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Take the Rice Purity Test (official)

Find out your purity score now! Just answer 100 simple questions and this test will tell you your maturity level as a college student.😛 compare your score with your mates and see who’s got more swag! 🤘

Want to know more about this test, how to play it, and rice purity test score meaning, read the complete details below.

What is the Rice Purity Test?

Rice Purity Test is a set of 100 questions that arguably defines how ‘pure’ you are. These questions are generally about relationships, sex, alcohol, law, etc. that college students might indulge themselves in.

The questions in this test start from asking if you have done simple activities like holding hands and eventually get nastier with each question until you reach the 100th question.

The test gives you the purity test score according to your answers. The higher the score, the more pure or innocent is the participant.

The Rice Purity test was first created by Rice University in 1924 and meant for women only initially. Then, another version of the same test appeared in their student newspaper, Rice Thresher.

Over the years, it got adapted into other universities such as Berkeley Purity Test, UCLA Purity Test, Purdue Purity Test, etc.

Purity Test For Girls

How to Take the Rice Purity Test?

On this website, you can take the rice purity quiz in the simple steps described below.

Use your web browser to open

Click on the ‘Start Test’ button to begin the Test.

On the new webpage, you will see a list of 100 questions.

Just click or tap on the question if your answer is Yes. A checkmark will appear on the question.

If your answer is No, then DO NOT click and move to the next question.

Once you’re done with all the questions, click the ‘Calculate My Score’ button at the bottom of the questions list.

Your Rice Purity score will be displayed on the screen.

Tip: To get the most accurate score, go through all the purity test questions, DO NOT SKIP any of the questions. (And don't lie, obviously!)

Rice Purity Test For Students

Why do Students take this Purity Test?

From the very beginning, the main objective of this purity quiz was to let freshmen students bond with the senior groups and connect with them during Orientation week.

The students with lower scores generally ended up with a small group while the ones with high purity test scores went to be the part of the coolest group of the university.

Now, after all these years, Rice Purity Quiz has become a standard tool for millennials to figure out their reputation among other friends in college. Their score defines if they are a winner or a loser through their college life.

In fact, high school kids are taking this test these days and you would be surprised to know their scores might be lower than yours!

Rice Purity Test Score Meaning

As I mentioned, this test is a way to find out how innocent or badass you are. So, your score somehow tells about your personality, how much you socialize, and your private life.

The following scale defines the meaning of the rice purity score.

Between 98 and 100:

If your score on this test is between 98 and 100, you are most definitely a 12 year old or an extremely introverted adult. Such a high score essentially makes you an extremely pure person (which is equally extreme to find these days).

Between 94 and 97:

Scoring 94 to 97 still makes you a pure person. You could never think of breaking a law or having a romantic relationship yet. The most ‘naughty’ thing you have done is probably holding hands or just the first kiss if you’ve been lucky enough. That’s it!

Between 77 and 93

Most US college students have their purity test scores in this range. So, if your score also falls between 77 and 93 that means you are beyond the average pure person stage.

You might have kissed your significant other or have had a romantic night out. But, you are still away from nasty things!

Between 45 and 76:

Having the score in this range means you have had an eventful life till now. From intoxication to sexual experiences, you have enjoyed every moment in your life.

But, you still respect the law and you are away from criminal thoughts or indecent behavior with members of preferred gender.

Between 9 and 44:

Scoring between 9 and 44 on the rice university purity test means you have your share of wild behavior. There are high chances that you've tripped over drugs or even spent a couple of nights at the jail lockup.

Also, this score means you have an active sexual life with your partner (or partners).

Between 0 and 9:

Don't you tell me that you scored between 0 to 9! That’s ridiculous. A 0-9 rice purity score means you have got your hand dirty in much wild stuff. It includes unlawful acts that could have even resulted in death.

More Tests Like Rice Purity Test Quiz

With the popularity of the Purity Test, many other similar tests were created in the same questionnaire format. These tests are targeted at different people or different psychological situations.

Following some tests that are similar to the Rice Purity test.

Innocence Test: As the name suggests, the set of questions is made in a way that they can determine how innocent the person is who is taking the test.

Kinky Test: This one is rather completely focused on the sexual life of the person and finds if you are kinky enough when it comes to getting into bed.

Purity Test for Girls: Instead of the 100 common questions, this one features questions that are specifically related to activities that only girls would do. And, on the basis of that, it determines the ‘purity’ of a girl.

Purity Test for Boys: Just like the previous one, this test is meant specifically for boys featuring questions about things that only boys do.

Dating Purity Test: This one is another version of the purity test that is targeted at couples in relationships or those who had a relationship in the past. The questions are strictly about all the couple things - romance, compatibility, private life, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)What is a good rice purity test score?

  • A score between 77 and 93 is generally considered a good rice purity test score. Most college going students have their purity scores in this range.

2)What is the average rice purity score?

  • The average score in the Rice Purity test is 72 considering all the students who have taken it at Rice University. The average score varies for different universities.

3)Why is it called the Rice purity test?

  • This test was first created at Rice University in 1924 and hence the test was named after the university. That's the reason it is called the Rice Purity Test.

4)Is a high rice purity score well?

  • Most students feel a higher score on the purity test is better. A higher score means you're not as pure as compared to those with low scores.

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