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      Gumroad Library

      Download from the App Store or text yourself a link to the app

      $450 a month x 6

      Artchemy Atelier: Bring it to the Table-private laboratory

      Bring it to the Table!

      Don't leave your Creation Under the Table!

      • Take that project you've been procrastinating or hiding and bring it to the table using fun arts and crafts!
      • Discover the creative power and wisdom buried under your fear or doubts, so that you open the flow of your creative genius.
      • Transform what is holding you back into the creation that moves you forward.
      • Use collage making as ceremony to manifest a draft, idea or creation into a 3D reality that you can share with the world.

      My Story... Do you relate?

      For years I had been writing poems, but for some hidden reason I never published them. Poetry was the first form I used in my writings. I've been writing poetry since I grabbed a pen for the first time. But for some unknown reason, I published fiction, then non-fiction and even created dozens of products... and yet my poetry was unpublished.

      One day I went to a poetry reading of an anthology of women writers that included some of my poems. The organizer had placed a big table to display our books.... and it was empty. There were about seven female professional writers reading their work, but not one had brought her book to the table. That's when I decided that I had to change this. It was no longer acceptable to keep our gifts under the table... and the change started with me!

      That's when I created my Artchemy Atelier. Using my trademark Artchemy(TM) process I created a Manifestation Tableau that served as the ceremonial bridge to bring my poetry book into the solid reality as a tangible, visible reality. I "cooked" my book in the Manifestation Tableau using the power of fire, air, earth and waters. Through the creative process I discovered the emotions holding me back, owned the beauty and power of the poems I had written and ignited my motivation to publish them... and by the next year, my first poetry book, The Tao of Trees, was published. DONE!

      (See the last images above to see a shot of my tableau and then the published book.)

      Is this you?

      • Are you a creative, spiritual woman?

      • Is there something you are keeping under the table that you strongly feel needs to be shared with the world?

      • Do you have a business, free-lancing or creative/spiritual practice and need to create a book, product, program or service --but can't wrap your head around it?

      • Have you been procrastinating this important project and suspect this is your way of hiding in plain sight, staying in a small game or protecting a part of you that is vulnerable?

      • Is there a new book, new program or new you that needs to be launched, but you've been pussy-footing around it?

      • Do you tell yourself that you don't have time --even though this is your priority, the thing your heart tells you that you must do? Is it just too scary? Unknown?


      • Do you like ceremonies, shamanic insights and tools for life?
      • Do you like creative activities, such as dancing and enactment (role playing)?
      • Do you like journaling and arts and crafts?

      If you said yes to several of these questions....

      Then we are a match and we'll have tons of fun together while getting that creation of yours on the table!

      I get it! It's HAAAARD!

      • It's tough to make the time when you never finish your to-do list... ever!
      • It's scary to create something new out of scratch without knowing what will happen.
      • And frankly, there are some subconscious or hidden reasons why we procrastinate the very things we really, really want to do.

      BUT... if your heart wants to do it, if your soul needs to do it... if you don't want to die with it undone... then the only time you got to do it is NOW!

      Don't worry. It doesn't have to be a drag!

      I'm here to make it fun, easier and super charged with creative magic...

      and to support, encourage and help you get unstuck.

      Come play with me for your transformation!

      Arts and crafts + creative process + transformation process = Artchemy

      The Artchemy Atelier 2019 presents

      Bring it to the Table!

      Join me...

      In a PRIVATE creative laboratory where you will design a Manifestation Tableau that serves as ceremony, creativity booster and bridge that empowers you to bring that project, idea or creation from the abstract world of your vision or imagination into the 3D world of reality so that you can start playing with it.

      • How do we do this? Combining the following elements:

      • Journaling, mind-mapping and visual explorations to shake up old patterns and see new possibilities,
      • Collage-making and other arts and crafts in the creation of a ceremonial Manifestation Tableau,
      • Energy practices and movement to integrate your body and energy in manifesting your intention, releasing internal sabotage,
      • Conversations that clarify your mind, support you emotionally and offer shamanic tools...

