Safety and security tips for home

With the ongoing quarantine, we don't usually leave our home unless it's necessary. But after it ends, people need to go back to work and outside. When you do, there is always a concern that someone might break into your house and steal stuff. What can you do to prevent that? We don't know when someone's house might get attacked, but we can provide some safety and security tips for home to help you save your home from unwanted guests. If you want to know more info about safety and security you may visit steadylocks.

Secure the doors:

When a burglar can't find a way to go inside through the window, they will try to lockpick the door. You can install extra locks to secure it. You can even use smart locks. They have become a lot better nowadays. You can also use a ring video doorbell.

One thing that we recommend every new house owner is to buy a deadbolt. Deadbolts are super hard to break in. If someone tries, you will have enough time to call 911 for help.

Lock the windows:

If you have glass windows, make sure to lock them always. I mean, the light will still go through the glass.

Free pro tips, make sure to reinforce your windows. Many house owners in Asia use steel grill outside/inside of their window to protect from any break-in.

You can also try to install glass break sensors. They are costly, but worth it.

Use enough light:

If you have a decently sized lawn, don't forget to light that up. You need to light that up. If there is enough light around your house, strangers will think twice before entering your vicinity.

Burglars always look for a house with fewer lights. It's easy for them to break into such a house. It helps them hide and get out better.

Sure the lights will cost you electricity bills. But in the long run, they are worth it.

Set up a security system:

Setting up a security camera all over the house is always a good thing. Even if something happens, you can always find the suspect. Try to install them subtly so that it's impossible to notice from outside. Now on the inside, you value your privacy the way you want. Install the camera on the important part of the house.

You can choose for DIY installation, but we recommend you do it through professionals.

Illuminate hiding places:

You should illuminate any dark corners on the lawn. If you don't want to do that, you can illuminate that hiding spot by merely making a garden. Make sure to grow some flowers with a thorn in that garden. If some trespasser decides to go through that garden, then they will be welcomed with some pain.

Get a safe:

Find a secure safe on the internet. You will find plenty of safe on Amazon, but all of them are not that secure. You should watch some reviews and find out the best possible safety. Keep all your valuable work papers and other things inside the safe. If you can create a secret room to keep it hidden like in the movies, it will be the best option.

It never hurts to take the necessary precautions. It's not always about valuables. What if your pet or family member gets injured? You cannot see the future, but you can shape it. You can try to secure your house for the better. We realize all those advanced stuff will cost you a hefty amount of money, but trust me, all of them are worth it. A smart lock sends you emails when someone tries to unlock your door. How cool is that? You can immediately ask for help if that happens.