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Sep 6 to 12, 2021

Miguel Cobá did a compilation of amazing tools

To write eBooks, that can export to all the famous formats.


Looking for the best way to provide free product updates?

Brett Tadlock asked for help and got many examples and ideas! Möbius even shared a template 👀


Lalit Pandey asked: What's your biggest struggle as a creator?

Share yours and get help!


Read how Mark Bowley went from zero to 100 with his ebook.


Looking for a Gumroad Mastermind?

Ramon Williamson is looking for 3 to 5 people to help in public.


Having issues with the License Keys API?

See how Upgrade got around it.

Sep 20 to Oct 3

Lakshmi posted an article about the Creator Economy and Inspiring Each other.


Jose Rosado beautifully shared 7 lessons from selling over $100K of digital products.


Tasha Cooper posted her free Online Business Tools Masterclass on the top tools she use to create e-books and online courses.


Many creators shared their wins with our new badge, share your as well or get inspired! Like Ali Boukeroui story on how he achieved $7k in sales.

Sep 13 to 19, 2021

Akshay Nand, John Bartmann and Mark Bowley did an amazing thread about target market and messaging, read through.


Alejandro Cabral commented a tip to write about you and your product:

If you had to explain this to a kid, or to an elderly person that knew nothing about this, how would you do it? That approach usually helps unpack concepts like the ones you used and most importantly, allow you to expose more about your brand.

Another question that helped me was: "why?". You start with a strong statement: "My passion and why I get out of bed.." so naturally, I want to know why is it your passion? What personal elements of your brand could you use to explain more about how that passion appeared? Using your backstory is a powerful element of your brand, I'd really encourage everyone to try it out!


Remote Money Maker posted 5 steps to get downloads and sales from Twitter.


Sarfraz asked, and the community jump in to help with tips to grow your audience.


Tarena Cannon is looking for Business and Personal coaches who would be interested in a Diva's Who Brunch Coaching session for October 30, 2021, at 10:30 AM.


Tasha Cooper found a great free tool that uses AI to generate product descriptions, ad content and hashtags.


Sales Funnel Income created a free eBook on how to create lead magnets that people actually want and need.

And Akshay Nand thought it was a crisp document giving relevant and valuable information on how to kick-start the lead magnet journey. A good guide for people who are just starting off.


Dhruv Patel created a course to help startup enthusiasts understand where to begin and how to.

And he's more than happy to share this course for free with the first ten people who want to learn about it, if you're willing to give him feedback.

Oct 4 to 10

See how India Lindsey is reaching $15,000 in digital product sales.


Rodrigo Girão Serrão @ Mathspp set up a goal of 4k Twitter followers, but got over 6k with our Grow Your Audience Challenge.


Ali Bounaama achieved $7k sales on Gumroad and shared his story.


Looking for affiliates? Do as Eric Altmann and share the details when posting.


And also follow Zappy's tips to the post:

  • What products / service will your affiliates be promoting, OR will you be sending the affiliate applicants your current product link?
  • Products can be on any subject 😉 Do you have a specific expertise that you can turn into a product to get product ideas suggestions here?


Do as antimofm and build and grow together with other creators.


Make sales and also get the products: An interesting affiliate benefit from Cris from Pazly.


Do as Blair <3 and take advantage of trending topics to launch fun products.

Oct 25 to 31

$10K in 10 Days, Davide Barranca shared his product launch experience.


Welcome to the era of the independent creator, read the report shared by Sarah of De La Coeur Media.


Need free logos for your business and brand? Join antimo in his challenge and get yours!


How John Bartmann leveraged our community to earn his first share as an affiliate.


Starting with Figma? Learn how to start with antimo’s useful and free beginner tutorial.How to easily create a great product cover and thumbnail in Figma by antimo.


Looking forward to promoting your product somewhere? Check Akhil BVS10K+ active newsletters to promote your product.


Need to improve your writing? Check these recommendations by Renetta Hatcher.


6 Questions you can ask in determining the price for your services and products by Sarah of De La Coeur Media.


Need to test Gumroad’s API? Use Justin Mahar’s API Testing Tool.


