What is a HYIP program or project?

HYIP is an abbreviation that literally means "highly profitable investment project". HYIPs are projects for investing money savings, which are multiplied due to the presence of a special financing algorithm.

The best sites with HYIP which you can find on https://www.hyipexplorer.com are projects usually have their own special history of creation. Investors receive payments from the development and work of the project, which is deployed by its administration.

HYIP classification and types:

Absolutely all HYIP projects and programs can be divided into 3 types:

- low-profit projects;

- projects with an average income level;

- highly profitable projects.

  • Experts of such earnings say that the duration of the project depends on the interest earned in 1 day: the lower the percentage, the longer the investment project will last. The best sites with HYIP programs, as a rule, have an average percentage of profit, however, there are quite decent ones among projects with high daily earnings.
  • By investing in low-yield HYIPs, you can get about 0.5% per day. Such funds are “long-lived” compared to high-yield and mid-income projects. Some low-yield projects require a fairly large entry fee, but don't worry, low-yield Hyip projects are considered the safest.

  • The daily income from an average profitable HYIP project ranges from 1 to 3%. Such financial programs have an average life expectancy. Most of the most famous and best HYIP projects are among them. Even investing in a project with a daily percentage below 3, you can make a decent profit for a long time.

Highly profitable projects can bring investors more than 10% daily. Unfortunately, there are practically no ones among them that have existed for more than a year or so. Fees in some high-yield projects are made several times a day. To keep Hyip from closing quickly, administration must be professional and fast.

HYIPs can also be divided into 3 types:

1) with the presence of the original legend. Lovers of earning money usually confuse such HYIP programs with a commercial company.

2) without the original legend. On the official page of the project, you can easily find information that this is a dubious project.

3) An economic game is a toy in which there are no losers. The presence of the gameplay causes a great demand for this type of HYIP. For registration, a certain amount must be paid as a fee.

HYIP projects are also centralized and decentralized. All funds invested in the centralized fund are kept by the HYIP project manager. As for decentralized projects, investors participate in all investments: and they accept contributions, make payments and transfer interest to the manager.

If you are going to invest a couple of such funds, then you can choose the best advertisements thanks to various monitoring sites and forums dedicated to making money. Reviews on HYIPs are no less important, they allow you to clearly determine what the percentage of risk and prospects is in percentage terms.

How to choose a HYIP for investment? We understand. that you are looking for the best HYIP to increase your capital. Stable development of the project is the main difference between the best HYIP projects from the general mass. A competent administration allows you to pay stable payments to all investors. There are many guidelines for choosing a quality project. The first thing to look for when going to a website is its design. It meets modern requirements, is beautiful, but at the same time laconic, and most importantly, unique.

The next equally important point is the presence of advertising on the site and its amount. If it is enough, then the project can last long enough. Proper administration allows you to attract new investments from advertising, which contributes to the duration of the project.

It is very important to check the HYIP before contributing.