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Atlantis Rising ~ The Magic Returns!

     Atlantis Rising!

~The Magic Returns~  

When the thirteen lost Crystal Skulls of Atlantis are all recovered and reunited - it will signal the beginning of the ascension of Mankind to the divine realm. ...

The signs are strong and clear. A new dawn is at hand.

As we raise humanity's energy and consciousness - more skulls will be found. In turn, the rediscovered skulls will further elevate the energy of the entire Planet. These Skulls of Atlantis contain energy of the highest spiritual purity, power and illumination that has been lost ever since waves washed over Atlantis, tens-of-thousands-of years ago. The wisdom of Atlantis contains spiritual truths and techniques beyond our ordinary comprehension. Dive deep into technologies, ideas and methods that have not been discussed before.

Key aspects of Mattson's Program:

• Learn for the first time - or revisit - the wonder that was the Golden Age of Atlantis. Take a journey to connect with the higher Atlantis. Accelerate your true purpose, receive practical insights, improve your relationships and attain former skills and mastery. Connect to your past and your lost Atlantean Guides. Experience guided past life regressions from Atlantis. Listen to the channeled Atlantean Masters.

• Access the Akashic Records in the Great Atlantean Crystal Pyramid. What exactly is the Akashic Record? It is like a field (like a force field or a gravitational field) - an infinite collection of indestructible energies that capture the life force and spirit force of all life and all consciousness. Everything - past, present and future about you is written indelibly in the Akashic Field. Science even suggests that consciousness may be vibrating fields of energies and information (= Akashic Records). Energy can be changed. And it must! As step into our own mastery.

• Experience the Return of the Mystic Third Eye - the All-Seeing Eye of the 5th Dimension. Activate your latent 5D Skills & Abilities enjoyed by the Atlanteans. The Atlanteans enjoyed advanced psychic skills, telepathy, purity, and power we have not even dreamed of. Their pineal gland was much bigger, producing abundant light in the body and shimmering white auras. The pineal gland also acted as a portal to higher dimensions and a stargate to Masters of the Stars. Learn how to enlarge and grow your pineal gland.

• Learn about the 12 lost Crystal Skulls of Atlantis and the legendary 13th Skull. Discover a modern derivative from the Crystal Skull tradition - Jill has found crystal skulls that YOU can own and use as a powerful tool to continually radiate high energies, heal, remove personal obstacles and amplify manifesting. Jill has personally activated these skulls, linking them to the 12 Atlantean temples and skulls of power. These beautiful Skulls are faithfully hand-carved out of pure quartz and other beautiful minerals. Heirloom quality.

The Atlantis "Myth"

It is probably the most enduring grand mystery of all time... an enigma that was famously recorded by Plato around 360 BC (and it was ancient at that time!). Atlantis has captured the interest and imagination of countless generations; over 2000 books have been written on this most famous "Lost Continent". It has even been suggested that the longevity of the "myth", and mankind's fascination with Atlantis are due to the memory of Atlantis in our collective subconscious - indelibly written into The Akashic Record.

The last Golden Age of Atlantis, was the most spiritual time experienced on this Earth. Atlantis’s Glory was eclipsed, but now her ancient wisdom and wonder are rebirthing in the upcoming Golden Age. Masters, old and new, have long foretold that there would arise a NEW Golden Age. Atlantis Rising - makes a convincing case that this time is at hand! Moreover, Jill relates many of the ancient secrets that enabled the Atlanteans to achieve much higher frequencies and enlightenment.

Many of us sense... there is a far deeper truth beyond our physical realms. We CAN open our hearts and our eyes to a new reality and change our lives as a result. We can prepare ourselves for the ultimate step. We will accelerate our spiritual scope and growth. Part of Ascension and Enlightenment require opening to the deeper truths, trusting our natural feelings and reconnecting with our roots. Join Jill Mattson in rediscovering the wisdom of Atlantis; relearn techniques, ideas and traditions that have been long lost. Gain something that will be with you forever.