Leverage major holidays and create a promo email like Remote Money Maker:


Need ideas for workflows? See this example by Akshay Nand:

Oct 18 to 24

Remote Money Maker posted his community for those who also want to build a community where we learn, grow and collaborate to Grow Your Side Hustle (and Twitter).


Jaycee Knight needed to calculate his affiliate's share, so Jay Jennings, Eames and Lahyan Djeh shared great tips.


Celi was having difficulty getting started to create a product, so the community jumped in with heart-warming stories.

Oct 11 to 17

Sqilu commented how he maintains a daily writing consistency:

1) Horse Blinders Mode.

Before writing a single sentence of a book, we perform a "Research & Fact-check phase" Once the phase got done, we turn on "Horse Blinders" and write.

Anything that comes during Horse Blinders Mode - gets bookmarked and only attended and considered after the first draft of the book is ready.

2) Personal Tracker.

It's a simple file that tells you every morning:

  • Where you are with the progress.
  • How much time is left until the deadline.
  • What's your minimum daily net output to meet the deadline.

Here is the example of a Personal Tracker that he use:


Sarah, from No Businesses Suffering Social, commented her main tips are to create an irresistible invitation for your dream clients that they can't refuse:

One can do this by creating it in their social media bio. There are 4 things to this offer in this invitation:

  1. Who's invited to your party on social media?
  2.  Why should they attend your party over a competitors?
  3. What's in it for them?
  4. Champagne - what are you going to gift them for attending?

This invitation is simple and strategic. When creating it, make sure you use keywords that your target audience is searching for on social so that you can beat the algorithm and have your target audience find YOU instead of you looking for them.

Social Media is like a cocktail party, after all. Are you the life of the party or the one everyone wants to avoid or the one hiding?


Miriam Etochu needed help to brainstorm a title for an eBook, see our tip on how to use Ubersuggest for this.


We talked with Remote Money Maker about Starting a Side Hustle, Managing Time & Learning by Teaching.


Michael Eskin commented what he’s using to change his price tag color to Green with white text.


welbot shared how he grew on Twitter:

"Absolutely engage, engage, engage.

Find people/communities who do/like stuff similar to you (even if they don't have a lot of followers) and like their tweets, reply, talk to them, make friends 🙂

I started my Twitter account in like 2011, and I only used it primarily to communicate with friends I knew from elsewhere.

Up until  a couple of years ago, I had like 400 followers.

I was ordered to stop work by my doctor for health reasons, and I bought a 3d printer to give me something to do (as I'd been a 3D artist for like 20 yrs prior, both as a personal hobby, and professionally at times).

I started to seek out others who had 3d printers, and saw people printing models that I generally considered to be quite basic, so I started to chat to them. Ask them questions. Then I released a couple of products for $0+ on Gumroad and tweeted out the link. A few people liked and retweeted it, and I even managed to get a couple of “donations” from people who liked my work.

I kept it up, and within 6-9 months, my follower count ballooned from 400-1600, followers!

I still don't make massive amounts of money, but that's mostly the fault of my health.

I figured it's worthwhile demonstrating that it is possible by doing the above, I managed to grow in a fairly short space of time, from something I thought might be just a bit of fun for a few people.

Nov 15 to 21

How to get free traffic on Twitter for your product

A thread by Victor.


The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil

Did you buy and read the book? Leave your comments!


Strategies to promote Tweets

A discussion by Krish with insights from Roshan Christopher Gonsalves.4 tips to improve your Google sheets skills by Milton SlonimInteresting Sales Bonuses for affiliates by FCPX Studio


Turn your podcast episodes into short videos with subtitles and animated waveform

With the free audiogram maker at AudioBites, a tip from John Bartmann.


Paul Turner Don't Want “Make A Million Dollars”

But rather want to read “How I Paid My Bills This Month”, “How To Keep From Needing That Part-Time Job At The Fast Food Place”, “How To Make 2,000 A Month And Love It!” or “How This Creator Made Enough Money To Make His Wife Happy”.

Nov 08 to 14

Is Your Pricing Right?

Check Rheba Rheaux’s free The Psychology of Pricing made for Gumroad creators.


Pitch your product on Twitter

With Cris from Pazly’s free pitch builder for your Gumroad products.


