The Beatles Psychedelic Trilogy - Mescaline and LSD

In 1967, Beatles created his indisputable masterpiece "Sergeant". Pepper Lori Hearts Club Team. This is a Beatles album. This is a significant difference from everything that happened before. He has created his world, a world of voices and voices that has never been heard before. Their size was quite extreme, as they did not have solo songs, and there was not enough space between the individual songs, the sound effects, and the general theme, which was considered an early form of the concept, even to the odd grooves at the end.

The sergeant's world. Pepper was one of the colors in white that showed the world the right gray look with black and white TVs, magazines and even Technicolor film and color magazines and color TVs, as well as black, gray, brown or Adult men had to decide to choose clothes other than dark blue .

Songs about a sergeant. Pepper includes a sour journey metaphor, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, another surreal song about the carnival (as a metaphor for the experience of anesthesia?), The exaltation of Mr. Keith, and one Is a song with an effective time lapse a subtle projection or a "staged" phonetic interpretation? A "dream" day in his life.

Once again, as Love You to Gun, George Harrison entered Indian music, and this time he relied on sound to express not only a sense of spirituality, but also words that sounded within you without you.

Paul McCartney is accused of writing a song about repairing a hole with the use of hard drugs, but fans are turning away, though no one denies that Ringo says he "grows up with a little help from my friends."

An indisputable masterpiece of alcohol - a sergeant. Peppers are still only muskelly beatles in height. The full power of his journey is yet to come.

Magic Mystery Tour and Beatle Acid Journey albums. Replace the word "tour" in the title with the word "trip" and you will better see what this entry actually means. Like the real drug experience, this album was not planned as it has been so far. One aspect of the American version is the EP soundtrack to the special television show The Beatles, which was shown at the BBC's English Boxing Day. The second aspect is his latest group of songs. If someone is filmed after the last year, buy golden teacher mushrooms online some songs may not sound very strange, but what holds them next is continuity. You can't plan that.

The first aspect begins with the introduction of a "tour" that promises to be a unique experience, even if no one can say exactly where to go or what to do. This is a riddle.

A fool on a mountain has been interpreted as being involved in American politics, but it is clear that a fool is one who simply does not focus on the same reality that focuses on those who see him. Another metaphor stumbled.

Musical instruments, birds, can be a soundtrack for anything except the title "flight," which can be referred to as synonymous with traveling in the sky, dreaming, or wandering again.

He has no East Indian voice on George Blue Gay Road, but only a stone voice.

John Lennon's greatest work by alcoholics on a magical mystery tour. I have grown walruses and strawberries forever. As two solo songs released at different times of the year to spread their power, but the Magical Mystery Tour group grouped the album and the most psychedelic movie album from their sensory trilogy and LSD seal is guaranteed.