Free Antivirus Software to keep your PC secure from malware

Installing an antivirus is one of the most popular and best techniques for keeping your device and data secure from various threats. But there are lots of antivirus programs available in the market and the internet. Finding the best antivirus plan for your device is not easy as there are various features and services to inspect before keeping installing antivirus on your device. You can choose whether you want to buy a premium antivirus plan for your device or you want to get freeware. Yes, there are various good antivirus plans which you can install and use without paying. Free antivirus plans provide all the basic tools for keeping your PC secure from malware.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus is one of the most famous antivirus programs known for providing the best internet security tools. McAfee antivirus provides freeware for Windows as well as for phone devices. Installing McAfee free plan will keep your device secure from viruses. The advanced scanning tool of McAfee antivirus sweeps out all the dangerous malware easily.

McAfee also provides various premium plans for your device according to your requirements and device specifications. If you use the internet on your device then you should go for the premium plans which do not provide advanced internet security for your devices. McAfee provides a year subscription and once your subscription gets expired then you have to go for Mcafee Renew. If you don’t want to get a paid plan then installing McAfee antivirus can be a good choice.

Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus is famous for its free antivirus plan as Avast provides various good features to the users. Avast free antivirus plan is available for Windows, macOS and phone devices. The scanning feature of Avast antivirus removes all the viruses from your device easily. Avast free plan also provides a device cleanup tool which removes all the junk from your device immediately. Avast antivirus has a real-time scanning feature which can prevent all the incoming threats on your device. This antivirus also provides a software updater tool which alerts you whenever your programs are outdated and update them immediately.

Norton antivirus

Norton antivirus is the best-known antivirus round the globe. Norton antivirus doesn't offer a free plan but provides free-trial for its premium plans. You can use all the Norton advanced tools for a month freely. If you like the Norton plan then you can purchase it. Otherwise, you can also ask for the refund. If you go for the premium plans of Norton antivirus, you will also get free Norton customer help. If you get into any error like Norton error 8504 while working then you can ask the technical team immediately as they are round the clock available for help. If you are using the free trial of Norton and you don’t like its features then you can get a refund and try another plan of Norton antivirus on your device.

Panda Antivirus

Panda antivirus is a free antivirus and known as the best antivirus for installing in mobile devices. Panda antivirus is a very light-weighted antivirus which has a very low system impact on your device. Panda antivirus also has a very simple interface so everyone can easily use it without getting upset about the settings. Panda free antivirus also provides you VPN. Yes, there are very few antivirus plans which provide VPN. VPN is a good tool for keeping your device secure on the unsecured internet. If you often use a public network then you should always enable the VPN to keep your network secured from hackers. You can use the VPN of free Panda antivirus for 150 MB per day. You can use VPN for sending and receiving crucial data. If you want to use more than you can go for its paid plans. Panda antivirus paid plans to provide password manager, parental controls, and other advanced malware detection.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender antivirus provides both freeware and paid plans for Windows, Mac, and phone devices. Bitdefender antivirus has a good scanning feature which can remove all the threats from your PC immediately. Bitdefender antivirus runs on the background and actively detects all the incoming threats on your PC. Whenever Bitdefender antivirus detects any malware, it immediately alerts the user and removes the malware. If you want to use the advanced security tools of Bitdefender antivirus then you purchase its paid plans. Bitdefender paid plans to provide password manager, parental controls, VPN, dark web monitoring, etc.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

Kaspersky security cloud is a free cloud-based malware scanning tool which has a good malware removal rate. This cloud antivirus not only removes the malware but ulcer provides additional protection features like a password manager, dark web scanning, VPN, password manager etc. Kaspersky free plan has a 200 MB daily limit which you can use for sharing important documents.

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