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      Twitter Money Mastery – Tried, Tested, And Proven Methods You Can Use To Build A 6-Figure Twitter Account

      Imagine tweeting a couple of times a day, and waking up with $100, $1000, $1500, $2500+ in your bank account a couple of days later.

      Here’s a secret:

      That’s totally possible with some Twitter magic.

      Everything Changes When You Know How To Grow A Loyal Audience

      Meet The People You’ve Been Following For Years On Social Media: you've bought their ebooks and courses. Imagine yourself doing business with them.

      ​Find The Dreamed Audience: There’s no need to stress about follower count, likes, retweets… when you grow the right audience, people will actually want to learn –and buy– from you.

      Create Multiple Streams Of Income: Selling digital products, your skills, services, and products can become a profitable business for you. Imagine making money while you sleep… or like us… while taking a vacation.

      ​Get Fantastic Clients: Attract real, high-paying clients with less work and in less time without losing your soul.

      Receive A Constant Influx Of Love, Praise, And Motivation: when you help others, a community of like-minded individuals will notice and its members will want to help you by sharing your content, liking your posts, and buying your products.


      * If you are tired of watching others find success and freedom online…

      * If you want actionable advice on how to Weaponize your Twitter account…

      * If you dream for a life of abundance, yet you find yourself in stagnation …

      * If you crave to learn the Twitter game and perfect it…

      * If you want to unearth the tricks to unlock your Twitter superpowers…

      * If you want to truly live a great life by leveraging Twitter

      It is my opinion to tell you that you are about to unravel how to take advantage of your true potential by using Twitter as your go-to app to get more out of life.

      And you don't even need a large following to start profiting from it.

      You could live in the middle of nowhere and still profit from Twitter.

      You only need to know the pitch-perfect ways to engage with your Twitter tribe.

      Why Twitter?

      It requires little to no planning to tweet. Woke up money-hungry? Post your offers on Twitter.

      It immediate communication with your tribe. Money loves speed. Twitter offers you that speed.

      It’s more entertaining than all the other social media combined. Memes? Got it. Viral content? Go it. Awesome advice? Got it.

      It’s adaptable. You can post photos, links, short videos, launch Periscopes, send direct messages all from one app.

      People become addicted to your content fast. People on Twitter read. Reading great content created addiction. And better, yet, since your audience loves reading, they won't mind reading your offers.

      Profiting With Twitter While Living In A Small, Third World Carribean Country

      In July 2018, I decided to unfollow every politician, reporter, political analyst, and all-around negativity. And started following business people, hustlers, and confident personalities.

      Little did I know that this would change how I approached my business.

      I've been a web designer for the last 10 years. I've lived in a small country in the Caribbean called The Dominican Republic my whole life. I'm married to a beautiful woman, with whom I have two young boys.

      For years, I've always wondered, 

      "How The Hell Can I Make More Money With My skills?"

      See, my wife and I decided to stay in D.R., even though we have the resources to migrate to a safer country. But there's so much to be done in our small island.... So how about that to make it harder on myself?

      I thought that hard work was the answer, so I spent many sleepless nights "working hard" and hustling

      That didn't work...

      I thought that I could charge more money if I was better at my skills, so I decided to learn more and practice more.

      Nope… that didn’t work either (but at least I learned how to teach myself stuff faster).

      I tried building niche sites. Swing and a miss!

      I also tried my luck with Facebook and Instagram... nope and nope.

      So, I gave up on this making money online for years.

      Sounds familiar?

      Twitter Is A Money-Making Machine And You're Missing Out

      I started my Twitter journey in July 2018 with my 10-year account that I had never used other than tweet crap to my Dominican friends, read the news, and get some sweet dopamine.

      I tweeted and tweeted but the money wasn’t pouring into my bank account.

      So I stopped tweeting because I thought it was not worth the hassle.

      In August 2018, I decided to give Twitter another try, only to stop cold turkey in October even though I already had exactly 1000 followers.

      “One last try,” I said to myself on October 15th. And posted my first offer on the 30th.

      And by the end of November 2018, I was already making money with Twitter and had 3300 followers in total.