The longevity and the endurance of the Atlantis "Myth" are due to the permanent place this Magical Kingdom holds in our collective subconscious. Atlantis - to us - is like an instinct in a wild animal - it is naturally present in our genes & in our souls. To enable us to further understand our energetic blueprint, Jill will examine the Akashic Record... she will teach how to employ your Mystic Third Eye ...but more on that later.

The Signs are Everywhere

The signs are clear - from old Mayan predictions, Nostradamus, Old Hebrew, John the Beloved (in Revelations: Bible) ... and many others - the alignment of the stars and the events around us tell that the dawn of the New Age is at hand. We can recapture the mastery of Atlantis! Her secrets are being revealed to us! The powerful tool of the Akashic records have been regifted to humanity to aid us in transforming our souls.

The doors to the destruction of the old and the realization of our destiny are open. There will be upheaval and devastation, but equally rebirth and renewal. Destructive weather and false prophets will churn the world. Political instability and chaos will threaten. But also, miracles and wonders will occur ... biblical events come alive. The Lost Continent will reveal all of her secrets once again.

Think to the undeniable evidence at hand: weather calamities and natural disasters are becoming more numerous than in any period we know of... tremendous hurricanes and storms, torrential rains and severe droughts; earthquakes and volcanic eruptions of extreme violence. These - ever more prevalent natural disasters - portend monumental changes. Whatever your political views - I believe it is unassailable that political extremism is out of control. International tensions are at generational highs. More and more countries possess nuclear weapons... the earth's ecosystem is failing... what can an individual do?

Take heart, do NOT despair, for truly Atlantis IS Rising… within You! Our collective energy will open the forbidden seals and release the secrets and marvels of a great civilization long past.


I was deeply and totally moved into a new level of coherence with my True Self today while listening to Jill Mattson's interview (a truly gifted sound alchemist, healer, writer, composer and artist),on You Wealth Revolution, with host Darius Barazandeh.

Now I've downloaded her Sephiroth program and am so excited to explore more of these frequencies and information that she shared on the show, many of which have been gleaned from her forays into Egyptian times as a channel, visionary, and seer! What a gifted soul! So grateful! I'm so joyful and excited about all the amazing energies, knowledge, insights and processes coming through the veil for us all now!! Thank you Jill L Pierett

We are entering the new era Jill. I feel so much hope now. Our world is finally going begin to heal.

The tables have turned in favor of humanity and the truth will set us free:) Your teachings and books heal me. AND your music will heal our hearts.....earth so needed YOU at this time! SANDRA MECOLOUGH

I have been very busy this last while; it is truly a ‘miracle’ that I listened to your presentation on Darius’ program. I am grateful. I experience much sweetness, generosity, delight and information in the videos. I’ve watched and am looking forward to basking in the vibrations of the Sephiroths.. In Loving Light Blessing, Livina Hiacinth

NOTE from Darius: You'll feel in your into your field literally THOUSANDS of energies, activation, algorithms and frequencies (never shared before)!

“I learn and grow so much for your shows! Thank you for all that you do and thanks to Jill for the many gifts offered today. Her channeling of Isis felt like it was directly specifically to me. I received so much. It was truly a beautiful call layered with information and energy! Love and blessings to you both.”

~ Paige

“Thank you very much for this webinar. Right now my physical and spiritual body are assimilating all that it has received. But boy do I feel great!”

~ Frank

“What a beautiful call! Thank you Jill. Listening in assists me to keep on, keeping on. Waves of sadness are flowing through me. The music allows my feelings to come to the surface.”

~ Susanna

“I too am feeling really good. Thank you!”

~ Barbara

“Thank you for your Blessed Insights, ISIS.”

