Means of Growing Your Podcast

      18 Jessica Kupferman - Be an Audio Influencer. Not Just a Podcaster.

      19 Maxwell Ivy - When You Dont have your own audience borrow someone elses

      20 Nick Goblirsch - Finding Your authentic Self to Find Your Authentic Voice

      21 Creative Podcast Competition

      22 Stephen A Hart - 9 Elements to Streamline Your Social Media Strategy to Attract New and Engaged Listeners

      23 Mary Nichols - Diversity Beyond The Surface In Podcasting Now More Important Than Ever to Maintain and Grow The Artform

      24 Scott Mulvaney - Life Balance for Podcasters

      25 Patricia Iyer - Lessons Learned from 2 Years of Podcasting

      26 Karen Yankovich - 3 Ways to get Podcast Visibility using Social Media and PR

      27 Jeffrey Bradbury - 10 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Podcast Website

      28 Polly Bauer - 5 Ways Your Podcast is a Business

      29 Aimee J - Listening to your audience

      30 Harry Duran - The Importance of Finding Your Unique Voice

      31 Dave Jackson - The Winning Combination of Logical and Emotional

      MAPCON 2017 Talks

      1 Lew Hastings - Why Culture Content Matters

      2 David Steele - Recording Studios from A-Z

      3 Deborah Williams - I Know It’s Hard But Do It Anyway…….Why Money Matters, even to Podcasters

      4 Nicholas Goblirsch - Defining Authenticity within the Ambitious Creative in You

      5 Jordan Cooper - Creating Dialogue: Building Community Through Storytelling and Livestreaming

      6 Scott Mulvaney - Embracing Change for Lifestyle Success

      7 Stefan Roots - Setting Goals as a New Podcaster

      8 Karen Yankovich - How LinkedIn can Grow Your Podcast

      9 Naketa Thigpen - From Podcast to Profit

      10 Mathew Passy - The Remote Record

      11 Patricia Iyer - How to Make More Money from Your Podcast

      13 Heather Ordover - Podcasts and Patreon, a Procrustean Problem

      14 Harry Duran - Finding Your Voice

      15 Stephen A Hart - Find Your X Factor! How Differentiation Drives Listens and Loyalty

      16 Aimee J - Creating The Ultimate Guest & Listener Experience

      19 Joel Boggess - Never Give Up: The 3-part plan for bottom line results

      20 Tom Tate - Congratulations, you’re a marketer now!

      21 Mary Nichols - Diversity Beyond the Surface with Podcasting

      22 Annette Bone - It’s Never Too Late to Be Great

      23 Anthony Hayes - Building the Ultimate Online Community

      24 Jeffrey Bradbury and Mathew Passy - Working With Clients: How Can You Successfully Work with Clients and Create Successful Podcasts For THEIR Dreams

      25 Ramona Rice - You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling

      26 Amanda Doughty and Clay Groves - How to Make Your Podcast as Exciting as When Batman Was on Scooby Doo (Workshop)

      28 Mark Asquith - Series Podcasting Could Save Your Show…

      29 Dave Jackson - Understanding Podcast Artwork and How to Fix It

      30 Jessica Kupferman - How To Know When You Are Ready

      MAPCON 2016 Talks

      Learn from some of the top podcasters in the industry: Dave Jackson, Tayo Rockson, Heather Ordover, Michael O'Neal, Jessica Kupferman, Mark Asquith, Jeff Bradbury, Joel Boggess, Tina Dietz, Jessica Rhodes, Tom Tate, Christian Lee, Ramona Rice, Annett Bone, Mary Nichols, and more!

      Talks include:

      Creating Community Through Storytelling

      Promoting your Podcast with Facebook Custom Audiences

      When to Pivot

      5 Reasons Every Small Business Needs a Podcast

      Improv in Podcasting

      How To Podcast With Your Children - And Not Murder Them

      The Choreography of Conversation

      The Art of the Interview

      Embrace the ADD Mind and Attract More Listeners\

      Diversity in Podcasting

      Treating Your Podcast Like A Start Up

      How to Rock The Podcast from Both Sides of the Mic


      MAPCON 2015 Talks

      Over 7 Hours of Talks

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