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On the day it was introduced, an update came out that changed the appearance of the Factory. It utilized to have a round body with three spawners and looked really comparable to DIEPGAMEBOOM.CLUB the Overtrapper.

Anticipating if the opponent will try to relocate sideways and also dealing with the drones intend properly. And ultimately form a bullet wall, efficient in enhancing their momentum by around 50%. Gamers should keep their Drones to themselves at all times.

Manufacturing Facility.

The Drones are launched from the Manufacturing facility's Spawner at a rather regular price, equal to that of the Supervisor's Drone spawn price. When taking the Drone's Longevity into account, the firepower of the Drone Spawner alone amounts to that of the Emperor's 4 spawners combined.

Battleship is extremely effective against Emperor, the Battleship can send out drones from two sides. An additional variation of this is baiting your opponent to a boundary of the map, then repelling your drones along the wall, and after that swarming them from the sides and also front.

No gamer by themselves can accomplish anything greater than a tiny influence against the opponent Mothership, so synergy was motivated. Obtaining their Mothership to sign up with the battle assisted too. The Booster and also Fighter ought to have distracted adversary Storage tanks with its rapid rate, for that reason stopping adversary Tanks firing the Mothership.

Due to these technicians-- as well as unlike with the other branches of Overseer; the Manufacturing facility's Drones won't simply ram targets when clicking upon them. They can still be fooled right into doing it by hovering one's mouse past the target's setting, moving the blue orbit past the target's location, as well as hence tricking the drones right into trying to go past it. Yet they will otherwise just circle it whilst shooting projectiles.

  • The right-click function works like a mobilizing tank however stays rather pointless unless versus widespread targets.
  • A Mothership can have up to 32 Drones, but just half the Drones are controllable (Similar to the Battleship's mechanics).
  • To combat this, Motherships need to've shielded their teammates early in the game and also allow them strike the adversary once they had gotten to a greater degree.
  • Lot of times, players would certainly use crowd control Storage tanks like the Triple Twin to keep the Mothership's teammates away, and after that use Containers with high DPS like the Triplet to take it down.
  • It was a good concept for the player-controlled Mothership to try and also stay near its colleagues because without them it could easily be overwhelmed.


Repelling the drones at a challenger and then abounding them from behind and also sides is an efficient maneuver known as the claw. The Overlord is proficient at 1v1 fights however has a hard time in group fights where it can just safeguard. If the Emperor is bordered, the best method is to flee and also make use of the Drones for shielding. In some cases, a Mothership server would have the Motherships making use of 3500 and even 468 as their Max Health, making the game less complicated to end as the Motherships were much more susceptible.

The container was initially called the Master, but renamed to Manufacturing facility shortly after its launch. Like rammers, Bullet Rammers need to try to tempt the Factory into departing from its Drones, concentrate on the Manufacturing facility itself, or weaken its defense. Be careful that unlike with the Overlord and various other Overseer branches it will be difficult to bewilder the Factory's reload if the storage tank is using its Bullet stream to improve its protection. Gamers making use of the Movie director branch need to attempt to lead the Drones to this storage tank. ( Multi-directional assaults being specifically helpful against much less knowledgeable customers).

The Factory can manage approximately six Factory Drones, likewise called Minions. When not controlled by the player, the Drones will certainly pursue close-by entities, continuously firing very small Bullets at them. The Emperor, in spite of having much more Spawners, does not spawn even more Drones than an Overseer. Nevertheless, the Emperor's drones are somewhat larger, which makes up for this.

As Drones, the Manufacturing facility's weapons present boosted sturdiness when compared to other projectiles. Nevertheless, their bodies, being twice as solid as regular triangle Drones, move at around just half the speed in return.