13 Sales in 2 Days

Use Neely Terrell’s strategy and more than posting your product in groups or pages, DM your audience to get direct feedback and more sales.


Lessons learned while building UI Copy

See the 3 lessons Zlatko Najdenovski learned when launching a product on Gumroad.

Nov 01 to 07

Victor generated $2400 without an audience and without knowing how to use Twitter. Here’s his story and tactics in this thread.


Josh Spilker made $400 in a week with a SEO Checklist (Notion Template).

Read here how he used LinkedIn to achieve that.


Gumroad vs Patreon, which one is better?

ben_burnes🎧 started a discussion about it.


30-day writing challenge by Remote Money Maker, are you up to it?


Need to improve your product page?

Read this amazing feedback from Martin Fitzpatrick to  PattiJ North. Or even the whole discussion.


Need ideas on how to promote your product? 

Cris from Pazly is simultaneously helping creators while promotes his product, a win-win.

June 7 to 13, 2021

John Bartmann wrote:

In today's world, there's very likely an audience that will eventually support you if you: 

  • take care in delivering your offering instead of aiming to "serve everyone" through mass-production and scale
  • remove your own egoic desires from the offering and make decisions based on what the few early listeners are saying
  • keep showing up and earning trust through doing what you say you will, even when you don't feel like it, nobody's listening and there's no payment

Most creators fall short at one of these. I believe in Prasoon because he is persistent, and it seems that he wants people to experience Yoga Nidra more than he wants a passive income.


SundayEbook posted: How To Promote Your E-book?

Create a blog post for each chapter on your company's blog. Make an audiobook out of the e-book by recording someone from your team reading it. Organize a webinar featuring the author, highlighted thought leaders, or companies. Make an infographic with the tips, tactics, and quotations from the e-book. Quotes, statistics, or advice from the e-book can be tweeted.


Chun Hock commented:

3 key lessons to build audience

  • be niche (be yourself)
  • be consistent giving related value, info
  • engagement > followers

Jun 5 to 11, 2021

Gabe Johansson posted:

7 Lessons From Selling 77 eBooks and 7 Subscriptions On Gumroad.


Wilrock - Creator is selling t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs

Created for creators just like you.


One more Gumroad landing page review!

Jun 28 to Jul 4, 2021

Kambam posted an update for GumStats: 

I have added a feature where you can generate a fancy bio page with social proof and analytics support. You can list your GumRoad products, and include social profile links. The link will include the same Gumroad user name. Here is my own bio link https://gumstats.com/l/kambanthemaker.


A discussion on how to automate giving away the first two chapters of a book, posted by Neil Cocker:

Check out many ideas in the comments.


Be inspired by Anumitha Apollo discussion:

Why did you become a creator?

Jun 26 to Aug 1, 2021

Nor Sanavongsay commented his process to write stories:

I write stories the same way I make illustrations. Start with broad strokes and sketches to get a feel for what the story is. Then fill in the small details that help tell the story. Step back a take a look at it. If it's too busy, I've added too much detail and start over. If I'm explaining too much in a story, I'm not understanding it enough to simplify it. I tend to over work my illustrations sometimes too. It's a skill I need to get better at.


Learning from mistakes with Custom Redirects

And content upload with Tanya Moushi.


Is it difficult to create content or maintain consistency?

Atul Anand created a great Content Hub to make life easier for Creators.


Nathan Challen shared his thoughts about if we have a time limit in which we are in flow state, or can it last for hours:

I see flow like riding a wave when surfing 🌊...You get the preparation right. You focus. Exert the effort to get on the wave. You catch it!  it is bliss! 🏄.... you are in the barrel now:

  • Be in the moment.
  • Feel the force greater than you pushing you along.
  • Get distracted and you'll fall.
  • Stay with it and it'll take you all the way to shore.

So the answer is: how big is the wave? How long can you stay with it? keep out inner and outer distractions?

Personally, I aim for 3 to 5hrs of flow daily. Some days I get only one hour (when the conditions are not great). 

Other days I intentionally pull it up at around 5hrs. Why?...  techniques I'll discuss more in my product.

