The Apple Show

The Apple Show

¹ Perhaps because the intention is for this to be more creator-centric and less Apple-centric? That is, users sign up for subscriptions to their favorite creators' shows, which Apple facilitates (and takes a cut, of course). Still, I suspect we'll see a bundle of sorts sooner or later, and that may tie in to the whole Apple One bundle (maybe the Podcasts+ offer allows you to subscribe to a set number of shows for one fee, or something like that). Still, if this is indeed Apple's first creator-first model, that is interesting!

² Update: Sure enough, new iPhone cases and Watch bands for Spring…

³ One other interesting tidbit: most products were stated to be shipping the "second half of May" - Apple sometimes does these more vague timetables, but this is a weird mixture of both being only a few weeks away and being imprecise. Perhaps it's because of the chip/shipping issues around the world?