      • All woven with the vibrant thread of a creative transformation process and
      • Framed within a ceremonial context that quickens and deepens your manifestation power.

      Facing your fears is scary...

      • but when you play for transformation, fear becomes wonder and curiosity.
      • Exploration substitute negative stories with new insights and unfolding possibilities
      • Alchemy melts resistance into a flow of ideas and threads of connection with all of creation.
      • Judgment, shaming and doubts give way to self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-liberation.

      All of that.... and your project finished!

      Discover those hidden stories holding you back and transmute them into a finished creation that moves you forward.

      Express what wants to be born from you and enter a new life where you ...

      • BECOME your dream
      • EXPRESS your creative genius
      • LIVE your brilliance
      • DELIVER your offers
      • EMBODY your Divine Purpose and
      • SHARE your gifts with the world... NOW!

      Maria Mar: Writer, artist and shaman

      I have freed my vast creativity and help others reclaim their creative potential, ignite the magic in their lives and live their brilliance.

      I have published dozens of books and products and have fine-tuned the art of crafting your creation into an offer that you can share with the world.

      You will meet me on my Virtual Artchemy Atelier to have fun, employ your creativity and take that project from UNDER the table to display it on the great table of the world to share your gifts and talents with your community and those who need and want it.


      OK, so I am an artist. But you don't have to be one. Art is the medium used by shamans, Medicine People and spiritual teachers across time and cultures because it allows you to make the invisible visible and tangible and then you can explore it and bring it to life! ~Maria Mar


      How does it work?

      • We begin with a private face-to-face set up session to define the project you want to create, what has stopped you until now and open a space in your calendar for the laboratory.
      • You join me once a month in a 2 hour face-to-face creative PRIVATE laboratory in my Virtual Artchemy Atelier. This is where you create your Manifestation Tableau
      •  As we have a rich, kind, humor-infused, intimate and soul-nourishing conversation, I help you transmute any blockage and give you practical shamanic tools and insights for creation, manifestation, embodiment and breakthrough.
      • You will do the Manifestation Tableau in the lab with my guidance, then you can explore different creative actions and activities during the weeks between laboratory sessions.
      • The Private Artchemy Atelier includes weekly journaling support in a bank-level secured online journal sharing service. You can ask private questions, share photos of the progress of your project and share parts of your journal or activities. I respond within 24 hours to your weekly journal.

      Try it for a month. If you don't like it, unsubscribe.

      • After the trial period, you commit yourself to six months of laboratory to finish the project.
      • At the six months benchmark --if you need more time, we recommit for whatever time you deem is needed to have the project ready to go. If you are ready, we do a ceremonial closure as you begin to shape that creation ~that book, exhibition, product or project.
      • There is no push here. It is about ENJOYING the process of creation as an EXPLORATION that not only leads to one goal, but to the flow of your creative genius for years to come!

      It's as easy as that!

      Try it now in the Beta stage, before the price goes up.


      During this first Artchemy Atelier Laboratory I'm in BETA

      I'm experimenting with this setup. Therefore I'm making a 50% discount on the experience.

      BETA price slashed 50%

      From $450 to $225 a month

      Limited time offer. Limited seats available.

      Register Now

      At the payment form, enter this code
      in the discount field (copy/paste) from here: 7zhglgj

      Use the Beta code: 7zhglgj



      • One monthly live, face-to-face laboratory in my Virtual Atelier for 2 hours of fun creative magic to bring your creation to the table for six months.
      • + the Artchemy Introductory Video Series, as each video is produced
      • Small group of a maximum of 5 people so each person gets lots of attention.
      • Introduction to Artchemy Video Series

      You will have access to my Introduction to Artchemy videos Series as the videos come out.

