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      Live Intentionally: Discipline, Mindset, Direction - A 90-Day Self-Project

      Do you want more out of your life?

      Live Intentionally is a 90 Day Self-Project that can help you achieve your true potential and then some.

      In 90 Days, you can:

      - Get rid of your bad habits

      - Take control of your thought patterns

      - Make progress on your personal mission

      - Say goodbye to addictions and distractions

      - Lose all the extra fat and gain some newfound muscle

      - Boost your discipline, self-control, and emotional control

      - Increase your focus, attention span, and mental toughness

      - Reinvent your life by changing your mindset and your lifestyle

      "This is one of those books where if you need it but you haven't bought it yet, you're already paying for it"

      Get rid of your bad habits and digital addictions:

      Over the 90 day self project, you will systematically drop the bad, unproductive habits that eat away your time and give you nothing in return.

      Have you ever said to yourself: "Man, I wish, but I just don't have time"?

      That's a lie. And you know it's a lie.

      And deep inside, it eats away at you - because you know what you're capable of, but you just can't seem to shake away the bad habits that slow you down.

      So you just learn to believe that you're "too busy."

      Reality is - very few people are too busy. Chances are, your bad habits eat away your time ... and life.

      How much time a day do you spend:

      - Watching TV?

      - On Social Media?

      - Playing Video Games?

      - Gossiping and other nonsense?

      - Watching porn and masturbating?

      - Watching/Reading the news (and getting upset!)?

      These are all unwanted addictions that eat your life away.

      Over the 90 day program, we will get rid of all of these - once and for all.

      The program will *overhaul* your life.

      "Live Intentionally is a 90-days challenge of cold, hard effort. It’s both a guide to living intentionally and a guide to level up your life. ... The book over-delivers (something rare in today’s world)."

      - José Rosado (@joserosado)

      "I meditated early in the morning and didn't smoke for the day. Feeling great ALREADY. Thank you so much!"

      - Mukund Bubna (@mukund_bubna)

      Further your mission:

      For the 90 day project, you will have a mission that you are pursuing. This could be anything from losing weight to setting up an online business and making some side money.

      The program will help you by giving you the structure, discipline, and routine to stick to it. No longer will you have the "I did it for a few days and then I lost the motivation" problem that has been plaguing your personal goals for months and years.

      "To any young man looking to fix himself, his life—I encourage him to sincerely read & more importantly execute the crisp advice this actionable book contains.

      He will 100% see changes."

      - Fateh Singh (@fatehshernu)

      - Marten Veenstra (@Marten_Veenstra)

      Take control of your thought patterns

      Over the self-project, you will learn to take control of and manipulate your thought patterns.

      You will teach yourself to become an optimistic, opportunity oriented person. Being able to control your thought process can change your life because everything you can and cannot do is a product of how and what you think.

      The program will give you the tools to calm your mind down and actively take control of your mental narrative.

      "Live Intentionally is a concise guide to getting your life in order through the power of compounding."

      - Robert Koch (@xdays)

      "The workbook that comes with it will act as a pit stop at the end of the day. Thank you for putting it together." - Batman (@Neo89787480)

      Increase your focus, attention span, and emotional control

      We will incorporate some new habits into your routine - things like meditation, journaling, and self-reflection. 

      These will boost your focus and attention span - you will be able to get more work done in less time, and the quality of your output will be higher as well.

      You will learn to be more mindful of your mental state - which will significantly boost your ability to control and regulate your emotions. This will increase your happiness and internal peace as you will be less susceptible to random turmoil.

      If you've ever lashed out at someone and then felt guilty about it - you definitely need to get this program. It could save you tons of apologies and lost relationships over the years.

      "Live Intentionally is one of the most practical self-improvement books I have come across. It wastes no time with fluff & provides precise value in his content. This book has the framework to completely remodel your life in 90 days. It includes tips on monitoring your inner voice, practical mindset workouts, routine building tactics & taking care of your body."

      - ArmaniTalks (@ArmaniTalks)

      - Rajith Nair (@rajithrn) on completing his 90 days!

      BONUS: Lose the extra fat and gain some newfound muscle

      You cannot really say that you're where you want to be in life if you're fat and your body is not up to par.

      To make the program complete, a practical guide to fat loss and a bodyweight exercise routine is built right into this 90 day program.

