How to Master the Art of Using A Bong?

Bong rips have been the perfect way to effectively feel the impact of marijuana even before there were dabs. Although many enthusiasts prefer using bongs, the thought intimidates others because hits can be strong. Bong hits have one job, which they excel at, and that is to get you higher than the clouds. This is the exact reason, why most people don’t recall their first bong hit.

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Advantages of using a bong

• A bong blends hydro-engineering and glass- working into an ideal smoking device that offers potency, ease of use, and smoothness all in one which is why it is considered a true piece of art. Anybody can learn how to use a bong but optimizing its use, allows you to have a more pleasant experience.

• People also tend to use bongs because the number of flowers that you want to burn can be regulated. The waste of plant matter is minimal and hence bongs are considered as a more efficient option. The water present is used to filter the smoke as well as cool it, so you don’t inhale any harmful toxins. The bubbling water also allows you to take bigger hits of cannabis.

How to have an ultra-smooth bong rip experience

• Percolators - The main purpose of bong percolators is to cause the smoke to pass through the water causing those toxic chemicals to get trapped so you don’t inhale it. Percolators can help you in these ways.

1. Moisturizing - If you take hits from a pipe or a joint, they are generally very harsh because they are dry. In bongs, when the smoke comes in contact with the heat Wed water, it turns into vapor which hydrates the hit-making it less harsh on the lungs

2. Filtration - This proves, in addition to moisturizing allows you to experience much smoother hits. The smoke in a bong is filtered through the water allowing you to inhale only the flower and no toxins.

There are many types of percolators including down stems, showerhead perks, tree perks, inline perks, and many more.

• Ash Catchers - This device prevents ash from falling straight into your bong as it separates the bowl from it. Another benefit of using this device is that it catches dirt before your bong or body can do so and is small and easy to clean, which keeps the hits fresh.

• Ice catchers - Bongs of suck kind have bulges on their tubes so that ice cubes can be inserted inside them. An ice catcher has the purpose of stopping the ice from falling into the water in the bong so that the ice eventually melts and the smoke cools down.


The key to master the bong is a technique, not tolerance. Although many people believe that to master the bong you need years of practice, this notion is not true. Packing a bong is a relatively easy process. Just put the marijuana in the bowl, light it, and smoke it.