Do You Know Whether All Electrical Wiring of Your Building is Safe?

It is very important to have a basic idea about the electrical wiring of your building. Since most of us are heavily dependant on electricity and ideally we will never like to face a power breakdown. Suddenly, if you find that your refrigerator or geyser is not turning on due to a certain wiring then you will not be happy about it!

Particularly those who are living in any old building in Texas and never got their electrical wiring checked by a professional Lubbock electrician then it is high time that you must get alert and go for rewiring of your building based on the current code.

During earlier days, people used to have very few electrical appliances. However, with the progress in technology, nowadays people use many different modern appliances that may have a certain special wiring requirement.

The following are a few warning signs that will give you an alarm that you must consider rewiring the electrical system of your building.

Frequent circuit breaker trips

All circuit breakers are meant for tripping. However, such tripping should occur when there is either a short circuit condition or overloading of the circuit. If the circuit breaker tripping is occurring too frequently without any reason then it is better to get your wiring checked by a good electrician.

Too much flickering, buzzing, or lights dimming

Don’t think that if you don’t face any circuit breaker tripping that means all are well. There may not be tripping off the circuit breaker, but you regularly observe that your lights are flickering or dimming. Sometimes you even hear a buzzing sound too.

All these are a sign that your electrical wiring is wearing out and they need to be rewired sooner than later.

Noticed chewed wiring

If there is a presence of any rodent then you may often observe chewed wiring lying on the floor. You must not ignore these signs as the rodents have removed the insulation of the wiring and that can cause short-circuiting as well as fire hazards too.

You must get in touch with any licensed electrician to resolve the problem.

Noticed discoloration and smoke

It is necessary to keep an eye on the outlet points that are in open conditions present in your home. In case you ever notice any discoloration marks on the outlets, then it is a sign of certain wiring damage and that is generating heat and caused the discoloration.

You must call an electrician to investigate the matter and suggest a suitable remedy.

Feel for warm/vibrating wall outlets

You can also find the condition of your wiring by touching and feeling them. If you get a feeling of heat or vibration then it is a matter of concern.

It is better to call any trained electrician in your locality and get it checked and suggest a suitable remedy.

The smell of for burning or any odd odors

If you get a burning smell or a certain odor at home then it should not be ignored. The insulation of the wiring may be wearing out due to excess electrical current.