~ MakedaEL

“Thank you sooo much. This is a great topic / platform for enlightenment to increase the frequency of the planet. The first attunement is soothing… Thanks Jill

~ Melody

“I could feel the vastness and clarity of being alive in ancient times as if in Atlantis or Lemuria … a morphing into a different being … in tune with the expansive intelligence of the universe … just beautiful!”

~ Lynn

Wow! That was DEEP. Felt very expansive. Felt a lot in the back of my 3rd chakra. Thank you!

Tara in Crested Butte

I have always felt that I must have been in Egypt in past lives and have surrounded myself with pyramids and grid works with crystals and pyramids that I have built. These sounds seem to turn on my grids and tune me up to another space or time portal to my past time in Egypt. Wow!

Gary in Mohnton

Thank you for this, it's been a while since I've felt this calm! Amazing sounds! Thank you.

Tibella in Sweden

I could listen to her all day long. How wonderfully interesting!! Thank you for all the information and processes you bring to us each day! No one else does this like you. We are blessed to receive your gifts. I am so grateful for you and your team. Sending you lots of love!

Diane in San Antonio        


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  • Detailed descriptions of Atlantis Rising 3 Hours 45 minutes Total 1. About Atlantis (~40 Minutes) • The history of Atlantis from ancient writings, channelings and hundreds of books! • What was life in Atlantis like? Homes, Clothes, Food, Relationship with animals, 4th dimensional beings, the telepathy technique, psychic skills, the Bermuda Triangle, healing, the right & left brain 2. Your Past Life In Atlantis (8:20 Minutes) Take a Journey to view your past lives in Atlantis through the Akashic Records 3. The Pineal Gland Class & Meditations (44 Minutes) • Importance of the Pineal Gland in Ancient Atlantis • What the Pineal Gland does • The physical gland • Tracing the significance of the Pineal through ancient mystics, great Sages, messengers and mystics • What we can do to enlarge our pineal gland • What we should stop doing • Crystal chants from Ancient Atlantis • 3 powerful meditations to stimulate and enlarge the Pineal Gland! 4. The Akashic Records (20 minutes) • What are the Akashic Records? • What is their history? • How do we access the Akashic Records? Why do want to access the Records? What are the benefits? • Who do we meet there? • How to receive desired changes in your life • Tips & techniques for entering the Akashic Records 5. Entering the Akashic Records - Part 1 (25 Minutes) • Enter the Akashic record halls via three portals • Meet the Record Keepers • More Guides • View, obtain energy & information from past, present, future and parallel lives • Alter your records for benefits • Run the records forward and test your changes in your life • Two journeys, using two portals and accessing information from your Higher Self • Harmonize your life desires with the ultimate goals of your higher self 6. Entering the Akashic Records – Part 2 (23 Minutes) • Entering the Akashic Records from the third portal, the soul star chakra • Cataloging your information to clear energy-blockages across all lives • Identify & download gifts, skills, abilities that you can use now - from past and future lives • Improve your health & abundance through the Records • Asking for personal needs • World healing • Elemental healing • Aligning with the highest good – to receive divine, perfect desires • “Hearing” the Akashic “Records” • Eliminating dissonance/creating harmony • Using the Akashic Records for healing and pain reduction • Gathering your Soul Fragments • Healing your soul fragments - empowering yourself and your consciousness today • Ancestral Healing through the Akashic Records 7. Two Healing Techniques (~14 Minutes) • Learn how to make a healing “gogi” ball for yourself and loved ones • A journey to the Akashic Records with Archangel Michael. Learn how-to pull-out energies that you contributed – even in the tiniest ways or ways unknown to your conscious mind to a negative situation and purify them. This dis-entangles you from negative attractions of people or situations. 8. Pressure Points & the Akashic Records (14:15 minutes) Like acupuncture points, there are points on the body, that enhance your journeys into the Akashic Records! • Learn where they are • How to use them • Journey into the Akashic Records to experience their power! 9. Channeling of the Ancient Atlantean Masters (37 Minutes)


Atlantis Rising ~ The Magic Returns!

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