Jun 21 to 27, 2021

Aishwarya Ashok commented: using Linktr.ee for Gumroad products listing

Ideally using LinkTree in this case is a layer of friction only, especially if it's Gumroad apps in display. Maybe I'm guessing it's intentionally done that way because of:

  • Sleek layout [linear and one-by-one, instead of thumbnail display]
  • Avoid showing a price outright [create an unbiased attention hook via LinkTree and upon click directing to Gumroad with price]. I see that Gumroad's profile page shows pricing on display.


Kyle Prinsloo commented:

I love the quote by Zig Ziglar,

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."


Albiona Hoti posted examples of Content Creation and Distribution Processes:

Content Creation Process

  • I prepare five ideas for Instagram on Notion.
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, I write the content, film the content.
  • I edit them using Canva, Grammarly. I prepare them for publishing on Friday.

Content Distribution Process

  • I schedule all the posts through Twitter scheduler and Instagram.
  • I test scheduling half the content in the morning and a half in the evening.

Jun 19 to 25, 2021

Paul Turner commented:

I have a few standard principles for creating groups, some of them are build trust (invest heavily), respect your audience and shorten the time between interest and commitment (give someone a task or role) so they feel a part of what is going on. If you have any more questions, feel free to hit me up.


Nor Sanavongsay commented tips for choosing a channel:

Post anywhere you feel comfortable posting in. The key is to be authentic. Show your inner voice. Focus on engagement. When you can see what people respond to from the posts you make that also connects with you, post more of that. No need to stress yourself by posting every day. The algorithm isn't your master. Post when you feel like it and what you feel like posting that makes you happy. In return, others will be happy for it.


Anumitha Apollo asked:

What is the one thing you appreciate about working on your terms?


We launched a new channel to brighten up your journey 🌟

A new cohort of the 14-Day Product Challenge starts on the 30th!

Jun 14 to 20, 2021

Paolo Trulli commented: How to take advantage of trending hashtags.

  1. Monitor trending hashtags across the various platform and geographical areas
  2. Using a popular niche hashtag can get your post seen by many like-minded people aka #growyouraudiencechallenge   
  3. Be quick in using trending tags to get more exposure for your content and brand
  4. Don't spam the hashtag that may lead to shadow-bans


Zappy commented: Tips for YouTube channels.

  1. create YT vids over 10mins in length
  2. enable an automated 'subscribe to my YT channel' pop up box


  1. YT wants to keep the viewer on their platform as long as possible, so they get paid with advert revenue and then split the advert profits with you.  This also explains why the majority of YT vids are waffle for about 2mins+ or so prior to giving the content you came to watch 😬
  2. It's a method of increasing your YT subscribers. If there's an option for viewers to follow you before watching your YT content, most will click the Subscribe link


Kambam posted: Gumroad social proof tool

GumStats, once installed on your website, which only takes a few minutes, can show social proof notifications. It connects to your Gumroad account using oAuth protocol, and fetches your sales data.

  • Types of notifications
  • Last 7 days sales
  • Last 30 days sales
  • Active users 
  • Active users today

Jun 12 to 18, 2021

Gabe Johansson posted:

7 Lessons From Selling 77 eBooks and 7 Subscriptions On Gumroad


Lalit Pandey commented tips to promote a book:

I would suggest you to...

  • start posting snippets of books 
  • share a thread on something important from the book. 
  • engage with data analyst community and provide feedback. 
  • Do a clubhouse and provide value.


Justin Jackson posted his journey

Since he earned his first dollar on the internet using Gumroad back in 2013!

Aug 9 to 15, 2021

antimofm shared free weekly webinars series

To teach free weekly webinars to teach Figma and the basics of design.


Nguyen Gobber shared a tool by Marco Land called Boockup:

This tool lets you create a web based 3D model of your book.


Jitu Chauhan posted how he achieved 250+ Sale & Continue updates with Geeks UI


Cris from Pazly is showing that in the Creator Economy we grow together

Aand asked fellow creators help from digital artists who want to make backdrops for this little tool.


Liam Spence asked for assistance in publishing his ebook

And our stand-up creators jump in to provide outstanding feedback and insights.