      This series includes:

      • The basic tenets of Artchemy (Art as Alchemy)

      • Creating Sacred Space

      • Preparation and Materials (2)

      • Shamanic Pillars of Art as Alchemy (4)

      • Creating your own Journal from cheap composition notebook (2)

      • Journaling Ideas and techniques (4)

      • Artchemy Ideas and techniques (4)

      BASIC: From $125 per session (6 monthly sessions) with 50% BETA discount it's only $62.50 per session

       Use the Beta code: 7zhglgj



      Above plus

      • 4 weekly journaling support sessions a month during the duration

      • One private Intention Setup Session with you

      Weekly Journaling/Artchemy Support

      You have access to Maria Mar once a week to share your journal entries, art journaling and whatever you've been doing as well as to ask questions about your transformation, journaling, creativity and the changes you want in your life.

      This access takes place in a free online journaling service that has bank-level security and full privacy. You can keep on using it after the Artchemy Atelier is over.

      You can upload photos or screenshots, share parts of your journal, ask questions, share poems and stories and other creations, then you send me a link via email and I can access just the things you want to share, while you have privacy and your information is not flying through emails.

      • We have an initial 90-minute private face-to-face session to setup your intention and focus on the project you want to bring to the table.

      PREMIUM: From $315 per session (6 monthly sessions) with 50% BETA discount it's only $157.50

      Use the Beta code: 7zhglgj


      Every 3rd Wednesday of each month, we meet in my Virtual Atelier and I guide you through the project.

      We meet for 2 hours at:

      Starting Time: 4pm Pacific | 5pm Mountain | 6pm Central | 7pm Eastern

      Dates: May 15, June 19, July 17, August 21, September 18, October 16,

      Starts on May 15, 2019.

      Only 5 seats available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


      Join now!

      BETA price slashed 50%

      BASIC: From $125 per session (6 monthly sessions) to $62.50 per session

      PREMIUM: From $315 per session (6 monthly sessions) to $157.50

      Only 5 seats available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

      At the payment form, enter this code

      in the discount field (copy/paste) from here: 7zhglgj


      NOTE: To access the Virtual Atelier you need internet access, webcam and to a private, quiet space for the duration of the Artchemy Atelier sessions. If you have video in a device like a tablet of smartphone, you need a device-holder so that you can do your art while we video-talk.


      Terms of Service:

      • Try for a month without obligation. If you don't like it, simply unsubscribe. Keep the monthly transformation product. If you like it, then you will be charged automatically every month to the credit card you enter.

      • This is a beta laboratory, so I've never done it before and it's going to be informal and experimental. Exciting, but there may be glitches.

      • Sessions are on the 3d Wednesday and 7PM EST each month. I will record them, so you can see them later, but you'll miss the interaction.

      • The first 15 minutes and last 30 minutes will be off camera, for any intimate, deep-soul-diving or private questions.

      • No rescheduling or carry-over time. The time I have for support services is limited. If you don't use the Guided Journaling/Artchemy Support, then it does not carry over for later on. Use it or loose it!

      • I will be doing the Video Series as we meet. That's one of the reasons I'm doing a beta group, to encourage myself to do the video series. So you'll get access as they are available.

      • If there is a technical problem, I'll do the best to solve it on the spot. Whatever time the problem takes, I will make up with an extra or extra long session later on. The make-up session will be announced.

      Click to register!

      Only 5 seats available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

      At the payment form, enter this code
      in the discount field (copy/paste) from here: 7zhglgj

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      • Includes:
      • Virtual Atelier from anywhere in the world Included
      • 2-hour Artchemy Lab every month Included
      • Weekly guided journaling for 6 months
      • Private setup session


      Artchemy Atelier: Bring it to the Table-private laboratory

      Enter your info to begin your Monthly subscription. You can cancel anytime.


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      You'll be charged $450 monthly for the next 6 months.

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        Gumroad Library

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        Thanks for your support!

        Here are the next steps:

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        You will receive an email with the invitation and links to the Virtual Artchemy Atelier and to the secured online journal service. Follow the instructions and bookmark these in your toolbar.

        TWO: Book your Setup Meeting now

        I highly recommend that you book your set up session now.

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        See you soon!

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