      On December 2, 2018, I tweeted:

      Making Money The Right Way Using Fierce And Ethical Tricks Of Persuasion On Twitter

      Everything changed the day I started selling stuff on Twitter.

      In just a few short months, I was able to quit my job, selling my products to my followers, grow my freelancing business, and help hundreds of people to do the same.

      And I will reveal my system in this ebook.

      No filters.

      No fluff.

      Straight 100% actionable advice from a man who once thought making money online was impossible.

      I now know that making money is not only possible but easy.

      And it's easier with Twitter.

      Who's This Guide is Specifically Designed For...

      Content Creators

      Online Marketers

      eCommerce Sellers

      Email Marketers



      Here's What Others Say About My Tactics

      "You helped me start growing on Twitter. I wasn't really tweeting the right content before we talked and you had me start email list. Now I'm getting ~1m impressions a month on Twitter. I'm on track for 2.5m this month." – Tell Quint (@tellquint)

      "Within 20-something days, I collected my first $1000 in online revenue after Jose inspired me to take action." – Shameen Yakubu (@ShameenYakubu)

      "Jose helped me realized how much I have been horribly underselling every single thing I've ever sold. Dude, you seriously lit a fire in me. I have NOT been fulfilling my potential at all." – Alexander Cortes (@AJA_Cortes)

      “By using the tools I've learned either by working directly with, or carefully watching and mapping the actions of, Jose Rosado, I've earned more than $1500 from my online efforts.” Chance Lunceford (@LogoCentrifuge)

      "Before I connected with Jose, I had no experience on Twitter or as a writer. Just weeks after going through Jose's material, I began to Tweet, write my first ebook and nearly doubled my followers on Twitter. To top it off, I sold 5 books on the first day of presale, just through Twitter alone! Jose's Twitter tactics work no matter your experience or size of your following." – Chris Barrineau (@chrisbarrineau)

      “With Jose’s guidance & support, I’ve been able to dive into a career that allows me - for the first time ever to pay all my bills without worrying. I’ve been able to finish payments on loans and start getting serious about paying off my debts. I’ve been able to discover and join a whole world that I didn’t even know existed - one that will ensure my freedom and long term success. Thank you!” – Océane (@oceanebonnetcs)

      "My email list grew from 100 subs to over 600 with your advice. I've also had several $1000+ weeks by following Jose's sales techniques." – Ryan Felman (@PathToManliness)

      "I was fortunate to meet José on Twitter very early on. As my account grew, he encouraged me to monetize it and taught me how. This has turned into $4000 in profit and a regular cash flow stream that I wouldn’t have even known was possible." – Chris Neander (@ThePrimalMan)

      "In a short time, I made over $5,000 in profits with my social media following. Jose’s advice has been priceless when it came to getting me to this point. His tactics are simple, yet powerful."– Zaid K. Dahhaj (@zaiderrr)

      "Jose is a very smart guy. In under an hour, he walked me through the steps of researching, planning, writing and releasing my first ever eBook. With his guidance and pre-release strategy, I was able to do over $2,000 in sales before the eBook was even released! I'm truly grateful for his advice and relentless motivation."– Zuby (@ZubyMusic)

      What’s Included

      • Learn the 3 mandatory steps to enhance your Twitter profile
      • Discover the 7 Mental Barriers you must destroy to conquer Twitter
      • The number 1 way to introduce yourself to the tribe
      • The only 15 tips you need to use Twitter like a f*cking pro – without being one
      • Hacks to get Retweeted and seen on Twitter
      • Finding a tribe you will love
      • Using DMs to bring in big bucks
      • 5 tips to start making money with Twitter
      • The top topics and ideas you must tweet about to get maximum engagement
      • Case Study: Testing the market with spending a dime to sell your stuff
      • How to write the absolute best Twitter bio to mug people's attention
      • How to make your first $100 with Twitter FAST.
      • Growing your account without Polarization (yes, this can be done)
      • How many time a day to tweet – not as many as you might think
      • Using absolute words the right way
      • Composing addictive tweets your following will retweet
      • List of the top skills you can sell on Twitter

      BONUS x7

      ✅Bonus #1: How To Provide Massive Value To Your Twitter Tribe

      • What is value and how to provide it
      • What are pains and aspirations and how to use them to provide value
      • Top 4 simple ways to provide value to your tribe