Aug 31 to Sep 05, 2021

Dipankar Gabriel Subba got 2 Subscribers in 5 Days

By participating in an FB group and helping people with no expectations and when the time came to launch his subscription, he started contacting the people he was communicating with and out of that group, then got 2 subscribers. Join the discussion and share how you got your first ones →


Need help requesting help on layout & formatting an eBook?

John Bartmann asked, and the community jump in to help!


Nkqubentsha wrote a note for his future self:

You did it man. You started from zero everything. Zero-knowledge on how to get subscribers, zero subscribers😅, no idea what you want to create just that you love creating and this vacuum in your stomach caused by not knowing how this all ends just the hope it ends well. Fast forward to your day and you DID IT! Congratulations. I'm proud of you.

Join the discussion and share yours →


Nicholas Lowthorpe had strong presales, then crickets.

Read stories to overcome this.


Do you need a website in addition to the Gumroad? qiber media asked.

Join the discussion and see recommendations →


Need to add a bunch of discount coupon codes?

Milton Slonim created a template for you to manage your store from Google Sheets.


Quotes, Tweets, Blogs, Videos, all that it takes for creators to be inspired, motivated.

A guide by Eduardo Holschneider for founders in their entrepreneurial journey.

Should you make your product downloadable, editable, or no?

Join the discussion by JAY MATTHEWS and see some cases →


When to use versions? Nor Sanavongsay asked.

Join the discussion and see some cases →


Need inspiration for your product page?

Check gregdlubacz's outstanding sales page!


What if someone copy my content? 

Sanskar Tiwari asked. Join the discussion and learn what to do →


Looking for affiliates?

Do like Kristina Segarra and count on the community!


Learn with Tasha Cooper

How to find your niche or how to monetize your blog, and much more!


From 300 to 18,379 LinkedIn followers

Learn how to achieve that in 12 months with Nicholas Lowthorpe.


Gumroad Sales Tracker

@tnvmadhav did a template using Notion (+ API Integration) to help people track their sales.


Remote Money Maker asked the community about their side hustles

He’s building a course to help people explore and understand the different type of businesses they can start on the side, without leaving their 9-5, and got tons of interesting ideas.

Aug 2 to 8, 2021

Rohit Gulam shared a tool to convert EPUB to other formats.

IT&feel CA commented how they're integrating the Gumroad API:

We did the integration in our backend written in PHP with Symfony; really the Gumroad API is very flexible and easy to use. At the time of purchase, we redirect the customer to our page in the activation area, where we ask for their unique app code (Machine ID) that we generated offline and the Gumroad license linking both codes and generating the final license. The API documentation is really good and it was very easy to implement, we would have liked to use the same license code to validate from the same app without using a backend but our app is 100% offline. However with the same process it could be done without problems.


Marilen Crump is running a a 30-Day Branded Blog Challenge until Saturday, September 5th, 2021.

Facilitating the challenge on Facebook for FREE.

Aug 16 to 22, 2021

Alifinart commented about launching a product:

The first point drains the most energy, then the second point. 

If we can dig up information from our audience, then we can find the gap between the marketplace and what people needs, then we have got very important information.

As creators, we are required to be able to create products that can be a solution to the pain points that are being faced by people.

If our product is going to be launched, choose the right time to release it on the marketplace. Offer special discounts to our audience before the release date. This will also make people aware of the products we sell.

If we can realize the things above and can manage the time and presentation of our products, then we can create a best seller product.

The most important thing is how we build an audience and know their pain points.


LASTLIGHTS.NET (Joey J) asked how to encourage customers to rate products

See ideas by Mark Bowley and others.


Feeling stuck?

Do like Tom Shooter and ask help for the community, he got great insights and tips on what to write.


Have you considered writing an eBook?

Miguel Cobá just joined the 14-Day Product Challenge and gave nice tips for those who are starting too.


Eric Altmann sent an idea for affiliates

For every sale they get, they get 1% more, up to a predetermined amount. Would you use it?


A discussion about customizing the UI

Posted by Arpit D, with insights from Nguyen Gobber and John David Maza.


See where to make a book cover

Posted by Silerna and with many members suggestions.

Share your work. Someone out there needs it.

Start Selling