Tips To Make Your Cookie Boxes More Attractive

Is there anyone who doesn’t love cookies? Probably not, because the scrumptious buttery taste of this treat makes everyone fall in love with it. But what else people notice before buying cookies for them? It’s the packaging they are presented in.

 Even if you make the best cookies in the town, the cookie boxes you package them in will overshadow their taste. But do not worry, here is how you can make your packaging attractive enough to impress the consumers.

Give Distinctive Styles:

The shape of cookie boxes is the foremost thing that people notice before making their purchase. So it needs to have a distinctive look that catches the attention of the consumers as soon as they look through the shelves or aisles in the retail stores. Cookie brands are coming up with distinctive shapes of packaging to attract the consumers and stand themselves out of the crowd. Papa Gateau’s cookie packaging is a great example as they have given a table tent-like shape to their standing cookie pouches that look quite unique while the colors and printing on them further enhance their appeal. Petit Delight LU carries its cookies in a diamond-shaped packaging that has its own unique appeal. So being creative with the shapes of packaging can really change the game for cookie brands. One thing not to forget is the unboxing experience and convenience of handling because it really matters to the consumers.

Keep the Prints Interesting:

The prints adorned on the Custom Cookie Boxes have a great role in influencing the consumers. The artistic designs, attractive fonts, and unique color combinations give an enchanting look to the packaging which customers can easily get attracted to. Look at bla-bla’s packaging for cookies, how creatively they have adorned their cylindrical shaped boxes with creative and colorful artwork that is seen in no other cookie brand’s packaging. The mouth portion of the characters printed on them provides a die-cut opening to take out the cookies, which emphasize the yumminess of the cookies by portraying that you can’t resist putting these luscious cookies into your mouth as soon as you get them. Thelma’s oven-like packaging for cookies was the main reason behind the success of their brand, she asserted. So think of creative ways to send a convincing message through your illustrations and be careful in choosing colors for your Custom Printed Cookie Boxes. There are lots of printing options such as digital printing, raised ink printing, metal foil stamping, etc. that enable you to play with the digitization of designs on your customized boxes and turn up your packaging game.

Brandish the Display:

Flaunting your lip-smacking cookies in their packaging can help you multiply their sales effortlessly. There are many creative ways of showcasing your cookies through transparent windows on their packaging. You may include unique cutout shapes on the boxes just like Papa Gateau has played smart by crafting out a die-cut mustache on their packaging that allows a glimpse of the cookies packaged in them. Lyubyatovo has its square-shaped cylinder boxes that have a transparent bottom half for flaunting the cookies while the upper half carries interesting illustrations and information for branding. You can also showcase your cookies in attractive ways while they are in the colorful Cookie Boxes to tempt the consumers with their scrumptious appeal. Not to forget, transparency is something that the conscious modern-day consumers highly admire.

Think about Typography:

The leading brands have typography on their packaging that is as recognizable as their logo, such as Coca Cola’s red cursive font. You also need to use a particular font on your Custom Printed Cookie Boxes that becomes a symbol of your cookie brand. Retro and typewriter fonts are a great option to go for printing the text in a classic way, while handwritten fonts also look quite whimsical and playful. The best way is to originate a custom font that becomes a symbolic representation of your brand. The composition and boldness of the text have a great impact on the beholders, so it needs to be easily readable, simple, and attention-grabbing as well. It is important to include only the necessary content and omitting the superfluous information while their colors also need to complement the overall appearance of the packaging. Choose the best packaging manufacturers that can amiably turn your dream packaging boxes into reality and buy Custom Cookie Boxes Wholesale from them to stay light on your budget at the same time.

There are too many customization options in the styles, shapes, designs, and printing of cookie packaging, but what matters is, how creatively you do it. Knowing your target audience and keeping in mind the niche of your brand will help you design them flawlessly. The leading cookie brands in the USA consider all these aspects while creating their Custom Cookie Boxes USA, which has helped them a lot in running a successful cookie business.