      ✅Bonus #2: 79 High-Performing Words For Twitter

      • List of 30 negative words to skyrocket your engagement
      • List of 21 positive words to grow and persuade your audience
      • List of 19 absolute words to light people’s hair on fire
      • List of 9 neutral words that people love and hate at the same time

      ✅Bonus #3: 6 Key Elements For Creating Seductive Offers

      • Discover all the elements your offers must have to become highly seductive.
      • How to price your offers the easy way
      • How to discount correctly
      • Adding bonuses to your offers for maximum persuasion powers
      • Demolishing objections with Risk-Reversal tactics

      ✅Bonus #4: Crafting The Perfect Sales Page That Turns Views In Hard Cash

      • Are you struggling to create your offers? This short guide will unravel the simplest way to create offers that make your followers line up in droves to buy from you.
      • Understanding what’s Conversion Rate
      • The 12 ingredients that every sales page must have to lead to massive sales
      • Examples of high-converting headlines and sub-headlines
      • The "If–Then" formula that will make people take their credit cards out, type the numbers into the form, and buy from you FAST.
      • Elements of your sales description – what to add to the body of your sales text.
      • A list of awesome bonuses you can offer to your buyers
      • 19 high-converting call to action to get people buying.
      • The top FAQs you should add to your sales texts.
      • Using P.S. to get more sales.

      ✅Bonus #5: Nearly Illegal Sales Tactic To Ethically Make Thousands On Twitter

      • The tactics that have helped me and my students make money with Twitter.
      • How to use Urgency and Scarcity to ethically force people into buying
      • Pre-written tweets you can steal from me to promote your offers.
      • The right way to launch a presale on Twitter.
      • Using Anchoring and Contrast to persuade people

      ✅Bonus #6: Video Sneak Peek Into One Of My Gumroad Account

      • How to create products
      • How to format your product description
      • How to add affiliates
      • Simple email marketing tricks with Gumroad
      • Using Gumroad’s advanced features to discount correctly – perfect for presales.

      ✅Bonus #7: Instant Access To A Private Discord Channel The Online Income Hub

      • Money talk, flipping stuff in eBay, web design, Pinterest marketing and selling on Amazon
      • Get the motivation you crave by interacting with over 250+ like-minded individuals

      Frequently Asked Question

      What is your refund policy?
      100% No-Risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

      How long do I have access to this information?
      Lifetime access

      Do I need to have a product or service to sell to apply this information? 
      No offer = No money. You need an offer, be it selling other people's products (affiliate marketing) or creating your own (I teach you the fundamentals of creating your products).

      Will you build my Twitter account from me?
      I’m afraid not! This ebook provides the training and resources to help you grow and monetize your Twitter account

      Is all of the content available straight away?
      Yes! You’ll access to all the content once you purchase it.

      Who will be teaching me?
      Jose Rosado, a sovereign man living overseas who built a full-time income online as a freelance website designer and graphic designer. All while building his Twitter account and creating valuable offers.

      What if I am unhappy with the ebook?

      Ask for a refund. 

      What skills will this course teach me?
      How to dominate Twitter and Sales

      Is this actually going to work?
      Nothing in life is 100%. However, if you take the time and put in the effort to follow the plan of action I lay out for you, your chance of success will rise significantly. Your best bet is to learn as much as you can from this ebook and put the information to work. If you do that, there is no reason you should not be able to achieve some measure of success.


      100% No-Risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

      You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like our products over the next 30 days, then we will gladly refund your money.

      No questions asked!

      Hurry & Get Every Single Thing Below

      Twitter Money Mastery ($47)

      How To Provide Massive Value To Your Twitter Tribe ($7)

      List of 89 High-Performing Words ($17)

      6 Key Elements For Creating Seductive Offers ($39)

      Crafting The Perfect Sales Page That Turns Views In Hard Cash ($27)

      Nearly Illegal Sales Tactic To Ethically Make Thousands On Twitter ($19)

      Video Sneak Peek Into One Of My Gumroad Account ($97)

      Discord Channel The Online Income Hub ($279)

      Launch Price Still Available!

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