      The bodyweight exercise routine can be done right from the comfort of your home, no gym needed, and the fat loss guide is short, simple, and most importantly, easy.

      With the structure the program gives you, you are going to find it really easy to stay consistent.

      "Book of practicality"

      - Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore)

      "I feel like you did me a favor by letting me buy this book. "

      - @PunishedBorno

      "Thank you so much sir for the transformation self build project. It has really helped me a lot, I have reduced 13 kgs and now doing meditation daily."

      - Seth Rollins (@world_seth)

      We've done the research for you:

      The program is designed to make everything synergistic - the things you get from one part help you make the other parts easier, and the benefits you get from the latter make the former easier to be consistent with.

      For example, most people can't stick to a healthy diet, so meditation and exercise are introduced to provide your body with the feel-good chemicals it needs to not start craving sugar and calories all the damn time. Likewise, the healthy diet makes your exercise routine more efficient and it's easier to meditate if your nutrition is great.

      However, you do not need to spend your valuable time figuring these feedback loops out - we've already done it for you.

      Everything is tried and tested - it has worked in the past, it works now, and it will work tomorrow.

      "It is a book of action, none of the cookie cutter filler nonsense. Each aspect of one's life that has to be taken control of is shown in a practical manner WHY it's out of our control, and HOW to regain it back."

      - Benjamin George (@BenjaminGJW)

      "Your ebook is incredible."

      - Dylan (@DylanAffiliate)

      - Adarsh (@MrWatson__)

      What you will receive with this self-project:

      For a very affordable price of only $19.99, you will receive :

      1) Live Intentionally: Discipline, Mindset, Direction - A 90-Day self-project by Harsh Strongman (PDF / Digital download)

      2) A workbook to track your progress (PDF / Digital download)

      "The worksheet provided with purchase is a simple, yet effective touch. Placed somewhere visible it allows you to intimately monitor your progress.

      This visual reminder holds you accountable, and on track. You are able to see exactly how well you’re doing, which areas you are consistent in and – more pertinently – which areas you aren’t. This process reveals aspects of your character which you may not have been aware of, allowing for self-exploration; further helping your progress in the future."

      - Jack Peach (@thinkinpeach)

      "The list you made helps one simply keep on track. Just focusing on the list makes me feel special cause not everyone has a guide to work with and stay focused on. Hang it up on my office and fill it the next day. Thank you!"

      - Hessian (@Hessian_Mohd)

      The workbook mapping Hessian's Progress

      How long is the program:

      It takes 90 Days.

      The program is not a content book and it's not a long "read" - it is an action plan that you can read in a short time and you can start implementing it the same day. If you are willing to invest 90 days into yourself as outlined by the self-project, you can change your life ... forever.

      "Halfway through 90 days as of today. One of the best investments ever made."

      - E. Nygma (@lifeskillz101)

      "I am on day 60 of my 90 days and my life has changed dramatically. It feels like the clouds have lifted and I can now see my future with clarity. Thank you Harsh you have kick started my new future."

      - Karl Oftebro (dmwithkarl.com)

      You will get rid of the modern addictions that waste your time and life away.

      "It has helped me a lot"

      - Akshat Mazithia (@MazithiaAkshat)

      There is no way that you take this self-project and not see meaningful improvement in your life, and I'm willing to prove it to you by making your purchase completely risk free:

      30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

      If you don't see meaningful improvement in your life, just email me within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund you - no questions asked.

      I am so confident that the program works that I won't even ask you why you want a refund - I know it's because you never actually tried the program.

      With that said, if my work doesn't work for you, I don't want your money.

      "Live Intentionally is - unlike many other books - straight to the point, actionable and packed with lots of knowledge. Combined with a worksheet it's a perfect starter-pack to get your life into a right and intentional direction, instead of wasting it."

      - Tobi (@tobiyoz)

      "Your book really helped me to break some bad habits and have more control over my life. Thank you so much."

      - Ismath (@Ismath__)

      So what are you waiting for?

      90 days from now, you could have lost some weight, picked up some new great habits, gotten rid of stupid time wasting addictions, and be well on your way to achieving your long term goals - or you could just be 90 days older with the same lifestyle you have today.

      The choice is yours.

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