Ariana Grande Becomes a Pig on Halloween, Warganet: I Keep Candles!

Many people are so looking forward to the Halloween celebrations which are held at the end of October. This was no exception for singer Ariana Grande.

In several of her latest uploads on Instagram social media, Ariana Grande looks totally changing her appearance.

"What you will see is a nightmare," said Ariana Grande through an image she uploaded on Instagram, Wednesday (30/10/2019) yesterday.

In several videos and photos uploaded next, Ariana Grande is seen transforming into a spooky, pig-like girl. Apparently he was inspired by the actor who played the monster in the black and white television series

Regarding fashion, the 26-year-old singer chose a short black dress and fur coat. She also wore black gloves and heels to add a sexy impression.

The 'pigman' makeup that sticks on Ariana's face is also very real horror. If she didn't do her hair in her signature ponytail, probably no one would have known that it was Ariana Grande.

Almost all of the uploads of Ariana Grande's Halloween celebrations on Instagram are liked up to a million times. Citizens also flocked to comment.

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