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      Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

      We are humanist non profit organization dedicated to research, technology innovation, education, consultancy and entrepreneurship.

      Our novel know how, technology innovation, entrepreneurship and organizational models, are legacy of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken scientific research, body of work. As a non profit organization we commit to continue the research started by him, develop new applications, promote and protect the core knowledge achieved since 1993.



      Know How Research & Development

      Holistic, Synergetic, Systemic.

      Futurist, Humanist, Visionary.

      Multidisciplinary, Nature Inspired.

      Bridge between ancient nature inspired knowledge and civilizations and innovation in modern culture.

      Symbolic Language

      & Symbolic Story Telling

      Follow for updates on what Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is creating.

      Explore my products:

      • Board Games
      • Matrix
      • Perception
      • Prime Tech Theta
      • Body Arts
      • Bodypainting
      • Performing Arts
      • Story Telling
      • Meditative Arts
      • Healing
      • Therapeutical
      • Breathing
      • Primordial
      • Therapy
      • Leadership
      • Self Growth
      • Consciousness


        Broken Arrow 9 : How to get your start up process broken? Are you sure you would like to become an entrepreneur ?


          The Asgardians Report : World Status of The 9 Clans Cultural Heritage & its Future


            Prime Technology Applied & Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Profile


              The 900 Intensities of Love


                The 9 Dances of Love - Dance Improv as Love ForPlay




                    In the Search of Immortality


                      Primordial Wealth-ability


                        The Forge Ɵ - The Art of Self-Regeneration & Self-Repairing (Longevity, Anti-aging, Human Potential & DNA Studies)


                          The Matrix 9+ Game Generator


                            The Human Potential Study - The Matrix 9+ Project


                              The Inverted Code of the Nordic Star Theta


                                The Gamification of the Human/A.I. DNA.: The Gamification of Longevity


                                  The Art of Life 9+


                                    Sensory/Sensual Body-painting - 9 Rooms Atelier I


                                      Primordial Breathing Therapy Theta - The Foundation Chapters

                                      €90 / mo

                                        Strategic Leadership Archive


                                          Prime (Primal, Primordial) Technology Theta - Integration Development Stages - Know How


                                            The 9 Elements & the Heart - The primordial art of assessment - The resident culture generation A.I. Engine BOOK 02: Earth, Water & Fire.


                                              The 9 Elements & the Heart - The Primordial Art of Assessment - The Resident Culture Generation A.I. Engine


                                                The Resident A.I. - A new Form of A.I. Culture Generation A.I. Engines resident in Human Culture


                                                  The Evolution of Corporate Models - Religion, Military, Family, Science-Technology, Education, Culture, Civilization


                                                    Corporate Stages of Development -  Mission Statement Applied thanks to the development of Corporate-Emotional-Intelligence (Emotional Self-Management)


                                                      Human Rights Applied in daily Life - Non Violence, Ethics, Economy, Wealth-Ability, Family & Culture Care, as strategy for Peace